·       Introduction to paper maps. Students will become familiar with different types of paper maps and mapping terminology using maps of Kentucky and the United States.

·       Using laptop with a projector, introduce students to Google Earth. Ask each student to think of a place (either someplace famous or a place of personal interest).

·       Assessment: Have students take turns finding a location on Google Earth.


·       Virtual Field Trip using computer lab so that each student may individually access and take the virtual field trip exploring some of Kentucky’s rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Students may do this at their own pace.

·       Assessment: students will individually answer the questions posed within the virtual field trip and hand them in.

·       When students finish this activity, they will be permitted time to explore Google Earth.


·       Using laptop and projector, introduce the site Go through the activities with students, ensuring that every student participates. Allow students to take turns on the laptop being the “teacher” for their class as they guide their classmates through the activities.

·       Assessment: using reproducible from the website, students should take them home and complete them for homework.


·       Introduction of culminating activity. Students will create individual maps of Kentucky which will utilize technology to include their neighborhood, Louisville, Frankfort, at least one of the places on our virtual field trip, and other points of interest in Kentucky of their choosing. This class will be spent in the computer lab to give students time to create their projects in class. Teacher will demonstrate free SmartBoard software that students may wish to use to create their projects.


·       Students will present their individual map projects for summative assessment of the unit. Students will use laptop with projector in class to present their project. Please see rubric.