Melancholia is another word for "depression."  This page contains some insights that many find helpful.  I'm not a shrink, preacher, or Scientologist, so fear not.  Enjoy the fruit of my experience.
What it's Like (though short, this is a fairly intense piece.  Not for the fainthearted and unmedicated)
Why it's Okay to Take Medication
Huevos: my experience with HMO's and mental health issues; or alternatively, "Gee Mom, I thought Hell would be better than this."
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Exercise and Depression
Women and a Culture of Depression
Me and Doctor Shithead
Well Meaning friends
For Mental Health Resources on the web, go to
Feeling Jung
For additional health resources, go to
Narcissism and Depression
Art and Depression
(this is a good piece.  Lot of information here.)

A note about Tom Cruise and Scientology.  Tom Cruise is an idiot and Scientology a crackpot cult invented by a bad sci-fi writer called L. Ron Hubbard.  Hubbard was, among other things-- none of them good-- a guy who spent an enormous amount of time writing letters to the FBI, obsessed with the notion that commies and Nazis were coming to kill him.  He didn't like psychiatry because he was terrified of anything with the potential to reveal how totally deranged he actually was, posessed no formal training in any field, and excelled at nothing other than writing a load of dog-assed crap called "Dianetics." Ergo and in my humble opinion, nothing Mr Cruise has to say about mental illness has any more relevance than what any other uninformed blowhard has to say. Just because he often plays fairly bright people in the movies, does not mean he is himself, bright. In fact, I would argue just the opposite. 
Great Literature and Depression: this piece is moderately smart-assed.  By "moderately" I'm thinking, on a scale of one to ten, ten being the most, and one totally earnest, this is a six point five.  But it might make you feel better.
Corkscrewed Neurons
The Cure for Depression
fer all kinds o' crazyness
Bipolar?  Know someone who is? Check out a view from the inside by clicking here An aid to getting outside yer head: (click on "Hubble Space Telescope: 1990-2007", then thumbnails.)
culthead 2
Borderline Personality Disorders, here.This site's got a lot of useful links
More Links: lots of information and further links here.  Discussion forum too!