Meigs Soil and Water Conservation District
Established 1943
Annual Meeting and Election
September 22, 2009  6p.m
Meigs High School
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2008 Annual Report
The mission of the Meigs Soil and Water Conservation District is to provide assistance for the wise use of our natural resources for present and future generations.

Located along the Ohio River, deep in the heart of southeastern Ohio, the Meigs Soil and Water Conservation District helps landowners by providing technical assistance for the implementation of conservation practices, by making available the
equipment for conservation practices, and by providing educational conservation programs to children and adults..

The district implements two programs within the Leading Creek
watershed and employs a full-time watershed coordinator who implements the state approved watershed management plan. The acid-mine drainage abatement and treatment plan was completed May 2006. In addition, the district also administers a Leading Creek Watershed Program in partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other agencies to improve water quality and aquatic habitat within the watershed, a wildlife specialist's program to assist landowners with wildlife related concerns.

In 2003 the district acquired the
174-acre Conservation Area near the village of Rutland. This land will be managed for wildlife and be used primarily for educational purposes. We recently completed construction of a 2.5 acre wetland on the property.

The district is a conservation partner with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Farm Service Agency, Ohio Department of Natural Resources and other agencies, and with hundreds of landowners throughout Meigs County.
Conservation Links:
Leading Creek Watershed Group
National Association of Conservation Districts
Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Ohio EPA
Ohio Division of Soil and Water Conservation
Ohio State University Extension Service
Board of Supervisors

Tonja Hunter, Chairman
Marco Jeffers, Vice Chairman
Bill Baer, Secretary/Treasurer
Joe Bolin, Member
Ed Gibbs, Member

Office Staff

Steve Jenkins, Program Administrator/District Technician

Vicki Morrow,Assistant Administrator

Jim Freeman, Wildlife/Watershed Specialist

Jenny Ridenour, Education Coordinator/District Technician

Raina Fulks, Leading Creek Watershed Coordinator

Natural Resource Conservation Service

Mary Ann Hawk, District Conservationist
Jason Crislip, Soil Conservationist
Board of County Commissioners
Thomas Anderson
Michael Bartrum
Mick Davenport
Contact the Meigs Soil and Water Conservation District

Meigs SWCD
33101 Hiland Road
Pomeroy OH 45769

Phone: 740-992-4282
Fax: 740-992-4248
Vicki Morrow, Assistant Program Administrator
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Updated July 16, 2009
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