A personal trainer does exactly that - train you, personally, one on one! I'll give you a full body assesment, including BMI and bodyfat percentage, and design a program for you alone to help you reach your fitness goals, whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle tone!

Together we'll  put together a schedule that fits into your particular lifestyle and suits your specific needs. I'll work out the exercises you need to do, how often you need to do them, and for how long, according to how much time you have to spare. I'll track your improvements in strength, muscular development and weight loss so that you can keep seeing results!

We can work with simple weights and resistance bands, or use your own body weight with pilates exercises, or a mix of both.
I'll also help you plan your diet and work out the number of calories you need to consume. With a sensible exercise program and well-balanced diet, you'll soon be on the road to looking and feeling great!

My exercise and diet plans are simple and easy to follow. I'll give you a full description of the exercises you need to perform as well as a run-down of basic nutritional advice. My aim is for every client to be able to eventually follow - and enjoy - their workouts independently!
YOU DON'T NEED A GYM FOR PERSONAL TRAINING! I will supply all the equipment you need for each session. Just dress appropriately - don't forget a good pair of rubber-soled shoes. If you would prefer to train only using Pilates methods, you will not require shoes.
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