Our Customer Programs
The Preferred Customer Program

Through our innovative Preferred Customer program, we provide all of our customers with wholesale prices, quality service and convenience.  It enables Marketing Executives building their organizations to enroll customers who commit to simply change stores and make monthly product purchases, purchases you normally make anyway.  And these continuing monthly sales can produce lasting residual income for active Marketing Executives.

  • Every month customers order products from our catalog that they used to purchase in their local drugstore or grocery store.
  • In return for their commitment, Preferred Customers are entitled to 30-40% off the suggested retail price on our exceptional products.
  • Consumer Direct Marketing eliminates the hassle.
  • Active Marketing Executives receive residual income month after month!
  • Additional Preferred Customer benefits enhance the value of being a Preferred Customer with exclusive savings through our  Executive Travel, The MelaCom telephone service at just 4.5 cents per minute and also Iglide.net internet service, you get 100mb of web space and 10 email address's for just 13.95 per month and you get free months when you sign other up.


  • No large investment - For $29 plus tax for your Business Kit.  That's it! No hidden costs or fees.  Whether you want to build a business or just enjoy our exceptional products, there is no other required investment.
  • Few other business opportunities have the potential for such a good return on such a small investment.
  • No Inventory - Consumer Direct Marketing from Melaleuca does not require you to inventory any products.  You have no reason to buy any more products than those you personally use.
  • No Need to Deliver Products - You don't take orders, so you don't deliver products or call on your customers month after month to ask them to reorder.
  • No Repeat Sales Presentations - Just a one-time presentation to show your potential customer the benefits of the products.  Once you enroll them as a Preferred Customer, the company services them from that point on.  Of course, you'll want to work closely with those who choose to become Marketing Executives as you both strive to build successful businesses.
  • No Billing or Collections - the company takes care of just about everything.  You don't have to collect payments and then hope the checks will clear.
  • No Complicated Paperwork - Melaleuca's sophisticated computer system keeps track of your business and all of you customers' purchases, then reports them to you in detail every month.
  • No Risk - The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of its products!