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Congratulations to the Mehlville High School Symphonic Band for

Being selected as the 2008 Missouri 5A Honor Band!


Current and Future Band Members:

Would you like your personal information added to the band database to receive schedules, notices, and other important band information?  Send a message to Michelle Stiles at  with your name, address, phone number(s), graduation year, instrument, e-mail address(es), parent(s)/guardian(s) names and e-mail address(es). 

Band Alumni, Supporters, and Others:

Would you like to be added to our alumni mailing list to be notified of contests, fundraisers, and special events?  Send a message to Michelle Stiles at  with your name and the e-mail address(es) you would like to add to the list.  (To protect your privacy, your address will not be visible in Band e-mail messages.  Addresses are BCCed.)

"Is anybody hot?"
"Is anybody tired?!?"
"Is anybody thirsty?!?!?"
-- Mr. Tony Brown, Band Director

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