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About Me:

Michele Tan is a cynical, no-nonsense lady with a background in legal studies and is currently working in an unrelated field - at a bank's call centre! Obviously not the ideal dream job that one would want to end up in, but at least it gives her ample of time to train for marathons (and perhaps a triathlon/ironman in the foreseeable future!).

She likes to think that she is an
agnost, although to people who see her grow up in a church, she is still a christian - just to keep them from bugging her with endless questions and acts of attempting to 'rescue' her.

She loves to drum in the style of jazz, had always wanted to learn ballet and gymnastics, and has a penchant for lacey and ribbon'd clothes. She can't live without books and counting calories.
My Race Results:
Date : 21st March 2009
Distance : 21.2km
Timing : ! hr 39 mins (very very slow!! And I dont know why, must be the sea side weather...)
Position : 1st


Date : 1st March 2009
Distance : 1km uphill + 84 floors of tower
Timing : 17 mins 48 secs
Position : 2nd

KL City Day Run

Date : 22nd Feb 2009
Distance : 10.83
Timing : 45mins 38 secs
Position : 2nd

Great Eastern 30k

Date : 18th Jan 2009
Distance : 19.83km
Timing : 1 hr 28 mins 44secs
Position : 2nd

Date : 11 Jan 09
Distance : 3.9km x 3
Timing : 14'28''
Position : 1st for team

Pacemaker Network Run aka New Year Run 2009

Date : 1 Jan 2009
Distance : 9.2km (or 9.14km on my GPS)
Timing : 38'08''
Position : 1st

1-Mile Dash

Date : 31 Dec 2008
Distance : 1.59km
Timing : 5'48''
Position : 1st

Bukit Tinggi Community Run, Klang

Date : 21 Dec 2008
Distance : 4km
Timing : 15mins
Position : 1st

Larian Semarak Hadhari, Putrajaya

Date : 20 Dec 2008
Distance : 5km
Timing : 24mins (slow!!!)
Position : 1st

Singapore Stand. Chart. Marathon

Date : 7 December 2008
Distance : 21.1km
Timing : 1 hr 34 mins 40 secs
Position : 6th (although 1st Malaysian, I am still not happy with my results, I'm just average! How does Vivian Tang trains like?? When can  I ever run injury free and dip below 40mins for my 10km??

Penang Bridge Run

Date : 16 November 2008
Distance : 25km
Timing : 2hrs 1 min
Position : 4th

Perlis International Border Run

Date : 15 November 2008
Distance : 20km
Timing : 1 hr 28 mins
Position : 3rd

New Balance Real Run

Date : 19 October 2008
Distance : 12km
Timing : 1 hr 11 mins
Position : 1st Malysian, 1st overall!!

Borneo International Marathon

Date : 12 October 2008
Distance : 21km
Timing : 1hr39mins21secs
Position : 1st Malaysian, and 2nd overall in the Women's Open.

SAFRA Singapore Army Bay Run

Date : 24 August 2008
Distance : 21km
Timing : 1hr 33mins
Position : 1st Malaysian (not that it really mattered anymore...) 7th international

Kuala Lumpur Rat Race

Date : 19 August 2008
Distance : 4.5km
Timing : 19mins
Position : 1st for women's (even faster than the women's open) & 3rd for mixed team category.

Larian Perpaduan Malaysia

Date : 17 August 2008
Distance : 10km ++
Timing : 44mins
Position : 3rd

Larian Jambatan Dungun

Date : 16 August 2008
Distance : 5km++
Timing : 24mins
Position :

Adidas King of the R
Date : 10 August 2008
Distance : 22.7km
Timing : 1hr 43mins
Position : 6th overall, but 1st for Malaysian Women! (but it was still a horrible performance on my part and I knew I can do bet

Mizuno Wave Run. Singap
Date : 26 July 2008
Distance : 10km
Timing : 43mins
Position :

Port Dickson Triathlon, Relay, Swimming 1.
Date : 20 July 2008
Distance : 1.5km
Tming : 40mins +
Position : I was not the last!
Description : I swam for a mile, rest a bit, and paced a friend for 10km in a 57mins light

Jeruntut Run, Pah
Date : 19 July 2008
Distance : 10km
Timing : 44 mins
Positions :

Langkawi Beach
Date: 12 July 2008
Distance: 21km ++
Timing: 1hr 44mins
Position :

Ipoh International
Date : 6 July 2008
Distance : 10k
Timing : DNS (did not start - a stroke of bad luck has befallen me - I had twisted my ankle really badly till it was swollen whole). Some things are just not meant to b

Larian Diraja Bandar Kl
Date : 29 June 2008
Distance : 10k
Timing : 42'45 (PB at the moment!! Gosh the G-forces are killing me, the exhilaration and excitement are choking me, but I must remain humble... :p)
Position :

Inti College Blue Ribbon Charity
Date : 14 June 2008
Distance : 10k
Timing : 47'30'' (PB at the moment!!)
Description : I could have gotten first! Just give me 1km, or even 500m more, and I can beat Susila straight out flat.
Position :

Der Pacemaker 4th Anniversary Re
Date : 7 June 2008
Distance : 3.5km
Timing : 13'52''
n : Ronnie, the race organiser, said that I was the fastest woman around. Woot!
Position : 1st woman, 2nd for gro

Sundown Marat
Date     : 31/1 May/June                2008
Distance: the marathon (but actually calculated to be about 44km!)
Timing  : 4hrs 1 min
Description : Longer distance, unnaturally bad timing to runa race, low body heat and metabolic r
Position :

RMAF Half Marat
Date    : 25 May 2008
Distance : Half Marathon
Timing : 1hr 50mins, at an easy-sleepy pace!
Description : I thought I could still run the race like anyone else even though I didn't register for it. Turns out that I couldn't even get close to the starting line to do that, the whole damned air base is so closely guarded that only registered participants get to go on the runway. So what's the next best thing for a training-deprived runner like me? Run the route backwards. Trace the skitter-cones and water stations and only run the route in the right direction again once I hit the 10km mark. I ran back with one of the uncle who passed me a power gel which he didn't consume, thank god for that. It was a well organised race, good post breakfast-packaged food and medal (of which I didn't get, of course). But medal can't be compared to the one I will be getting from the Sundown Marat

New Balance Pacesetters
Date         : 18 May
Description : I actually didn't finish the race. Got it? I didn't!! How can this ever be?? Because I have started out with Emma - a huge mistake. I walked back to the start/finish point using a short cut, and still got a medal anyway. This was a tragedy. I could've gotta 6th placing if I had continued, by the way. Prices are only till the

A-Famosa Triath
Date   : 10-11 May
Description : My cyclist, nicked as 'Ah Zhu', one of the fastest cyclist in the race, collided with a top Singaporean triathlete lady, who is competing in the individual event. He fractured his collar bone and ribs. Ouch. I ran the 10k anyway. Hey, I gotta burn away those nasty calories from the dinner the night before. 6 different types of wild meat was that! I got a medal for my efforts anyway. My swimmer, a water polo champ from Malacca, goes by the name of Alvin, is one of the fastest that finished too, 1.5km swim in 23 mins. How good is that?? I can only go so far in 40-devastating mins. My team could have came out champs. Maybe the heavens deemed us not to. It was a fruitful trip nonetheless. Malacca traditional food to the max over the weekend

Am Bank Kuala Lumpur International Marat
Date     : 31 March 2008
Distance: the Marathon
Timing  : 3hrs 44
Description : The event sucks, there are no toilets along the route, and I have to hold it in since 15km onwards! The finisher's t-shirt suck big time. I have burnt it before it adulterated my wardrobe. I guess I only love the course for this event, nice and hilly and a run through the city. Just 30 mins more improvement and I might be able to be noticed and get enlisted for the Malaysian team, or something.

Great Eastern 30k

Date      : 20 Jan 2008
Distance: 30k
Timing   : 2hrs 47 mins

Singapore Standard Charted Marathon

Date      : 2nd Dec 2007
Distance: the Marathon
Timing  : 4hrs 14 min
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Hey! I'm in the news! But they've turned me into a Selangorian. But at least they got my name spelling correct, i.e. single 'L' instead of double 'L'.
Me and my big fat mouth | 21st March 2009 | Saturday

...Yes, so fat that I need to have it liposuctioned.

My trip to Terengganu for a race started out on Friday and ended on Saturday. It was pretty smooth-flowing, at least none of the locals hicjacking your vehicle or stealing your things happened to me *knock on wood, throw salt over my shoulder*.

As Terengganu is a Muslim state. The race is on Saturday. their Saturdays is like our Sundays. And their Sundays is like our Mondays. Can you imagine the banks and post office being opened on a Sunday? This is an amazing phenomenon I tell ya...!

Anyways, my trainer arrived on Thursday, because I was afraid that he couldnt get a hotel in time (turns out that there is plenty of them), I arrived on Friday evening. I ran a half marathon on Saturday, and although it was tough, and I didnt manage to get a good timing on the race, but hey, I got 1st, alright? One of the few races out there that international imported athlete Yuan Yu Fang nor any Kenyan women are not running in. So all is good for me. Or
should be good for me.

But before I even left for KL in the first place, there was a couple of hiccups about the transportation, accomodation, and my being accompanied by the team coach/manager. Thana, my now-ex manager (who has not even performed his charitable role as my manager to begin with) had a word with me about the said weekend race, and I guess I made the mistake of 'demanding' (in Thana's words) of when is the sponsorship is arriving and such and such. Hey, I am desperate, I am running in shoes that was supposed to be retired 4 months ago, and I am like an injury waiting to happen. But that was strike one.

Strike two was because I tried to get road races info for my trainer, a foreigner, to run and win in. That really pisses him off because of me helping a foreigner. That in turn prevent the local male runners from winning. I felt strongly that that was not a mistake, my trainer brought me up to become a Malaysian champion, & it is only right that I reciprocrated likewise with info that will help him continue living in high cost kl. It is even high cost for the average KL-ites ok?

Strike three was today, Muniandy, top male runner, asked me abotut he results for the race I just raced in, he called me while I was waiting for my prize over a Stephen King's. I guess I also made another mistake of chit chatting with Andy Muniandy on the status of the sponsor.

How in the world am I suppsoed to know that he will tell on me to Thana? Sensitive little bitch. Man, I thought that Muniandy can be trusted on. That's it. No more miss nice girl. What happened was Muniandy happily conveyed my asking him such sponsor-sensitive questions. And that was practically the last straw, I am currently dropped out of the much sort-after Asics sponsorship. Asics!! One of the top brands that I so covet. But now I am on my own, once again.

Which is so funny, dont you think so? I am dropped out of a sponsorship that has not even begun to sponsor me as of yet? I dont know whether to laugh or cry. I only know that I should work even harder and to run 'brandless'.
Thinspirations (still under construction, but if anybody wants to know, I still think anorexia is a lifestyle)
Current Stats:
Height : 5' 2''
or 155cm

Weight : 51.5kg
-Ideal : 48kg-
2 June 2008

9 June 2008
-52kg, after run, 1 can of 100 plus for dinner

17 June 2008
-52kg, in the morning

2 July 2008
-50.5kg in the evening after my obstacle course of running in a waterproof tracksuit!

05 September 08
After running in a water proof tracksuit for quite some time, I am now down to 49-50kg. But it is no joke running in such a crazy attire when you're so used to running in cooling vests and dry fit stuff for the better part of your life!

13th Jan 09
Back to fatness again. CNY meals are inevitable!
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19th March 2009 | Thursday

The had the most sweetest dream ever before work. I was to go to the next state for a race, alone, and I smsed my boyfriend that I have arrived at a so-and-so hotel, and the next moment, he dropped everything, applied for leave on his current job, and became a waiter at that particular hotel, even though the hotel's pay is much lower than the one provided by his current job. But he could not do anything more other than to work at the hotel and rest. But at least he is near me, and can watch out for me and make sure I'm alright.
14 March 2008 | Saturday

I lay a curse on the two motorcyclists who snatched my beloved's gold necklace in PJ Old Town, near the tong sui mobile van store, that is across the road from Caring Pharmacy on the front and a bak kut teh store on the right.

I curse them for giving us such a shock and distress. I dont know who they are, it is not for sure whether they are Indonesians, Malays or dark skinned chinese, but they know who they are and my curse will hunt them down.

By midnight tonight, the pylon rider would come down with such a high fever, one that robbed him of his sleep the whole night. He would have a horrible nightmare that seem to never end. A nightmare that shows him of his death. He would wake up in cold sweat, and tried to sleep again

He would, in the next day, slipped on the slippery bathroom floor and his head would hit on the hard surface of the toilet bowl.

I curse that he will become impotent 3 days from now. And that he be inflicted with such a repulsive skin disease. I curse that his whole body would be in so much pain he would wish he was dying.

I curse that he be the pylon rider on another riding trip into town, and he be knocked by a car. I curse that his intestines and guts would spill out of the body, making food for the crows.

As for the rider himself, I curse that in 7 days' time he would meet his final destination by the side of the highway with his head severe. And that highway would be somewhere around klang valley. He would make a great photo shoot for

May the curse be on them wherever they go.
May no more people fall victim to their ruthless acts anymore.

Death will slay its wings to the two motorcyclists that disturbed the peace of my beloved.
11 March 2009 | Wednesday

It's been raining most evenings, which make it hard for me to train. Usually, it's very hot and sunny before the evening showers, making training impossibly hard and tiresom, and if one were to wait for the heat to go away, the rain will set in within 30-45mins.

So my options these days are to try to squeze my training in between that twilight zone of coolness or to train after the rain.
I refer to Najib's statement in The Star article dated 7th March 2009, Saturday, titled, "Do not reject blindly". He claimed that "we should not be "overly obsessed" with protecting bahasa melayu that we overlook or reject some aspects of foreign civilisations which are good for Malaysia... which helped to enrich knowledge, enhance technology and even local culture should not pushed aside.

After reading that article, the first ironic thing that came to mind was the government's own erasing of the adventures of Hang Jebat, Hang Tuah, and Hang Li Po (just to name a few) from the school history books and malay literature.

And this is because a couple of archaelogists dug up the remains of these ancient warriors, sent it to a university in the US to be examined, and among the results that came back was that all the brave and loyal warriors whom we believed to be Malays, were actually Chinese accompanying Hnag Li Po on her trip to Tanah Melayu.

If Najib is serious about the statement he made, surely he would investigate into this matter and stop all this hypocrisy by putting back Malay literature to what it used to be. he cannot claim to be unaware of this and allow yet another irony happening under his nose.

As for those who are responsible for erasing the literature based on poltical correctness, what are they ultimately trying to prove since the rakyat and the rakyat's children are ultimately robbed of such a rich historical culture.
1st March 2009 | Sunday | Another Rushed Sunday

My boyfrfiend and I were rushing downtown to KL Towers at 7.30am and I even though my category starts at 8.45am, Nikki's starts at 8am and they were already assembling the first batch of Men Open at the starting line. I yelled for his name, and after getting another Kenyan to call him to get the energy drink we were supposed to take for this big event, my jog for the moment is done.

Having combat support (my boyfriend carrying and looking after my bag) is the greatest thing an athlete could ever hope for, so that you dont have to worry about whether your hp or wallet is still around when you store your bag at the baggage counter, usually provided at most races. So far, from experience of using such provided facilities, my things are still in tact, but then again, it's not like I store laptops or ingots in it. But still, it's nice to know I am worry-free at the starting line.

There is hardly any room for warming up at the KL Tower makeshift-carpark at all. Except to run in circles on a plot of land that is less than 70m square. This time, they flag off the Women Open first, followed by Men Veteran. As compared to last year, when I have to excuse myself all the way to the top to some big burley uncles.

There was about 13 - 15 minutes waiting time at the starting line, scared that I wont be able to get the front part of the starting line, I followed everybody else like good little sheep to the play pen (the starting pen). To make up for the lack of warm up and the fast cooling of my muscles, I slather myself with a thick layer of deep heat rub.

I was so glad but nervous out of my mine by the time it was ready to gun us off. I was surprised to feel really light and I was leading all the way 1km uphill. It was a fantastic feeling! I was equally surprised that Yu Fang, national athlete and mother of two, is still trailing behind me, but what the heck, I'll just run anyway.

And sure enough, once the hill ends and there was a 180m flat road sprint to the first stair case (a stationary escalator), she overtook me, every other spactators were cheering for her, an import? Anyway, by the time reaached the stairs though, she was slowing down, and I caught up with her, and from there on till the 40th floor or so, I was just a feet or two trailing her.

I tried to give a sprint a couple of times on the staircase to overtake her, but my attempts were in vain, as she keeps on pushing me back along the narrow staircase, it's so hard to overtake her with all that oushing, while climbing up the stairs when you yourself are exhausted as well, so I kept back.

The officials at the first water station detoured us to grab water, but I didnt wanted any! Yu Fang and I made a small circle around the water station, thinking that it would be another detour route to another staircase, but it wasnt!! I wasted precious 20 secs following some idiotic officials direction with no more brathe to shout back saying I want to continue running, not water, no water!

Eventually, Yu Fang finished first, and I was about 5 - 6 floors behind her.

These are the things that I noted were very poor organisation, in my opinion :
1 ) the water officials directed runners to take water and of course they should know that elite runners dont need water for such a short sprinting event,

2 ) no directions to pass the water stations and run up the stairs if we didnt want any, and having to follow mindless and dumb-dumb officials' directions.

3 ) the top 10 finishers area were air conditioned, not only that they made us wait in that air condition area for ages! I was coughing to the point of vomiting because of the sudden change in room temperature. Thank god for the extremely sweet and diabetic inducing hot malayan milk tea that I can sip on (the heat of the drink, not the sugary characteristic of the drink). But another bad thing, they didnt indicate that the food and drinks were for the top finishers!

4 ) poor traffic flow in getting runners and finishers to immediately take the lift to the bottom of the tower.

5 ) making us winners wait in the hot sun, in front of full blasted speakers playing horrible malay songs (no offence there, but it was just plain horrible, if you were there you would have felt as miserable)

6 ) I could only colelct my prize after about almost two hours of waiting.

7 ) no refreshments served nor extra seating for my poor combat support.

8 ) after receiving the prizes and cash, they directed us to some so-called press room where they interviewed the other top runners, except me. I practically wasted 30 mins of my time there, but at least combat support got places to seat and something to drink.

All in all, I guess through this race, it's good to know that I am catching up on Yuan Yu Fang slowly but surely.

I wonder if I were to overtake her on road races instead, will she still push me tpo the point of tripping?
23rd Feb, Monday

It's been ages since I last update this site, and that is because now the PCs at work siallows pop-ups abd abt poppable Java-related software.

Yesterday's KL City Day Run was the bomb, although I lost to top athlete Yuan Yu Fang, I know I am getting somewhere, I just need to put in more training, after, I only started training from scratch back in mid-December only.

All in all, I think it is a pretty good outing, I finished 3 mins behind Yu Fang, but I still feel damn good about myself. But I have got this frriend runner called Sham he said the most meanest thing ever : " is true that the forms didnt say anything about not allowing pacers to run, but you must show good sportsmanship, a good runner wouldnt need a pacer, and even if you have a pacer, it is not like you are able to beat Vally and Yuan Yu Fang anyway.

Like what!!?? Sucha a low and shallow creature he is, he shall have a earful from me! Urgggh...I am so mad! I hate the fact that I have been associated with such a person!
25th Jan, Sunday

There is one thing that I found out on my Sunday long runs today - not to train my 21kms at 3pm in the afternoon in the middle of KL, for it's hot, sunny, and dry.

I barely completed even my 18kms yesterday, a distance that should be a piece of chocolat cake for me. Good thing though, my secret trainer, is there to spur me on (and also to carry my water bottle along).

So far, my weekends spent with my boyfriend has been great, apart from miscommunications and the like, after ironing out some creases and indifferences, looks like I'm back into a developing relationship. Plus, we always have great food together.

I brought him to a CNY dinner on the night of the GE 30k race, a dinner organised by my swimming kakis from Cheras and we had pretty decent food at the Pearl Inn Restaurant in Yulek. So far, the best CNY reunion dinner I had - a total contrast to the food I just had for CNY reunion dinner tonight at an unknown restaurant in Semenyih, where the food was extra oily, and all-too salty, so much so that I had to resort to my usual-too-embarassing-act of washing my stir-fried dishes in the hot chinese tea that I drink.

My aunty who recommended the place was puzzled as to why the food was horrible as when she had her dinner with some church friends a while ago, the food seemed pretty okay. Yeah right, that's because it's the Chinese New Year season and all these restaurants ever want to do is to exploit us customers who are desperate to have chinese food outside.

No races this weekend makes for a very lazy weekend for me, although it gives me time for my body to rest, guess I should be thank ful for that :p
23rd Jan | Friday

I have been meaning to post this, but hadn't had the time to. Last week's race - the Great Eastern 30k was perfect, for me at least. My boyfriend was there, from the start to the finish,  had a wonderful weekend with wonderfully scrumptious food with just couldnt get better than this. Plus, I got second, and finished just about 3 secs or so behind the top Kenyan woman, a bonus.

This is the third race that he has been with me so far and I appreciate every moment that he has been with me for it. Not even any of my family members has ever come to any of my races! It feels different  - between finishing a race and having no one to turn to for company, and knowing that there is definitely someone there at the finish to look out for you.

I am in desperate need for a race with cash prizes.
My Upcoming Events:

29 March 2009
Kuala Lumpur International Marathon
(now postponed to 28th June 2009)

1st March 2009
KL Towerthon

22nd Feb 2009
KL City Day Run

18 January 2009
Great Eastern 30K, KL

11 Jan 2009

1st January 2009 Pacemaker Network New Year Run,
Lake Gardens, Bukit Aman, Tapak A Car Park

31 Dec 2008
1 mile dash, Dataran Merdeka

21st Decmber 2008
Malakoff 12km
(did not register)

7 December 2008
Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon

30 November 2008
KRI 20th Anniversary cum 12.8km road Race

16 November 2008
Penang Bridge Run

15 Nov 2008
Perlis International Border Run

9 November 2008
IOI Community Run

2 November 2008
Genting Trailblazer

26 October 2008
Great Eastern Women 10K, Singapore

19 October 2008
New Balance Real Run, Singapore

12 October 2008
Borneo International Marathon

24 August 2008
SAFRA Singapore Army Bay Run

17 August 2008
Larian Perpaduan, Dataran Merdeka

10 August 2008
Adidas King Of the Road

27 July 2008
Mizuno Wave Run
Distance: 10k,

20 July 2008
PD Triathlon

19 July 2008
Jerantut Run, Pahang
Distance: 10km

12 July 2008
Langkawi Breach Run

6 July 2008
Ipoh International Run
Description : A truly great race that just have to clash with the Siemens 10k held in KL. Don't you feel like splitting yourself in half like an amoeba and go for both?

29 June 2008
Klang Run
Description : I waited 2 hours for the prize giving ceremony! Amid thirst, hunger and fatigue. And the worst part of it is that I didn't bring a book along to read to while the time away...

(skipping tonnes of races that I have ran but not updated here :p)

10-11 May 2008
A-Famosa Triathlon
Description : Not doing the triathlon yet. Nope. (I am without a bike) Going in there for the relay race, where I will be competing in guess it, the running leg of the race. 10k is the game. My unknown teamates consist of a good cyclist and a good swimmer - or so I am told.

18 May 2008
New Balance - Pacesetters 15k
Description : Not exactly my favourite distance to compete in, but I guess since it is Pacesetters -  have to support the club's event, and because it is one of the event I must compete in to be qualified for the sportswoman of the year.

31 May 2008
Sundown Marathon, Singapore
Description : The only other marathon to look forward to because 1) it is a marathon held during supper time, no sun, no heat, pure joy, and 2) Penang Bridge Marathon is cancelled. Plus, their running vest is to die for and their finisher's tee shirt is meant to be a replacement for the horrible tee shirt I had from KLIM, of which I have burnt and cast the ashes off the DBKL building and had it blown into a minister's open window. Opps.
13 Jan | Tuesday

It is just getting from bad to worst. My boyfriend hates me. And by right he should, I make such a horribly useless girlfriend.

My Kenyan trainer hates me, and now I just want to get on with training without any talking and communication nor any friendly interaction anymore. Just hardcore training, being punctual for training, push myself to the maximus, endure the torturous pain...

...and starve...! I am so chubby by long-distance runners standards. It's a miracle that I am able to run faster than other more beuatiful and thinner girls.

It seems that my timing have improved somewhat, but I think it is just all for a mere short time, before I tumble down with accidents and injury and be maimed be life.

It hits me again, is it ever wirth while having friends, socialising and getting to know people? For the umpteenth time, I wish I have a job for life where I could just deal with inanimate objects of my passions (so that rules out having to work at a sweat shop there).

I am declaring right now that all that I have done so far, winning races, concentrating full time on running and almost nothing but running...has gone down the muddy watered drain in vain.
Chinese Tea?
29 Dec 2008 | Monday

I just got approval from my current coach (but more like a training partner) that maybe it is better for me if I am to only train once a day!

Yay! Liberation!

In that case, I ought to cut down on the amount of food that I eat during working hours...

Yesterday evening was the first time since Borneo Marathon that I ever took the road to Sri Hartmas, a 21km route. And it was a killer, by the 15th km, I had wanted to give up and just walk the whole entire distance home, but the Kenyan wont allow me, so I had to take it in and  press on.

I need to do at least two half marathons a week now to build up my mileage. I am no better from a slow runner if I have the speed but not the endurance to even complete a mere 10km race.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to theorise as to fine some of the top Japanese women marathoners' own training programme.

Today's calls are flowing in like crazy. And I made several embarassing blunders that is worth cursing myself about. There are so many investigations and follow ups to do, which doesn't seem to receive the attention they deserve because there're a lack of staff at the branch.

I can't wait for work to end so taht I can go for my evening long runs to ease me up a bit.
25 Dec 2008 | Thursday

I was pretty depressed about life before I signed up for the race in Putrajaya and Klang. That did some to cheer me up. Then I came to know from Thana the manager that starting next year, Kenyan runners will not be allowed to race in Malaysia. I am currently back training with a Kenyan, after jumping from coaches to coaches, so, how the heck am I supposed to get any decent training if Thana and immigration police ousted out these group of people? Thana isn't exactly free to devout at least some of his time to train me anyway.

I dont think Malaysian trainers/coaches can be as good or as committed as the Kenyans, I have always had this gut feeling about it. My happiest training period when I was working out like there's no tomorrow was with the Kenyans. And I owe my entire success to them. And now a group of Indian athletes who does not want their livelihood to be taken away by foreigners - are chasing them out.

I try not to support the national Indian athletes in disliking foreign athletes, and yet I try not to support the foreign athletes wholeheartedly as well, for my prize winnings is actually dependent on them not showing up in the same race as I am. So far I only managed to beat two Kenyan ladies in my own event, but that is a separate and distinct event. I am practically sitting on the fence here. But my biggest concern is - who can I train with/train me?

* * * * * *
I went for a Christmas party dinner with my Cheras-Permaisuri triathletes and swimming kaki last night, food was so-so, what I really came for was the beer! I had a Tiger, a glorious Tsingtao, 4 glasses of red wine and a glass of white wine... You might say that this is much of a hardcore, true, but the real challenge is going back to work 4 hours after my last glass of the fun-elixir.

And true enough, I was 2 hrs 30 mins late for work.

2 hrs 30 mins? My ultimate goal for a full marathon timing!
Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2008
11 Dec 2008 | Another injury and uncertainty abotu my running future

I am having somekind of muscle pull/cramp on my right calf now. I might not fully warm down nor stretched after my Tuesday morning run, or maybe this is already an inherent injury that just wished to manifest itself on my Wednesday evening run. I am told by both my manager Thana and coach Hafiz to rest till Sunday.

Now I am unsure if I should run the Malakoff 12km on the 21st Dec. I dont want to be running a race that I cannot win now. I am pretty sure I can beat Amutha and Valli this time round, I just need to get fitter, leaner, and meaner.

I am currently eating too much on my recovering days, I should be disciplined and eat properly. I am being such a gluntton on a child.
8 Dec 2008 | Monday | Nothing could be worse than a bad day out at the race

My trip to Singapore was horrible.
1st, the night before, on friday night, I got a last minute call from Adidas (the perpetrator - Krisnan) saying that he couldn't register me for the race, because I have registered for full marathon. They are very well aware of that, about 2 months ago, but can't possibly be creative enough to at least perhaps create a variation of my name and register me anyway. Moreover, they have to bloody inform me this very last minute. The reason that they give was because they couldnt do a personalised service for me.

Like what the crap!

And they still owe me a wristwatch, and a pair of shoes.

2nd, hence, I have to run under a different name. Thank god that she didn't turn up for the race. Else Krisnan is so screwed.

3rd, Adidas promised me a couple of attires for the race, as stated in the contract. Among them, a track bottom, a 3rd tee shirt, a air of running shorts, and a wearable running vest. As such, I happily came empty handed before departure for Singapore (appart from my inner wear), but what I got was such a turn off that I am planning to sell all of them away except for the bra and a tee shirt - namely, a 3 quarters lady aerobic pants, a running vest in a horrible pink colour, it would look good on a kenyan or an indian, but not for me, a pair of cycling tights, among others. During my stay in Singapore, I had to spend another SGD 100 or so in purchasing comfortable running clothes, and that has to be Adidas branded too, much of which I wont be able to wear from next year onwards for races...because of a clash of brands.

4th, I ran a horrible timing of 1 hr 34 mins 40 secs, falling short of my PB set in Singapore itself too. I was struggling for the last 5km and kept on thinking of giving up. I came in 6th for women's open, the top 5 were all caucasian ladies. Prizes were only for the top 3. I felt that I have wasted my time there.

To conclude, I think I wont be running in this same event next year round, unless I'm doing the full marathon. Not even for the relay events, which can be a possible prize winner, because the 10km vent will be running into behind the slower 21km runners. Everything seems to be focused on the full category, namely the prizes and media coverage. The shorter distances categories were just treated as second rated. And the guy in charge of the running team/department for Adidas is an Indian guy known to most of us as 'Krishnan'. He is reputed to be quite a hard person to get along in terms of promises, follow ups, and sponsorships. Over promise, under deliver.

What I am quite happy about though is that I finally got my Garmin Forerunner 405 GPS watch + heart rate monitor (SGD 536). I shall now be able to monitor my boring morning runs around one of Cyberjaya grassed roundabouts and clock in the mileage with somewhat ease.

Meanwhile, this race is the very first time I am running with just my sports bra and running shorts on. Almost like an amateur runner wannabe... :p I felt really at ease and not so bothered by heat or anything. Plus, it'll be grat reason to pump in some abs and lose weight. I need to do so right now!
26 November 2008 | Wednesday | Hitting the plateau

It's so hard to be training alone for a long distance runner such as me, especially coupled with the training twice a day routine, plus some minor leg/foot injuries here and there, it can seriously put one off.
24 Nov 2008 | Monday

My life is in a mess. My working life is in a mess. My relationship is in a mess.

Today, just as I was going on one of my daily runs during my early morning so-called lunch break because of the absurd shift, to reasonable, non-call centre working people at least, a couple of colleagues passed by and saw that I was wearing some track suit and such to go out and run, and the one who does not know me all too well, because he is from another process, said that I am weird.

I feel like giving him a bloody nose! Who in world is he to call me weird? As far as he shpould know, i am living my life to the fullest and earn way much more money than he can ever imagine.

It is he who is the one that is weird. What a jerk!
Men's Pearl Of Wisdom

1. When I was born, I was given a choice - A big dick or a good memory. I don't remember what I chose.

2. Your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory.

3. A wife is a sex object. Every time you ask for sex, she objects.

4. Impotence : Nature;s way of saying 'No hard feelings...'

5. There are only two four letter words that are offensive to men - 'don't' and 'stop', unless they are used together.

6. Panties : Not the best thing on earth, but next to the best thing on earth.

7. There are three stages of sex in a man's life: Tri Weekly, Try Weekly, and Try Weakly.

8. Virginity can be cured.

9. Virginity is not dignity, it is lack of opportunity.

10. Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don't have a good partner, you'd better have a good hand.

11. I tried phone sex once, but the holes in the dialer were too small.

12. Marriage is the only war where you get to sleep with the enemy,

13. Q: What's an Australian kiss?
     A: The same thing as French kiss, only down under.

14. A couple just married were happy with the whole thing. He was happy with the Hole and she was happy with the Thing...

15. Q: What are the three biggest tragedies in a man's life?
     A: Life sucks, job sucks, and the wife doesn't.

16. Q: Why do men find it difficult to make eye contact?
     A: Breasts don't have eyes.

17. Despite the old saying. 'Don't take your troubles to bed', many men still sleep with their wives!!
10 November 2008 | Monday | Me and my big huge training bag

I have lost my handphone yet gain for the second time, and Thank the Gods of Taxis that I got it back again. My mom has always been complaining that I carry way too many bags for my own good. Usually, I'll have :
1. A big bag pack.
2. A shoe bag.
3. and an optional picnic basket for when the tiomes that I need to bring food to work to curb my insatiable appetitite.

And one of the steps to avoid my losing any possessions ever again would be then to put everything all in one bag. And I had this so-called brilliant idea of getting myself a luggage bag on wheels!

And I quite like it, it has designs that resembles that of Gucci and it has an add-on handbag that is huge enough to fit my training shoes in.

Only one problem though, is that it is impossible for the bag to fit into my locker at work. Had I bought an uglier, shorter luggage bag, it might fit. But since I didn't, this problem lingers. I had thought of putting it on the floor (the main office, where calls aretaken and transactions are made) but my Assistant Manager warns me that it might not be a terribly good ideathat the security guard might nabbed me for not complying with the rules.

The next best thing would then be to ask the secuiryt guards themselves as to where can I place my bag. No, they said, I can't keep my luggage behind the coutner, nor can I keep it at the floor. Why in world did I bring such a huge luggage anyway?

What in the freaking world are they so darn curious about? Isn't it obvious? That I run everyday? Are they absolutely blisteringly blind that they can't see me going for runs during the mid-morning lunch break times?

Well, that is my problem, they said, it is up to me to solve it myself.

How useless, unhelpful and uncreative they are.

No wonder they work as security guards?

There are upper broader shelves where I can place my luggage in. But without a ladder, it is impossible to put it up there. Plus, the process to do so might be hazardous to my other workmates wholeare trying to access their lockers down below.

There is this training room just next to my department, and it is there now. Locked. Current problem solved.

Meanwhile, at first, I was kind of hesitant in getting myself an extra large bag on wheels, for one, it CAN and WILL attract attention. And secondly, I might crush other peeps' foot.

And then it dawned on me, hey, I'm a semi-pro long istance runner here. I need my training. Who cares if my lovely Gucci look-alike bag attracts attention and gossips. Who cares if I accidentally crush people's foot? It is my life and I'll do what I please (within the black and white boundaries).
20 Octopus 2008 | Tuesday | A topsy turvy weekend

1. A swarm of annoying houseflies flew into the air-conditioned bus that I am traveling in to Singapore while the bus pop by a rest stop. From then on, it's another 3 hours of non-stop disgust.

2. Some Indian aunties went for some kind of extended shopping trip at the rest stop for god-knows what, and delayed everybody for a good 15 minutes,

3. It is way pass lunch time, and I was so hungry that I couldn't wait to look for decent food. Settled for a kids sized burger from the king instead. And some drummets.

4. Cabbing all the way to the other side of the island to meet a good Singapore/Malaysian runner friend who is kind enough to collect all my racing kits from the evil organisers for me. It was the first time I met him.

5. In the same cab, cabbing to my booked accomodation.

6. Snuck out for dinner, but shopping first. Cabbed to Mustafa. It sells everything, apparently, but not the one thing I was looking for in Singapore - hardcover bag pack. Meet friends of a friend for dinner, well, their supper my dinner. And only to realise that my poor balckberry was left in the cab!

7. Devastation struck. I had to resign to not ever see the blackberry again. Barred phone line to stop it from being used and abused.

8. Tried to concentrate and sleep well for the race and put aside my worries for my blackberry.

9. Only had 4.5 hours of sleep before the race.

10. Arrived at a wide expanse area - the Changie Exhibition Centre, a huge land with an unsued hangar in the middle, with hardly any trees to be seen.

11. Only started to warm up 25 minutes before the race. Other times, was just dilly dallying, perhaps hunting for my coach Subramaniam in the crowd,

12. Squeezed my way through from the back to the front of the starting line. I must say some people were quite pissed with me. But what else can I do? It was at a late-late hour of 7.45am, and the some is almost at the top of the sky.

13. Felt like running in the dessert.

14. Sprinted my way towards the end. My first time crossing the line first in my category and through the banner! It was awesome!

15. I finished my race slightly over an hour. But had to wait close to 3 hours for my prize! At least I can afford a new blackberry in SG...

16. Came back to the hotel, and got a call that the cabbie found my phone and is returning it to me!!! My luck's (I don't believe in such stuff) is coming back again!
17 October 2008 | Friday | It's race time, back to back every weekend till December!

And yet, it's been raining every evening. How on earth can I train without having to wash my shoes every day? No matter what, rain or shine or other natural disasters happening, as long as there is flat land, training must go on. That said, there's is saying: You know you are a runner when:
1. It is dark and late at night.
2. It is raining or snowing outside.
3. You're tired, wary after a long day at work.
4. Your only training partner at this point in time could be your dog, eager for its only one-time out of doors, because you have been at work all day.
5. You'd rather forgo your usual TV Series or watch a later repeated version just so that you could cover up your mileage first.
6. It's the highlight of your day. Nothing else matters.

I found an article online that practically sums up the personality of a marathoner:

How to know if you are addicted to running marathons?
1. Your thoughts switch to the next scheduled race immediately after finishing a marathon.

2. You are signed up for more than one race right now.

3. You know the specifics about many of the marathon details. Such as dates. courses, quality, organisers, prize moneies etc.

4. You know the story of how the marathon for started. And why is the course specifically 26.2miles.

5. You have more books on marathon running and tips than any other books.

6. You start to feel down when you haven't run a marathon in a while.

7. You sub-consciously look for food that could be used as a pre-marathon meal.

8. You have more running outfits than other work/casual outfits.

9. You have so many marathon finisher medals that you run out of room on where to store them.

10. When asked about your racing and running from non-running people, you somehow find yourself talking about it with great passion till the person who asked the question regrets ever asking it.

11. You run marathons back to back on weekends.

12. Your dreams and nightmares consists around marathons. And beign late for a race.

13. You run a marathon as a training run, or just to pace a friend. It is like just going out for a morning stroll for you, whereas for others it is a torture.

14. When asked by loved ones what your plans are for the weekend, you feel guilty telling them that you're running another marathon. So you tell them "it's only a half-marathon this weekend".

15. You plan all your vacations around a marathon race!
16 Ocotber 2008 | Thursday | A Leapt of Faith

And what is the big decision that required tireless effort and incalculable amount of time to ponder about? - Going for a hair cut.

I have been contemplating on mostly Posh Spice's hair styles. Although I hate to admit, I love her style and body. Those gorgeous, fatless, flabless body of hers. And her hairstyle just compliments it.

And so just before training, I walked in straight to Michaels & Guys and announced to my hairstylist, a young chap, what I want. It was hard trying to describe the look in Chinese. And he is not well versed in the Star Trek Enterprise (T'Pol)  nor Posh's latest hairdo.
An so, after a couple of frantic flipping of hair styles magazines to locate a close resemblance to the hairstyle that I want. He began cutting a bob-cut slanting style. But halfway, through, I just told him to do away with that and go straight for the kill - the short, pixie, elvish style.

And I think I really like it. I thought thatt was a big mistake at first, but I was glad I made the big step.

Now I'm going to be more aerodymic (or at least don't have to fuss with my hair while running), meaner and I think my face looked slimer too. Woot!

Meanwhile, I got myself tonnes of PowerBar products to assist in my training and races. My ultimate short term goal would be to crush Yuan Yu Fang, well, not crush perhaps, but at least reach beyond her current Malaysian record. It feels strange. I used to be a nobody. Getting performance enhance supplements was even hard and costly. But now it's all coming. Slowly.

Still, sometimes I wonder, what happen if I am not this crazy into running. What will I be doing/not doing?
T'Pol, a Vulcan female aboard the Enterprise NX-01.
Don't these boy-cut style ooze sexiness?
The bob-cut with the slant style.
14 October 2008 | Tuesday | A Coming Back Race After a Long Hiatus

Ever since my shin splint caused by the 24th August race in Singapore, I hadn't been training very much in the whole of September. Apart from constantly running on a football field (can you stand running in circles for at least an hour before passing out?) and applying tonnes of ointment on my poor shins and taking 9 days off for a holiday in Central Asia, I have grown lazier and lazier...although surprisingly, I'm able to lose weight easier.

Does that make sense?
Probably because I'm losing muscle due to lack of exercise.

I just came back from a half marathon race at Kota Kinabalu ( and although I am happy with  position, and my timings was so-so for someone who hadn't train at all, my leg msucles weren't so used to the exertion and hence I am now nursing two cramp and stiff legs.

I have gone from training with the Kenyans to now training with a more experienced veteran runner - Subramaniam, who promised me an injury free running career. And so far, it has been good. I am already benefiting from his guidance.

I'm going to get my hair cut again soon (I just have it trimmed last week but I don't think I like the current style). I'm thinking of a Posh Spice sort of style, only slightly longer. Any comments?

Meanwhile, I can't stop eating, I am constantly hungry, and it's so hard to stay slim and athletically fit when I'm eating more calories than I spent.

I just noticed that my peer veteran runner, Lian Bee Hoon, has the most gorgeous running legs. So toned, and so good! Gosh, I need to train more.

Below are some more pictures from my past races. Can you actualyl see how fat I was then? Photos courtesy of PM Tey.
21 August 2008 | Thursday | 3 races over the week

I hate it when people looked up to me just because I am the usual podium favourites now. Where were they when I was a newbie? I supposed it is the same with everyone.

My Kenyan trainer praised me for my excellent workout today, I ran the last lap of a speed workout on track in a record time - one which  shall not post here. But it is a record for me.

Saturday's race was the first ever race that had me traveling alone. I was rather lucky to have found accomodation, food and transport and race site during a time when hotel vacancies around town is nil because of the school holidays, race site is 5km from hotel, and food is scarce around the hotel where I live. But thanks to a kind lovely Malay lady, who owns a gerai at the bus stop where I drop off from th Kuala Terrengganu bus, she acts as my town guide and all-time driver, I just have to pay for her petrol and all is well.

Oh, and I maanged to beat a long time rival for the first time! I broke away when there was about 1-2km to go. It was simply estatic!

I had little rest before I cam back to KL and tog et ready for Sunday's race, a 10km torturer, and this time, I overtook my long time rival again, earlier in the race this time, to finish a 3rd. Behind the same lady who was ahead of me in the day-before-Sunday's race.

Tuesday's Kuala umpur Rat Race was anything like I've been to before. The prices were extravagant for the CEO category. I wish it was the same for normal runners like was the first time I ever ran i a formal atire - a dress! I got first for the women's mixed category, while another lady got first in the open category. Which is unfair, I am the fastest lady around, ad they treat me like a secondary runner just because I am in a mixed cateogory.

My team leader, Adrian Groom was rather pleased that our 2nd team bagged a third place. MPO here I come! That was the promise he gave - that we get to watch the orchestra - his treat for winning.
10 August 2008 | Sunday | A torture!

Today's race was bad, the course's hills were gradual, and the weather was purrrr-fect! But I did horribly...there were no route markers for one, wel, only two route markers at the 10km mark's water station, and later at the 13km mark water station, both showing "12km to go!". Like what crap man...

I was almost able to pace the Kenyan ladies, and I thought I really could, up until say maybe 8km, I was actually running with the elite. And I should have! But I don't know why after that, came round to a hill, I couldn't catch up, and once I have lost their pace, I slowed down, and it was a downward spiral all the way.

All I can say is that today is not my day.

The organisation was rather bad too. Here is a list of them:
1. Lack of water stations during the course.
2. Lack of water stations after the race. I have to queue up like a caged animal, gave up, dreamt of drinking some water from a fountain nearby. queue up again, and almost faint from suffocation and dehydration!
3. Lack of route markers. I couldn't even plan my pace!
4. They ought to give cash instead of cheque. The lady wrote my name on one such cheque today, including my Christian name in it, but it is not the same as the one in my bank account. So instead of banking in the cheque today, I can only bank it in say 4 days later.
5. And because they give it in cheque, hence the money that some Kenyans owe me cannot be paid out right immediately.
6. 2 hours queue to collect cash.
7. They actually don't even acknowledge top Malaysian runners at all! They just made me go on stage, hold up some dummy prize, get down, & force the dummy prize (an empty Adidas box) out of my hand. I mean, what of the prize for top Malaysian runners stated in the form, they should give that plus the cash prize for overall winnings too!

I could have got fourth, or at least 5th today, if I had not drop out of the pack. Gosh, I am so fat and slow!
9 August 2008 | Saturday | An update

A lot has happened since the Langkawi Beach Run. On the hind sight, my ankle is healing, albeit rather slowly, and I think I am improving. It is such great joy that I can always aim for top 3 positions in local races, with distances the longer the better, since my Indian rivals seldom run anything morethan 15km, except for one. But let's leave her aside.

The Port Dickson Triathlon was my first, even more so because this time I was swimming 1.5km. I never felt so light swimming in the sea as compared to swiming in the pool, but it was hard - hard to navigate around sea waves and the visibility of the water - let's pretend that I am swimming around redang Island in the dark. I have many atimes knocked the floating lines that mark the ways and the buoys. It was my second time of tasting sea salt water while swimming in it. And although it was frustrating because I am not trained enough in lifting my head a little over the water to sea where I am swimming to without knocking something, and then losing my bearings - it was a great swimathon for me, and I was glad I join it. Next year - Kapas-Marang 5.6km, here I come!!

After I got out of the sea, ran over the beach in my bare feet to the cyclsit bike-off area about 200meters away, and handed over my ribbon to the cyclist, I greedily quenched my thirst of fresh water. Hanged around a bit, put on my running shorts, and wait for my dear Uncle Chen, who was doing the individual event, to come back in his bike so that I could pace him in the last 10km run leg of the event.

I had brought along a Kenyan to replace me, I was actually meant to run in another group, but was hoping that maybe after the repalcement, the chance of getting a podium finish was moer likely, because in that group I have Kim Yan, a strong long distance swimmer (lady), and a strong enough cyclist (guy), and since I was replaced, hence I signed up for another team, and agreed to do the swimming (since more peole know how to run than swimming, hence finding a runner isn't so hard). Anyway, this Kenyan guy who was replacing me, I felt like I am baby-sitting him all throughout the race, for right after I got out of the sea, I am already making sure he is waiting at the starting line, and then he ran off, and gone missing, and things like that...urghhh. It turns out that I don't really have to care much about him (although I did so because I want my team to win, hey, I am still the rightful runner of that stronger team, okay?), he got fourth, which was good, although he coud have settle for top 3 if the cyclist had been stronger.

Uncle Chen finally came in after about 40mins of waiting at the relay-runners start-off point, and I brought along a can of 100plus for him to drink, and paced him all the way. It was a light 10km fun run for me, but I know that he was struggling to keep up to my 57minutes pace. All throughout the route only water at the water stations were given, with the last couple of water stations running out of water! Gosh, I should have thought ahead and store some 100plus isotonic drink in an empty 500ml water bottle.

I would say the whole PD triathlon event was such an experience for me, with the exception of me stressing myself out baby-sitting the apathetic Kenyan runner (he even gone missing with the hotel room key and I ran another 3km from the race site to the hotel and back several times looking for him...) I say no more bringing friends along whom you felt oblige to take care of. And even then, just go about your business.

I must say all around the event, I was engulfed with muscles and toned bodies (and not so toned muscular bodies). At such an event, muscular and toned bodies can be really deceiving, it just the looks, but not necessary performance-wise. I even met Eugene Chan! - when Uncle Chen stopped to chat with him during dinner at the buffet area the night before the race.
12 July 2008 | Saturday | Letter to der Pacemaker

Hi Ronnie
Just came back from Langkawi here, the beach run was held on a Saturday, here are my results:
Distance : 21km
Timing    : 1 hr 44 mins
Position  : 2nd (supposed to be 1st placing, but cinya Lian Bee Hoon took a short cut and ended up finishing faster than me, I had made a complain to the organisers to refer to their check points report, but they don't have it with them ...)

So well Ronnie, I actually got tonnes of witness from my Kenyan female runners who saw bee Hoon taking the short cut and finishing just behind them. I had overtook Bee Hoon at the 5th kilometre and have not seen her since, so, you can imaginemy surpirse when I saw that she came in first.

But since there is no paper proff evidence, she got first, and I have been unfairly treated. I almost cried out of frustration because there is nothing that I can do, and Bee Hoon does not even want to admit that she took the wrote route (she does not even know the route, let alne wears a watch when she runs, can you believe that?). I guess that Bee hOon might have finished the race in about 1hr 35mins for a 21km. Do you think she can even run that fast? especially when I had overtook ehr in the begining of the race?

Oh well, I supposed I can always blame it on the race organisation, but sicne they arenovie in race events so I'll give them a break. Too bad that I am nt fast enough so that I can even outrun people who takes short cuts.

I got the results (names) for the top three international en and women, and malaysian women, do you want them? Enclosed are pictures taken from the podium, enjoy!
Cheers, Michele.

P.s. Oh, I ran faster than the fearful Thai female runners as well...what about that?
10 July 2008 | Thursday | Healing ankle and homing in on loans

It is absolutely maddening not being able to run, especially when you're just starting to improve a lot after being in a plateau. In such an event, drastic situations calls for a drastic measure, since I can't run to lose weight nor keep fit, starving is the only way out of this...if only it is that easy as running...

This whole week and the next is dedicated to learning up home loans accounts at work, and it is so confusing! I a like practically the last in a class of four when it comes to getting high marks in quizzes...

Last Monday's drum exam was also a total shab. I made somany blunders in my songs...and or the technical exercises, when the count in beep stopped, as it was supposed to be, I froze, and couldn;t start abck again, as then marks don't count.

In other news, a mat salleh drummer is coming to town to conduct a drum clinic again...should I go?
3 July 208 | Thursday | Butt cramps

It is because I have to sit down for 3.5 hours straight before I had my lunch break, and I had to do that because I cancelled out my 2x15 mins break that is usally alloted once before lunch, and once after lunch, and I had to cancel it out because I overslept - supposed to wake up at say 4.45am, but my assistant manager had to come to the sick bay to wake me up instead - 15 mins past 6am!

Talk about major embarassment.

Rumours has it that the female sick bay (not sure about the male one) is haunted, as told by women who have slept there alone - they here sneezes and whisperings coming out of no where, and yet, nobody is near the, I didn't experience anything of the sort, I am usually just glad to be in bed once again and just slept like a log before my alarm jolt me up, much to my annoyance.

It has been another hard day at training again today. My thighs felt extremely weak.
2 July 2008 | Wednesday | PMS day!

It came as scheduled. But I was determined not to let it ruin my day at work again. Just as I was having my frst break, a brunch of sorts, before lunch, I had already felt it lurking in the deep bowels of my abdomen. The pain, cramps, and limitless feeling of constipation waiting to pour out its fury that comes with the surging hormones of a woman of prominent breeding age...

Anyway, I had made plans before this - I had brought my running atire today (although I hadn't brought enough sanitary pads, nor tampons, nor a change of pants if I do stain my current one..), and the moment it was time for my scheduled lunch, I dashed into the ladies' and changed, kept my change of clothes behidnt eh recepitonaist's counter, and off I went like a thief in the night (...of day) and concentrated on jogging th pain away...)

At first I felt no change, my abdomen stil felt crampy, but after 17 or so minutes of running in the pre-noon sun, I began to feel slightly better, only slightly. But it still felt good, anytime that I don't have to resort to the generic pink PMS pills is always a plus...I plucked some blue flowers on the way back to office, made someone's day by giving the flowers to them, and changed back into my casual work attire before anyone could say 'John-Jacob-Jinger-Heimerschidmt...'

As my lunch break slowly ended, I felt a renewed energy to continue answering calls. The demon of PMS gone and forgotten.

This evening, I was running again in my tracksuit. And I felt like being cooked like a roasted suckling pig in it.
1 July 2008 | Tuesday | Suffering...

I hit the track today. I had only 3-4 hours of sleep before work, and no rest before I began training. It was another session of tears and the feeling of dying...
29 June 2008 | Sunday | The beginings of fire

The course was enjoyable, mostly flat, with 2 hills on the highway, and another gradual hill on the way back to the stadium. I secret weapon for this race was pacing me all the way, and I must admit that I have been truly spoilt because of this. I must learn to race unaided in the future next time. And yet still run a terrific race!

I was just about 40 secs behind the first lady who finished the race - Vally Michael - my all time childhood rival, whom I have always been envying from afar with my 10km timing of 54mins.

And now I just about 40secs to beating her.

Oh, one interesting fact is that she has almost the same birthday as I - hers is 29 Feb 1984. And she likes pink as well.

ow I have some extra money to eleviate me from poverty, or at least help me pay my class fees and ensure that I can have sandwiches for lunch more often.
18 June 2008 | Wednesday | Feeling Moody

Feeling rather listless and lack of life today, this morning, when I was traveling to work. But the thought of the upcoming races liven me up a bit. That's probably the only joy I derive out of my life these days. Oh, I got a drum exams coming in July as well.

I read an article somewhere that says that the more I keep myself busy, the less depress I would be.

On another road, Malaysian roads are NEVER pedestrian friendly nor bicycle friendly.
17 June 2008 | Tuesday | The plateau

I am currently stuck at 52kg. There are some runners who thinks that I shouldn't go any lighter, because my weight is what currently helps me run best. But I still think that the lighter the better. Or at least light and fit enough to have a nice, toned, wash-board abs.

I did a personal best for the Sri Hartamas half-marathon route last Sunday, well, not exactly 21km, but at least 20.4km (because I lazed out and didn't run the extra 600m loop), it was a training, and I did 1hr 36 mins for it.

Was it good or what? I am glad that I can see some improvements with my timing. And not stuck in a plateau like what my weight is.

Also, the reason why I did such a good timing because I was pacing a really cool Kenyan guy who was kind enough to slow down and run at my pace. I hope to receive more pro-training from these elites. It's about time this crazy country got a good female long distance runner, purely born in the country, and not some imports, to be proud of.

Oh, the irony of being patriotic. If you know me, I am just being sarcastic and cynical of this country.

There are a huge crazy amount of races coming up in July, 3 of which will take me outstation - 1st week in Ipoh, 2nd week in Langkawai, and I am not sure when is PD Triathlon though. Gosh I hope it does not clash with Langkawi. Not that I am doing the full triathlon individual event, but someone might sign me up for a relay team.

Somehow, I don't really like doing things in a team, especially when you cannot get along with one of the team members. And doing a relay is not as cool as doing an individual event, where triathlon is concerned.

Okay, the PD Triathlon is held on the 19th. Good. Just nicely squeezed in.

That means a race every weekend. Here we go again, de javu time...I really need to work hard on my speed workouts then.
14 June | Saturday | So happy with my cash prize!

It was another one of those 'jogathons' organised by a college to race funds for charity. On the morning of the race, Ahmed, the Moroccan guy, met me at my neighbourhood, and my ex-school mate and PACM member-runner picked us up, and together we endured the long and sleepy journey to Nilai. About 37km from Cheras, I think.

Upon arriving, we all noticed Iwata Takatoshi, a really cool Japanese runner who is tops in his field, and practically goes for every race. He did the 84km for Sundown a while ago, and now he is just doing tonnes of sit ups and leg raises as part of his warm up routine...and oh, he was carrying two types of liquids in two separate bottles.

Wow, people can be so serious in training.

Ahmed, a Keyan guy, and I were warming up together, running backwards and forwards on a stretch of field. It was so fun, it felt special. More than runing with the Indians anytime. Somehow.

And the race started off with a blast. As with all races. I started slowly, painfully slow. But overtook kam cheong people one by one, and finally, even the not-so-regularly-seen women runners that started out pretty fast in the beginning. Till until like at 4km or so, it was only Susila and me. I tried to close in on the gap, but want to maintain my pace in case any undue circumstances arised to my disadvantage.

But all these while I thought she was running in the veteran category. So I didn't really bother with it much. I am pretty sure she is in the veteran category, hasn't she been in that since like, forever? She looks pretty old if you ask me. About less than 2 more k to go, Susila was still ahead like 800m in front of me. Signs are showing that she is slowing down. And Iwata was running the opposite direction. Has he finished already? Pigs! He told me to run faster, that I am currently number 2 in place. Is he sure? Did he see Susila's race number wrongly?

I then made it a point to just sprint all the way for the hell of it, it would be fun to beat Susi this time round. There is no proper-like finishing line, just the gate to the field, and a couple of tables with a person sitting behind it and for you to write down your name, according to your position, and your race number. I got to that table first. Susi second. And that made her aggressive, trying to defend her right to be first, because the race officials told her to slow down, but not to me.

And she won the dispute (by about RM$ 200 smackeroons) not much of a word from me actually...I just hate to ruin such a fine day with an argument with her. Overall, it was great, the highlight of the day was being able to talk to Iwata, and earning some cash to pay for my diving classes.
12 June 2008 | Thursday | Race clashes

On Tuesday, I was struggling with 200m x 5 and 100m x5 in the pool. My timing does not seemed to improve any better, although this time I feel more buoyancy in the water, balance between my two hands are better, and strokes are getting s-l-i-g-h-t-l-y better. But still couldn't swim fast enough to pace with any of the uncles that has been swimming for decades already.

It's just so hard to improve in the water. If I am to do a triathlon in the future, the only way for my to be the tops is be good in other disciplines, espcially running, of which I am just slightly faster than average, but still not fast enough.

I just missed the pick up bus from work again today. And am here giving you an update of my ordinarily crazy life.

My team mates for the PAR4 relay signed me up for another relay called the Ekiden relay run in Putrajaya. Not sure of the distance, but it's definitely shorter than a 5km. The race clashes with the most talk about Adidas Half Marathon, of which I would rather go, because the race is longer, which promises more fun :p Hence, I have just cancelled my participation of it. Both races are somewhere in August.

Meanwhile, there is another race on the first week of July - Siemen 10K, held in KL, which clashes with an Ipoh half marathon. Currently, the only persons I know who are going are a bunch of Kenyan runners, whoses running speed could just blow the average runner away and leave them clueless, such as yours truly. I am not sure whether I should follow them, but tag along somebody else...

I just had nasi lemak for dinner last night. I think I should skip dinner for tonight else I would never achieve my ideal weight.

Current weight when I left house for work last night : 52kg. Woot!
9 June 2008 | Monday | der Pacemakers 4th Anniversary Run

Today, I think I have capped my calorie intake under 1100kcals. That is a major achievement. More so because my usual swimming kaki-uncles weren't present today to run - just because of the rain, which made everyone lazy and lazier, and just want to cuddle under warm covers after a nice hot bowl of pork kuey teow soup...

Anyways, back to the relay run. My triathlete gal, Michelle Looi, fetched me from home, and together we navigated our way to the park, with the help of Ronnie's maps, photos taken, and directions given. I was put into a group whose team members I have not even heard of, and Ronnie spelt my name wrongly! - turning me into a guy! - "Mitchell". No wonder I couldn't do a search on my name in the list of names and team members.

My team members were 3 quite strong Indian chaps from Klang. All the way from Klang, imagine that! - and just to run a 3.5km race too! This shows that the support der pacemakers gained is tremendous. My team mates seemed to place high pressure on me, to like, pace one of the oh-so-gorgeously thin and lanky Indian lady, or at least get second place behind her...much to my annoyance. I keep on telling them that I run marathons, that I am no sprinter, and that they shouldn't have such high hopes on me.

And the race went off with a bang. As with most races, I tried to hold it back and not start up too fast, lestI spent myself too fast too soon. I brought along my trusty GU energy gel for the just-in-cases. And I was so glad I did. Right after  noticed the front lanky leaders slowing down on the hills (not expected, but on average, very few runners love hills to the core :p) I seised the moment and powered forward, by the time the second hill of the route came and went, I was unexpectantly leading. It was exhilarating. It has been ages since I led in a small race since my came back to running again last year. I kept my eye on the motorbike guy, whom was clearing the path for us as well as leading the way generally so that we don't take the wrong path. I was afraid of slowing down, hence, I tore open my gel pack and suck on it slowly.

It was great, I guess I was 'almost' in the peak of my form for this short spurt of a run, after having did a 8 x 400m the evening before, I should have been worn out due to fatigue already. But it was all well and good.

Every team was awarded medals individually, and there are no other prices money involve, that is what I like about the race...such monetary incentives just make a race too competitive. Every finisher got a medal, and everyone is happy. There was ample of food to eat for breakfast, and drinks to boot.

But...having my navel showed in some pictures taken during the run didn't help any. Now I shall be reminded of how grotesque I'd looked whenever I eat more than my daily calorie allowance. It was all because of my crazy race-bib belt...cursed belt...I ought to check out on this and make sure my clothing atire is all in order next time. Running fashionably is probably harder than running fast for me, especially since I don't use cosmetics at all, and that I still use a bar of soap to wash my face, whereas my younger sister already has her eye brows plucked! But I shall leave that story for another day...
31 May 2008 | Saturday | A marathon at midnight??

That's the much talk about Sundown Marathon. All in all, I would say that it is a pretty well organised race. Lots of race event guides and aids along the way, in case you lost your way in the dark. Mostly secondary secondary school and college kids. Got to give it to them for their great volunteer work.

I ran the full marathon, but most people agreed that it felt like a 44km! No wonder I thought I did particularly bad for one of the 10km stretch, and I was almost in the merde, having misinterpreted a race chart wrongly and didn't bring and energy gel with me at all! (thought the so called power gel chart provided by Power Gel meant that they are giving away gels along the alloted route, turns out that it is only just a guide. Urgh. What a connasse I am!

So anyway, I finished it with a timing of 4hrs 01mins. Anne Qi, my rival, finished just 30mins ahead of me! I have lots to improve...

No cramps whatsoever when I finished the race, no muscle pain nor headache either. I have no idea what position I got as of writing. I only know that there are only a handful of women in front of me. Since prices are only for top 3, I didn't really bother myself with it. I made it into the hotel before it started pouring, and people were still running! Now that is endurance which I can't compare with...

Below is a picture of me, compared with the first women (wearing purple sports bra), I have still got tonnes of weight to lose). I really must tone up my abs if I really want to look good in just a sports bra.
Lady extraordinaire that I could almost brush shoulders with, but alas, she doesn't know that I exist...
19 April 2008 | Saturday | Sleeping at work and a rushed swim

One of my swimming kaki uncles finally came back from a company trip to Houston. And I get to be fetched for training again. Yay!! I swam 1.5km in 41.25 today. I know that it is slow as compared to some of you guys out there, but hey, I just started swimming again in January after a 6 years lapse. So cut me some slacks.

I had about slightly more than a dozen in coming calls today. The last one being someone who called in mistakenly thinking that it's a phone company number she's calling, and complained that her phone card isn't working. With her blurry talk, it took me about a miunute or so to realised that she dialed the wrong number.

Old Coffee White Town's nasi ayam rendang is soooo oily! Not going to have that ever again! I still like their jam on toast. But do you think it's overkill paying RM$3.60 for a slice of thin toast?

I pent the whole time at work finishing up Anne Rice's Queen of the Damned while waiting for calls. The story isinteresting, but why does it take me so ling just to finish up a book?

I gotta learn speed reading or something. Imaine how many books I can devour within a week!

I had bak kut teh for dinner over long stories told by the uncle about his experience in the US, with two other uncles after my evening swim.
15 April 2008 | Tuesday | Rain, rain go away!

It is raining at Permaisuri Lake Gardens. Although it is not raining at my place, about 2.75km from the lake, I can't possibly run there without getting wet! I am scheduled to swim today, and I couldn't.

Well, time to skip dinner then!

Here is a picture of my from the Kuala Lumpur International Marathon. I look like I ought to lose 5 more kilograms.
Omg, I am so ugly! Do you think some sports-cosmetics would make me look more photogenic? 5-10kg loss of body fat and weight would definitely improve my marathon timing. But gosh, it is just so hard!

And the weather isn't helping any.