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Teaching in Slender Shapes is great fun... the Stretch & Tone (sculpting) class is on the left; the Velocity (aerobics) class on the right. I'm (literally) Hanita's sidekick!
The ladies of Beyonics Technology have survived three rounds of pilates and kickboxing so far, and are still going strong!

Lovena Albrecht is a full-time mom in her mid-forties. Her dedication and determination to improve her health, along with a personalised exercise plan, helped her overcome back, arm and foot injuries to lose excess weight and gain muscle tone. Lovena still works out five times a week and has maintained her enviable 48kg frame and 26 inch waist!

"Meihan is an excellent trainer who helped me lose 10kg in the year 2003. She worked with me on workout programs including Cardio Kickboxing and Total Body Conditioning as well as dietary changes. Her enthusiasm and energy helped motivate me and kept me committed to my goal of losing weight in a healthy manner."