Sabaidee and Namaste gy  to  all  of  you who visit the Mekong-Ganga web  site.    The  site  tells you all the information about the relation between Lao and Indian culture as well as of the  countries  along  the  Mekong river. This  site  captures  the information of the place which attract most  of  the  foreign  tourists and which store many of the historical monuments. Along with all the  information  the place is also the most important to all  Buddhists  because  India  is  the  place  where  lord Buddha  lived  and  thought  his teaching.  And now the place where Buddha  was  born is located in Nepal over the  Himalayan  Mountain.  The  site  also  captures  the information about the general information of Laos.

With all these information we  hopefully  and  wishfully to all of you to enjoy our  Mekong-Ganga  website  and we all once again thank you for your cooperation .
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