The Negede Debub  'The Southern Tribes, lead by RobEl, the Reubenites - Farmers

The Negede M'Irab'The Western Tribes, lead by Efraim, the Ephraimites - Managers'

The Negede Smeyn'The Northern Tribes, lead by Dan, the Danites - Craftsmen


'The Prince And Princesses Order of the Mekwannint ''For the college and university students' [Discipleship Form]


        His Imperial Majesty 's original intent (according to the Holy Scriptures; i.e. the 'Book of the Seven Seals), in producing the original twelve tribes of Israel model (Amos 9:7) was to produce a faithful and true Beyte-Seb (family of people) who possessed the academic, vocational knowledge and varied skills necessary to be a self-sufficient, self-reliant, and self-governing entity. A people about to be chosen by Ha-EL (the True G.O.D.) as his chosen people would most definitely have needed to possess such divine and human potential. For without it, there would be little hope in Ha-EL (the True G.O.D.) using such a people to develop a classic (or textbook) example of how Ha-EL (the True G.O.D.) gets a people from where they are to where Ha-EL (the True G.O.D.) wants them to be. There would be little hope of them being able to meet the challenges of being in this world, but not of the world (system). Being in the world, but not of the world is one of the prerequisites in becoming one with the Pure and Perfect Mind of Ha-EL (the True G.O.D.) and one with the Creation of the Universe, which is where God wants all his children to be.

Because Ha-EL (the True G.O.D.)'s original intent in choosing the twelve tribes of Israel cannot be added to or taken away from, New Jerusalem is faced with the same challenge of producing a Hizb (people) self-sufficient, self-reliant, and self-governing enough to be in the world, but not of the world. Only through such inter-dependence can the citizens of New Jerusalem be free to focus all their energies on becoming a Hizb (people) who are one with the Pure and Perfect Mind of Ha-EL (the True G.O.D.) the Creator, and one with the Creation of the Universe. To insure the success of such a mission without taking away from or adding to Ha-EL (the True G.O.D.)'s original intent,TODAY's re-newed "twelve tribes of Israel" (according to Revelations Chapter 7 not Genesis 49) are identified according to their academic,
vocational knowledge and skills.


 What are the "religious convictions" of  the Conquering Lion Of Yhuda Order ?

Answer: The religious convictions of the Lion of Yhuda Order is based on this statement, which is written in the Holy Scriptures called 'the Bible' by some....

Revelations 5:5

keshmaglEwochum andu-

Atalqs Ineho, keYhuda neged yehonew Anbesa

Irsum yeDawit sir meShafum yzerega zend sebatunm maxtem yfeta zend dil nesto'al alegn


And One of the Elders says to I-



THE ROOT OF DAVID, hath prevailed (He is the Conqueror) to OPEN THE BOOK,

and to LOOSE the SEVEN (7) Seals thereof....


  The "religious" aspect is established on the true HA-EL (God) of the true ancient TriUnity, also known as the Triune (SelasE). That is the "Abba", “The Supreme Being Heavenly Father - ABB”, Wold, “The Son of God,”   Menfes Qdus, “The Holy Spiritus” which "be One" Am-Lak "The Source Sent/Sender".  In Non Tewahdo/Oneness Christianity today, for example "Catholicism", in the English language, this original "trinity" has become known as Jehovah “God” The Heavenly FatherMary “The Blessed Mother of God” and Jesus “The Son of God”.  The same principles apply in many other cultures of Humanity, ancient and modern,, where Jesus in Hebrew is “Yah-Hoshua/Yshwa”, in Arabic “Isa”, and in Spanish “Hesus”.  So in the Ethiopic language (land guage) and cultures which predates Hebrew, Arabic and Spanish, IESUS is  HERUY “Horus”, the 'Ka-RASt'  which means "Anointed-ELect".

The Ras Tafari (LOJ) Order's future plans....

As a Scriptural and Scientific fraternity based on the Ethiopic "Book of the Seven Seals", the Pure Teachings of His Imperial Majesty's truth and facts, we plan to organize an 'Rastafari Order of the Church of KRSTOS', refered to simply as the R.O.C.K., so that we can wake up more of our long lost humanity and relatives that are deeply rooted in a "form of" Christianity and those that are not. We plan, by the WILL of HA-EL, as all will have to recognize,to TRAIN and TEACH ourselves in order to progressively DEVELOP and TILL our inheritance lands in the promised land now called Afreeka (Africa) and the so-called "Middle East" (Genesis 15:18), beginning with the Shashamanne Land Grant in Ethiopia given to us by the "Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah", Our Father, ABUNE: QEDAMAWI HAILE SELLASSIE, the King of Kings of Ethiopia, Elect of GOD and the only modern day Anointed "King of IsraEl". After our appointment through His Majesty's Servant, Dr. Gladstone Robinson (Ras Fikre Sellassie), the Official Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated "Power-of-Attorney" and titled Land Grant Administrator, to be One of the Anointed Co-Administrators of the "Land Grant", the Vision was revealed that "....the House must be brought to Order.... In order to inherit the land and be blessed accordingly." IT IS TIME FOR "ORDER IN HIS COURT"! Therefore, we are "re-building UPON the foundations" and throne of David's lost children, beginning with our inheritance in SHASHAMANNE, in Shoa, in Ethiopia, on the "sides of the North". (Psalm 48:2)We are planning also, by the will and grace of Our Father and His Son, to establish health (medical units), research and educational institutions consisting of specialized clinics, schools, and repositories (reference libraries) of ancient and modern manuscripts as well archives of our CAPTIVITY and EXODUS. In addition, music is vital to the "soul" of our people, therefore, our "Black" musics, such as JAZZ, Blues, Gospel, Hip-Hop, Soul, and the most recent synergy of Ethiopian-Reggae must be documented and preserved for the generation to come. Our literature in Amharic (modern & ancient Hebraic), Ethiopic and Ancient Egiptian (Coptic) books, must also be archived via the various "technologies" so that the accurate knowledges of which will become available for current and future HOMESCHOOLING and COMMUNITY BASED distribution and re-distribution "online" and offline ASAP. Also vitally important is, our "banner of Salvation" (Psalm 60:4), the Royal ETHIOPIAN-HEBREW Tri-color flag with the "Lion of Judah" insignia, Ethiopian gold, silver, copper, brass, wood (for the articles, utensils and sacred furnature of His Tabernacle), each required precious gems & stones, diamonds, basic & special oils, rods & staffs, royal rings, Priestly Garments, Proper Ethiopian-Hebrew male clothing, Proper Ethiopian-Hebrew Female clothing, Proper clothing for Ethiopian-Hebrew Children, pure LINEN "Righteous" & royal apparel, magen David & meskels (crosses), mateboch, Native "red" peppers, traditional pure spices, biblical herbs, authorized incense, sandals & shoes, beautiful holy jewelry, protective scriptural amulets, teraphims, artifacts, papyrus scrolls & accurate historical/biblical pictures, children's games,DVDs & videotapes, CDs & audio tapes, instruments, gifts and much more according to the Holy Scriptural plan of Our GOD. We will, by Yeshuwa's grace, have all the necessary items, goods, services and products that has been commanded according to the terms of our NEW COVENANT and pattern of His Tabernacle. This means we must learn the principles of "tabernacle-ing", the "Tent of Meeting" and the "Camp" or "campus" type universal "city" of GOD. The called, chosen and faithful through the Order of Melke Sedeq, are preparing for the new Exodus soon "out of the North" and "from lands of the West and South".  We must tend to Our Father's Sheep while bringing the "Homecoming" of the lost and the TRUE way of life home to those willing to receive the Truth. Now, what will you do? Will you just sit aside and stare? Or, will you be one of those whose names are written in the "book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world..."? That is our question. What is your answer?  

Question:  Why not just call ourselves "Christians"?

Answer:   The Holy Bible says that He will have a "New Name" (Revelation 3:12) and that He will call His Servants by a "New Name" (Isaiah 65:15)according to the "GOD of THE TRUTH". Well,  the fact of the matter is that Je-sus/YESUS/YESHUWA (falsely called "Jee-Zeus" by ignorant so-called blaspheming "Christians") was actually never called a "Christian" during his life on Earth.  He was known as "the Nazarene" (the branch) based upon the "vow" in Numbers Chapter 6. THEREFORE, We as Faithful and True Followers are also called "Nazarenes" and "MeshiHawiyan" (Messiah-ites). The Coptic & Greek word(s), KERESTOS/KRISTOS formed the basis of the name "Christian", and was first used in Syria’s Antioch "House of Anointed Ones", i.e. "Church".  Holy Bible  Acts 11:26 “And when he found him (Saul), he brought him unto Antioch.  And it came to pass, that a whole year they assembled themselves with the church, and taught much people.  And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.”   So we as Ethiopian-Hebrews (Amos 9:7) by descendency respect the term “Christians” however prefer the terms Tobiyan, Ebos (African Hebrews), as well as the Etiti-Ofiyans (Ethiopians) of the blameless Kushite Empire, i.e. "ETHIOPIAN-HEBREWS". Simply put, we are known "in the world" as the Ras (Head; Prince) Tafari (To Be Respected; Reverenced, feared in the biblical sense) of the New Covenant of H.I.M. in and through His Christos, YESHUWA HAM-MASHIYACH, BEN-HA-ELOHIYM. Many come in our "new name" but deny the TRUTH of His Imperial Majesty and the Divinity of His Christ, the MESHIH...(1 st John 2: 18-19). We seek to reach out to our "Black Hebrew" brothers and sisters who have been taught by wolves amongst the sheep to deny His Imperial Majesty, HAILE SELLASSIE the First, and the Last of the True Hebrew "Kings", whose Throne is "David's"! (Psalm 68:31; 87:4; Acts chapter 8 - Read about the Ethiopian-Hebrew Eunuch, Treasurer of Queen Candace of the Ethiopians, the First Ethiopian on record to follow both the Christ and keep the Law of Moses). Many so-called Ethiopians are not "Hebrews" because they deny the "Kingdom of David" which was renewed in Ethiopia fulfilling the prophecy of Great King David (Psalm 68:31; Read [ETHIOPIA, 2007 & Our Renaissance!] regarding the real NEW MILLENIUM - 2007!) Stay in tune, more to be revealed... Grace & Peace be with You All! Selam leku Aleykimu! 

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