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Taken from the Pearls of the Golden Force, Supplement.

The Feminine and Masculine Priesthood
by Rev. Martin C. Swanson

  For a greater understanding of the biblical principles of the life, death, and resurrection process, one can look at the symbolic names given the Lord and the Lady as the masculine and feminine principles. One of the titles given the Lord, is that of the Rock or the Stone of Israel, the masculine principle as brought down through history in the Hebrew mysteries through the tribe of Judah.
   But where did the fleshly body of the Lord go after crucifixion, and who tended to anointing and to dressing his wounds, but the woman followers, who were his priestesses. Where did they place the wrappings over the body? In the tomb, which literally was a cave, hollowed out of solid rock, where Mother Earth became the womb of creation, to her son and where the living flame of the fire of the love, in the hearts of the women priests, assisted in raising the mortal, fleshly body of the wounded Jesus, to the transfigured spiritual body, lifted in adoration to the Father God of the Heavens. Mother Earth, the Goddess principle, working through her counterparts in the feminine aspect of creation, woman, daughters of her natural abilities to bring forth children and deliver them into creation, not only as sons and daughters of man into the world, but also to act as counterparts in delivering the son's of the Father God, back to God of the heavens from whom they descended.
   The upward triangle of the Star of David represents the feminine and the downward triangle the masculine, where they interlaced as in the drawing to follow. The ancient and mystical symbol of the tribe of Judah carried forth through the generations as builders of the temple, known as Free Masons who became the first actual free men in the world, neither peons, nor serfs, under nobility, nor ignorant peasants under the church dignitaries, used the sign of the Compass and the Square as their hidden symbol for the Star of David. The Compass at the top is applied for making circular patterns by which Mother Earth creates, throughout all nature, as the feminine creative principle, and relates to intuitive mind through the feeling aspect. The builders Square is representative of the masculine principle in the triangle pointing downward, used in forming of straight lines and perpendiculars, and the somewhat linear thinking of the male aspect of the conscious mind, by which man takes a rather direct approach to achievement of goals and problem solving. Interlaced in the same configuration as the Star of David, these are the allegorical instruments and working tools for designing the plans of the destiny for expression and fulfillment of the designs of the Grand Architect of the Universe by man and woman on the Earth. A letter "G" at the center of the Star in a field of blue stands for the word Geometry, or God, who geometrically designs through the heavens and the Earth. These are referred to as the working tools of man, and are the depiction of the working of the law of prayer.
   The masculine symbol of the Star of David is represented through the straight lines that form the shape, depicting the elect or electrical male aspect. The feminine symbol of the Star is representedby six interlaced circles, like unto the triangles formed in the masculine Star. That symbol, which is called the Flower of Life, or the Mer Ca Ba, descends from the feminine mystery schools of Egypt, the cradle of creation. "Out of Egypt shall I call forth my son". The place where Jesus was taught and trained in his youth, by the Priestesses in the Magi wisdom, through the magnetic nature of the feminine as the sisterhood of Mary.
   One can through meditation, visualize a six-pointed star around the body, and use it to consciously enter into prayer, and enter the three points of the triangle to consciously work with the law of prayer. One can also use the feminine star, or Flower of Life, visualizing circles rather than points,but there will be a noticeable change in aspect found by the one experiencing the process. It is not that one is good and the other bad, but that there is a difference in working with the feminine awareness through circles and the masculine with straight lines and points. These are the symbols that depict man and woman, Co-Creators with God in spirit, mind, heart, and the materialization of our hearts desires.
   Look at the Star of David in the following picture, and use it and the words at the three points to come to a deeper realization of the function of prayer. Imagine God the Father as Freedom! Complete freedom to have and experience anything right your heart desires. It is the will of the Father to fulfil the desire of every living thing. See the deep blue circle and fill it with light blue light. Move your consciousnes to the right corner of the upward triangle and the word Truth representing the Sun-Son, and know it is the truth that sets one free. Using the power of thought visualize your desire placing it in a yellow triangle and when your thought is complete and you have stated exactly what you want, fill that with golden light. Move to the last point on the left, and see a red square with the word and feeling of love and accept with feelings of gratitude that, all you have asked for in the yellow triangle, in the name of the Son, shall be given. Here is the Holy Spirit aspect of feeling in the heart accepting with joy the gift given, and fill in the red square, with pink light of appreciation and gratitude for having received the gift from the Father, as you release the prayer on the wings of love, back to the blue circle, God, at the top. Let go of it, and leave it for the Father to attend and send at the right time and in the right way. Then send some golden sparks or flakes into the center of the circle to activate it, and your prayer work has been accomplished. Step out on your faith into activity in the world, free from worry, because the universe has met your needs.
   Done completely, there will form a circle of gentle protection around you, as the invisible descending triangle forms the other half of the star, because your need has been met, and doubt no longer exists. Allow yourself to see and feel it, and go about your business, for your prayer has been received, your desire fulfilled and the answer is on its way. Let it be done in right action for everyone who might become instruments, in the process of filling your needs, that they are blessed even as you have been blessed.

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