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I've loved Origami for years and getting connected to the net has literally opened up a world of it for me, as you will see from the sites below. Not all of them are in English but the diagrams should be universally understandable. I hope.

If I've left anything out or if you have questions, comment or cries of displeasure please feel free to let me know. I'm in the process of removing some of the broken links and adding new ones so you can look forward to a revamped site shortly.

I haven't been to each and every site (yet). I tried to keep to non-commercial sites with diagrams so unless I've said otherwise, you'll find plenty to fold below. They aren't in any particular order and there's some pretty dd stuff in here. One of these days I might get around to alphabetizing them but for now this will have to do.

If I have missed any links or if you have a page you would like to have included PLEASE email me. I'm open to suggestions and am always looking for sites to add to the list.

If you are looking for paper or books try: Kim's Crane Origami Supplies. I am not affiliated with them, nor do I get anything out of this but they do have a wonderful selection and amazing prices.

Check out my "Minigami" page for some pictures of my work.

Now on to the links!

Joseph Wu's Origami page -- this is the most comprehensive site I know of; there are links to diagrams all over the net as well as other Origami pages. The two links below are especially noteworthy.

Origami in the Media -- the name says it all.

Origami Records and Curiosities -- also a lot of fun.

Travel to Oriland -- a completely awesome site.

Hiden Senbazuru Orikata -- created in 1797 this book is the first known collection of Origami diagrams for amusement. It has been restored and posted to the net.

Thousand Cranes Peace Network -- there's a legend that says if you fold a thousand paper cranes you'll get a wish. This site is dedicated to all those who wish for Peace.

BARF -- the Bay Area Rapid Folders

Dr Stephen O'Hanlon's Origami Page -- home of many dinosaurs and the amazing Origami Yoda.

Fabric Origami Workshop -- a really cool idea. Wish I'd thought of it.

Envelope and Letterfolding -- these are a lot of fun. Letter writing is becoming a lost art among many of us (myself included); being able to personalize it this way makes it much more interesting.

Anita's Origami

Folds.Net Links: Origami Diagrams on the Web

Dollar Bill Origami by Bob Nienhuis

Origami House -- an Exhibition Hall. Not a site with diagrams but interesting none the less.

The Geometry Junkyard: Origami -- I just really like the name. It's more of a discussion page I think, but a neat place to visit.

Origami -- Paris's Place. Many diagrams.

Valerie Vann's Modular Origami Page

Netpark Origami Page (English)

classic cranes Origami Home Page

Francis Ow's Origami Page

25 Online Origami -- The Web Page

Robin Glynn's Origami page

Pieces and Creases

Origami Cloud

Origami studio -- animated diagrams.

Origami Web Resources for Students

Welcome to the World of Origami

Make an Origami Frog! / Wisconsin Sea Grant Madison Area Jasonx

Hecht's Web Site -- Origami Diagrams

Darren's Origami page -- has a very nice butterfly.

Ka-leung's Origami Greyhounds -- animated stuff.

Asociación Vallecaucana de Origamistas -- Colombian site.

Centro Diffusione Origami - Benvenuti! -- ummmm, Italian? Has some really nice stuff including Mickey and Minnie.

Israel Origami Art Society

Origami -- an Adobe site. For fonts?

Origami stuff

Fold a Fabric-Origami Treasure Box - Threads Magazine

Cattail's Origami Page -- Origami movies. Another person with a lot of time on their hands.

HS Lim's Origami Page -- lots of pictures, you have to scroll down to the end of a pretty long page to find the diagrams but there's one of Snoopy.

~ Alec’s Origami Menu ~ -- a.k.a. "Origami with a sense of humor". Ya gotta check it out.

50 Origami Deutschland -- this one has an English option.

Welcome to Origami Sverige's homepage -- Swedish site.

Origami Tanteidan Home Page -- Japanese site with English option.

Marc Kirschenbaum's Origami Page

Peter Budai's Homepage

Origami -- in the Czech Republic maybe? I'm not 100% sure.

Galeria origami Krystyny Burczyk - ciekawe strony origami -- Polish, I think.

Simply Origami -- I tried to avoid Galleries, I wanted to focus on diagrams, but there's some lovely stuff here.

Origami Pinwheels -- there's only the one diagram on this page but it's one of my favorite models.

Money Origami -- there is some very cool stuff here.

The Aikido Faq: Top 10 Reasons that Origami = Aikido

Origami-Montreal -- the only site I've found in my home town so far. In French, the diagrams are in the "Models" section.

Functional Origami -- click and download.

Compiling for Computational Origami Using Probabilistic Optimization -- a thesis I think.

sorba Engineering & consulting Origami Pay-back factors -- I think they're selling software?

Origami Peace Doves -- another peace project.

Mundo do Origami -- the diagrams are under Dobraduras. I think.

Cheung's Origami Page -- more pretty pictures.

Evolutionstechnik or Selection and Variation in the Egyptian Origami Bird (Avis papyrus) -- another thesis I think. Kinda cool.

Khabarovsk Origami Club -- has English option.

Origami Pets -- more people with a lot of time.

origami-unleashed@eGroups.com -- and uncensored e-list.

Recreational Math

Origami - The wonderful world of paper folding -- commercial site but they have a free download.

Grafica Obscura -- some neat paper folding projects tucked in with a bunch of other stuff.

75 Hans Bodlaender's page

Jim Plank's Origami Page (Modular)

Interactive Origami in Vrml

Draken Origami -- I know him, so I stuck him in here. Cool pictures.

Geoline's Origami page

Iogami -- you need Shockwave but it looks like a cool site.

Mark's Origami Olio

Kitty Valley Cyber

Origami Interest Group -- from the Netherlands. Very good site.

Origami Mathematics Page

Origami USA Homepage

Paper Folding by Chris Palmer -- pretty pictures. He's done some really neat stuff.

Sy's Paper Folding page -- Wow! Bookmark it. Mine too while you're at it.

Origami -- a Portuguese page.

Pseudo Art Gallery (Origami Page)

A Korean Origami Page

Star Wars Origami -- name says it all.

Origami Related Poem -\The Heart As Origami\ -- now I'm just getting tired.

Halloween Origami -- links to some but not all the models mentioned.

Alpenfalten - Origami in der Schweiz by Matthias Gutfeldt: Origami diagrams, pictures, and links -- y'have to see the picture.

Leigh's Origami -- Star Wars and Trek stuff.

Origami Swan for Beginners -- a.k.a. "Why is Origami Good For You?"

How to fold the Unicorn -- for all the Bladerunner fans.

Jasper's Origami Menagerie

Origami Playscape

100 Keanu's Toilet Paper Origami Page -- okaaaaay.

Major Neo-Naks Origami

Higher-Dimensional Origami -- thesis?

Homepage for "Origami Airplane"

Crying Origami (1999) -- movie review. Looks good.

The Sun -- kinda neat. (getting tired of saying that)

Origami-WEB, Homepage of Origami München e.V.

Nippon Origami Association (NOA)

The Clouds of Thoki Yenn

Origami Vernier

How to make an origami yak -- feed it bad paper? (Really, really tired now.)

Origami & Mental Health Therapy -- could use some about now.

Jurassic Park - Virtual Origami

Russian Origami Magazine -- English version.

Origami: Publications & Reviews

RainbowDolphin.com -- much stuff.

Origami Christmas Ornament & Ball

Flatbed Scanning Your 3D Origami

HoadWorks Puzzle - Word Origami

Get Real! Story archives-- Origami

"Origami Lane" -- he does Origami with metal.

Maarten van Gelder - Origami

The Art of Japan -- very nice.

Welcome to the World of Origami

Origami Boomerang

125 Origami Diagrams -- this might be one I've already done but it has C-3PO Diagrams.

The Perry-Gami Page

The Origami of Torsten Drees

JB's Origami Diagrams

Origami Diagrams - Learn an Easy Swan or test your skills at more complex models! -- the Fascinating Folds Website. Another commercial one.

Origami Errata and Hints

Algunos Modelos originales

Qué es Origami?

Paper Airplanes

McShane's Planes

Gamarauder Paper Planes

Sabertooth -- apparently one of the best paper airplanes.

Build the best paper airplane! -- hmmm, m'thinks we have a challenge...

Just for Fun -- Making Paper Airplanes

Origami -- League of Intrepid Paper Sculptors -- "Let there be lips!" If you've seen the Rocky you'll get it when you get here. (If you don't get it -- see the Rocky.)

Nick Robinson's work

The Wonderful World of Origami

Hirofumi Fujiwara's Origami Homepage

Origami -- another ThinkQuest site.

origami -- a 1998 ThinkQuest entry.

Emmajg's Origami Web Page

Bandannas -- yup, that what it is. Origami with Bandannas -- a.k.a napkin folding.

Bieker.Com Hobby Links -- some good paper links.

origami -- a Japanese page. There's a link to English but I couldn't make it work.

CHicago Area Origami Society

150 Origami Dolls -- sorry, Japanese only.

Origami Club -- Russian

MM's Modular Mania

Page Origami de Vincent -- French site.


! Claudia Valentini Welcome to my Origami Page

Whimsical Workshop, Origami and String Figures

Thousand Cranes Network

The Pacific Coast Origami Conference

The Winnipeg Folk Festival | The Family Area

Bits of Smith

Dave's Home Page -- Has a lot more than just Origami

Alex Bateman's Page -- this might be a duplicate link but I don't think so.

Oded's origami page

minamoto - origami 00 - impressions on japan, japanese people and language

Hank Zeck & His Origami Home Page

Looc My's Origami Page

Wish: Hana no Monogatari--Origami

Dan Martin's Origami Home Page

Home - The World of Origami

Windycitykids Origami The Main Page

Origami Ganesh -- animated diagram.

Caroline's Origami Kingdom

AMiR - The black crane

Origami by Kevin Park -- an Origami matchbook from a dollar bill.

175 Wuzzie's Stop -- very strange.

Rosa's cool Origami -- very pretty.

Origami Palooza

CJ's Origami Page

If you made it all the way down here and enjoyed the ride let me know !

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