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The Story of Burung Cenderawasih!
The story begin when there are old folk secret book Tajul Muluk, discribe about a bird called Burung Cenderawasih. It was birth begin in paradise. Many of eldest who expert said, cenderawasih came from paradise and always sitting beside pious.

Many of Cenderawasih has a yellow golden head. It has four wing. It obviusly clearly when cenderawasih in full wing position. But what is very difference compare to others is it has two antenna or long ariel tail in it back body.

There are too little people had cenderawasih. Commonly known only Kerabat Istana had this miracle bird. History said, many of Kerabat Istana Melayu had cenderawasih. In the north peninsular Malaysia, especially in Kedah State. Here majority of traders and shoppers whether Malay, Chinese or India have picture of Sultan Abdul Hamid. If we see more closely to the picture, we will see there are tail of Cenderawasih in his songkok. Many shoppers said it was bring great luck.

There was said in other Malay old books, when cenderawasih is come to earth it will end of it life. In the other hand, it will die when down to earth. However, what a very strange and intresting is, body of cenderawasih is not degradable. It is because it was said only feed paradise water as it food. Moreover it has a very tremendous fragrance and we can say it in word. Cenderawasih died in many condition. There are died in fly, died in rest and died in sleep.

However Melayu Antique has make a deep research to investigate about what is really Burung Cenderawasih. From our research, this bird is commonly known as
Burung Cenderawasih in this region area or Asean country. For Chinese people the bird commonly call as Phoenix Bird which always relationship with China Emperor. In Europe, the bird fomous known as 'Bird of Paradise'. From the fact, where this bird come from was failed to found until now. There is no proof this prodigy bird comes from this real life. But one concrite fact cenderawasih come down to earth only in IRIAN JAYA, Indonesia. But what more strange and mystery but reality the bird come down only once in seven years. And it come down just for die. Who find this miracle bird is lucky. Thereafter, many of burung cenderawasih you see now perhaps 10 years old, 100 years old or more than that. Many of the birds are still with thier keeper which recived and kept generation by generation.

In the book of Tajul Muluk said burung cenderawasih have various advantage. All it body from inside to uotside every inch of the body has many mysterious advantage. But most of this advantage was used in traditional medicene. Many people are hiring the bird because belive it can bring big
luck. Burung cenderawasih was used as 'pelaris'. Wheter used as self luck or business luck. If some one has only one from it tail is enough to make it pelaris or luck. Majority people who was interviewed said tail of burung cenderawasih was bring big luck to thier life. Only who have this 'secret luck' know how much big potential this pelaris bring. However, what is reality about burung cenderawasih is very mysteriuos and miracle. Full with unique, mystery, myracle, luck and we at Melayu Antique bring it exclusif for your eyes and for your competition.

Melayu Antique will giving burung Cenderawasih to you with the price as mention. This price is not fixed. If you realy intrested you can contact us to deal and negotiate. For your fast information please contact Melayu Antique at hotline
013-3090805. Sorry, no reply to SMS.




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