Melody Perkins

Power Rangers
In Space

Countdown To Destruction

When she was hot - she was VERY, VERY HOT !
Last revised: March 05, 2008.

The luminous Melody Perkins
jumps out of the screen in the role of
the all-powerful
the knock-out bad girl with
ALL the right moves !

The glorious resolution seem on the DVD suggests this series was originally filmed in a High Definition format, I'm guessing 35mm, so here is a show just SCREAMING OUT to be released on Blu-Ray ASAP.

Mmmm... just waiting with bated breathe to see this in Home Theatre...


Astronema Lashes Out
ZAP !  Astronema in Body Armour FemDom

Astronema was famous for her skin-tight costumes. Melody remembers:
"It's really cold when it's cold, and hot when it's hot outside."

Eat Your heart Out Borg Dom inion

Melody returned in

Power Rangers - Lost Galaxy

in the role of Karone,

but I missed it ...


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Melody Perkins - Astronomical !