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Eliza Myers and Israel Edward Rands

Surnames mentioned on this page
Webb, Paterson, Grey, Lyon, Jennings,
Webb children wed McDougall, Brock, Coltish, Pigdon, Dunlap, Bell.
John's children wed Fryers, Bartlett, Cooper,
Macdonald-Johnson, Tregea, Mckeown, Parker, Hatty, Asmus.
Grey children wed Ashworth, Cheetham, Dodds,
Lyon children wed Mansen, Grylls, Douglas, Niven, and Phillip Rands wed Flugge.

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Thankyou, for giving me much more detail for this family.

From on Sun, 27 Aug 2006

There seems to be an error in that the marriage of Israel Edward RANDS to Eliza MYERS was in 1846 not 1848 - here is the extract from the GRO Marriages Index :-
Marriages Dec 1846
Surname First name(s) District Vol Page
Myers Eliza Edmonton 3 110
Rands Israel Edmonton 3 110
The district Edmonton spans the boundaries of the counties of Essex, Hertfordshire and Middlesex
I am related distantly, Israel Edward is my 1st cousin, 4 times removed.
Frank and Laurie and I have been in touch many times over the last 5 or more years
Best regards
Andy Kerridge

Israel Edward Rands 1 Jun 1825 - 11 Feb 1904 aged 80, son of Sophia Short and Isaac Rands of Hampstead, England, wed 1 Nov 1846 to Eliza Myers 1825 - 21 Apr 1907. Edward worked at a mine in South Africa and the first 3 children were born. In 1852 he moved to Australia, where gold was discovered in Victoria, and he was followed by Eliza and the children in 1857. They moved to the gold mines at Tarnagulla, Victoria, Australia and then established a Market Garden. He died at Waanyarra, Victoria, Australia.
Eliza was born at Hampstead England, and died at Timboon, Victoria, Australia.
7 children 1. Edwin Henry Rands 10 Apr 1848 - 1853 born and died at Capetown, South Africa lived 5 years
2. Louisa Caroline Rands 14 Jun 1850 - 7 Jul 1943
3. William Thomas 27 Aug 1852 lived 1 day
4. John Alexander Rands 2 Dec 1857 born at Jones Creek
5. Sarah Henrietta Rands 1860
6. Lydia Eliza Rands 1861, wed 1878 to John Rutherford Lyon
7. Albert Edward Rands 1867 at Newbridge

2. Louisa Caroline Rands 14 Jun 1850 - 7 Jul 1943, born in Cape Town, died at Inglewood, Victoria, Australia, wed 27 Dec 1870 to Thomas Webb 9 Apr 1844, born at Wooloomooloo, New South Wales, Australia and died 17 Apr 1919 at Inglewood, Victoria, Australia
7 Children 1. Catherine Mary WEBB 4 Feb 1872 - Tarnagulla, Victoria, Australia d.3 wed Josiah James MCDOUGALL 1860 - Bridgewater, Victoria, Australia m.1921 d.5 Apr 1937- Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia)
2. Eliza Caroline WEBB 12 Jun 1874 - Tarnagulla,Victoria,Australia d.1953 - Euroa, Victoria, Australia)
3. Margaret Ann WEBB 30 Jul 1875 - Murphys Creek,Victoria,Australia d.15 Oct 1967 - Oakleigh,Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) wed William BROCK 27 Jan 1874 - Violet Town, Victoria, Australia m.8 Feb 1899 d.4 Jul 1946 - Gooram, Victoria, Australia)
4. Thomas Joseph WEBB 7 Sep 1877 - Waanyarra, Victoria, Australia d.20 Nov 1958 - Hay, New South Wales,Australia) wed Lilian Florence Mary COLTISH 18 Oct 1880 - Hiedleberg, Melbourne, Australia m.13 Apr 1904 d.6 Oct 1965 - Hay, New South Wales, Australia)
5. Sarah Henrietta WEBB 19 Aug 1879 - Tarnagulla, Victoria, Australia d.10 Jun 1909 - Euroa, Victoria, Australia) wed Robert Leonard BROCK 3 Nov 1887 - Castle Creek, Victoria, Australia m.1907 d.30 May 1946 - the West Gippsland Hospital, Trafalgar, Victoria, Australia)
6. John Alexander WEBB 28 Mar 1883 - Dunolly, Victoria, Australia d.1 Aug 1966 - Shepparton, Victoria, Australia) wed 1917 to Isabell PIGDON 29 Jul 1876 - Darrivell, Geelong, Victoria, Australia d.20 Jan 1980 - Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia)
7. Arthur Andrew WEBB 23 May 1885 - d.26 Nov 1885 - Dunolly, Victoria, Australia)
8. Francis James WEBB 23 May 1888 - Dunolly, Victoria, Australia d.17 May 1971 - Euroa, Victoria, Australia) wed Edith Florence DUNLAP 22 Sep 1897 - Knowsley, Victoria, Australia m.5 Sep 1917 d.17 Apr 1985 - Euroa, Victoria, Australia)
9. Edward Lewis (called Louis Edward) WEBB 14 Oct 1892 - Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia d.4 Feb 1984) wed 28 Aug 1926 to Mary Jane Elizabeth BELL 4 Jan 1900 - 4 Jun 1974 - Rheola, Victoria, Australia)

From on Thursday, 6 August, 2009

Sorry Richard, my answer was rejected as SPAM by your recipient domain.

You wrote - Hi Elizabeth, Love your site but thought you might like to make two small amendments.
I am the second cousin to Peggy Lovel, daughter, of the below mentioned and according to the family and army records Edward Lewis should be Louis Edward. Also my Great Grandfather Bell was Mary's sister. We have Mary date of birth as 4/2/1900 (Registered 1900 No 5929 Rheola) 9. Edward Lewis WEBB 14 Oct 1892 - Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia d.4 Feb 1984 - Rheola, Victoria, Australia) wed Mary Jane Elizabeth BELL 3 Dec 1900 - Rheola, Victoria, Australia m.28 Aug 1926 d.4 Jun 1974 - Rheola, Victoria, Australia)

4. John Alexander Rands 2 Dec 1857 born at Jones Creek wed 1882 to Janet Mary (Jessie) Paterson 1859 - 1936 John died 22 Nov 1942 at Northcote, Victoria, Australia
Janet Mary PATERSON was born 12 Aug 1859 at Mount Beckworth, Victoria, Australia m.1882 and died 26 Mar 1936 at Camperdown, Victoria, Australia
8 Children 1. John RANDS 22 May 1883 - Miners Rest, Victoria, Australia d.18 Apr 1968 wed m.1914 to Leura May FRYERS 1 Apr 1894 - d.20 Mar 1948 at Camperdown, Victoria, Australia)
2. Eliza RANDS 25 May 1884 - Korong Vale, Victoria, Australia d.19 Jan 1968 - Parkville,Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) wed (1) Thomas John BARTLETT 26 Jul 1879 - Cobden, Victoria, Australia m.4 Nov 1908 d.18 Jan 1920 - Port Campbell, Victoria, Australia) wed (2) David Albert COOPER 13 Sep 1890 - Ballarat, Victoria, Australia m.10 Dec 1921 d.13 Aug 1966 - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
3. Jessie RANDS 2 Jun 1886 - Charlton, Victoria, Australia d.18 Jun 1925 - Horsham,Camperdown, Victoria, Australia) wed Norman Edward MACDONALD-JOHNSON 10 Jun 1885 - Elingamite, Victoria, Australia m.15 May 1909 d.1957 - Camperdown, Victoria, Australia)
4. Alexander RANDS 26 May 1888 - Charlton, Victoria, Australia d.23 May 1982 - Ballarat, Victoria, Australia) wed Josephine Mabel TREGEA 15 May 1894 - Port Campbell, Victoria, Australia d.Apr 1987 - Ballarat, Victoria, Australia)
5. Catherine RANDS 26 Jun 1890 - Tower Hill, Victoria, Australia d.14 Jul 1990 - Geelong, Victoria, Australia) wed Cyril Francis MCKEOWN 1903 - Castle Hill, Victoria, Australia m.18 Nov 1935 d.13 Dec 1966 - Mount Waverley, Victoria, Australia)
6. Annie RANDS 20 Jul 1892 - Tower Hill, Victoria, Australia d.12 May 1937 - Williamstown, Victoria, Australia) wed Samuel PARKER 23 May 1879 - Learmonth, Victoria, Australia m.1920 d.30 Jun 1958 - Williamstown, Victoria, Australia)
7. Albert RANDS 16 Dec 1894 - Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia d.3 May 1917 - Bullecourt,France)
8. Ethel May RANDS 4 Jul 1899 - Timboon, Victoria, Australia d.1972 - Thornbury, Victoria, Australia) wed (1) Matthew Charles HATTY 1898 - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia m.1919 d.10 May 1938 - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) wed (2) Valentine Victor E ASMUS (m.Abt 1950 d.4 Jan 1950)

5. Sarah Henrietta Rands born 19 Dec 1859 at Jones Creek, Victoria, Australia and died 15 May 1897 at Tarnagulla, Victoria, Australia, wed 21 Apr 1884 to William Arthur Grey born 1861 at Stoney Creek and died 28 Oct 1941 at Maryborough, Victoria, Australia, 8 Children

6. Lydia Eliza Rands 15 Sept 1861 - 10 Nov 1893, born at Grassy Flat, Victoria, Australia and died at Laanecoorie, Victoria, Australia, wed at Laanecoorie on 24 Apr 1878 to John Rutherford Lyon 15 Dec 1834 - 4 May 1893, born at Cruddixtown, Kildare, Ireland and died at Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, 7 Children
Note - Israel is born the year both his parents die, father on 4 May and mother died the day he was born. He went off to war and was killed in Gallipoli, where his cousin Horris Leslie GREY died 1 Aug 1915

7. Albert Edward Rands 2 Aug 1867 - 1 Jun 1952 born at Newbridge, wed 1896 to Agnus Robina Jennings was born 28 Feb 1878 in Victoria, Australia and died 26 Aug 1964. After 1905 Albert took Agnus and Phillip to West Australia, and settled at Katanning, Western Australia, Australia, where he and Agnus are buried. Their only surviving child, Phillip, reached adulthood, and went on to marry.
7 Children 1. Agnes RANDS born and died Nov 1897, Victoria, Australia
2. Albert RANDS born and died Jul 1898 at Tarnagulla, Victoria, Australia
3. Phillip RANDS 30 Jul 1899 Tarnagulla, Victoria, Australia died 23 Jun 1983 - Perth, Western Australia, Australia) wed Lottie Hulder FLUGGE b.3 Mar 1900 - Pt. Germein, South Australia, Australia m.19 Sep 1925 d.4 May 1982 - Perth, Western Australia, Australia)
4. Richard RANDS born 4 Aug 1901, Camperdown, Victoria, Australia, lived 1 day.
5. Lydia RANDS 1 Oct 1902 - Tarnagulla, Victoria, Australia d.9 Mar 1904 - Wellington Mill, Victoria, Australia, lived 18 months.
6. Leslie RANDS 22 Sep 1904 - Victoria, Australia lived 1 day
7. Albert RANDS 2 Oct 1905 - Victoria, Australia died same day

Hello Elizabeth,
This evening I encountered your web site containing information about my 2nd Great Grand Uncle, Israel Edward Rands. I am curious about some of the details because they do not correspond to the information that we have.
For example, you show Israel as the son of Isaac Rands and Sophia Short. We have copies of a marriage certificate for Isaac Rands and Sarah Short. Prior to Isaac's marriage to Sarah, he was married to Mary Borrett.

Isaac and Sarah had a daughter named Sophia who was caring for Isaac during his last years after Sarah had died. I would appreciate knowing your sources for having Sophia Short as Isaac's spouse. It would be very helpful because we have not been able to find any information for a Sarah Short, and if we really should be looking for a Sophia Short, then we might accomplish a major breakthrough in that particular line. I would also like to know how you are linked to the Rands line.

I am descended from Israel's brother Joseph Rands who emigrated to Cape Town along with Israel, but who later went to the US while Israel went to Australia. Our family lore for many years had the story that the two brothers went to Cape Town to work in the diamond mines. That is until it was pointed out that diamonds were not discovered in South Africa until after 1860, and both Joseph and Israel has long since departed. Based on the birthdates of Israel's children, his family moved to Australia sometime between 1852 and 1857. We have since managed to locate evidence that Joseph, and possibly Israel were farmers until the end of their sojourn there, but the farming efforts in Cape Town were not very productive, so they were forced to seek other careers. We have an indication that Joseph might have worked as a cobbler's apprentice in Cape Town, a trade he seems to have taken up when he arrived in America.

I am copying this message to some relatives in New Zealand, Frank and Laurie Rands who have done considerable research on the Israel Edward Rands line in Australia. Perhaps you may have an interest in contacting them.

BTW, my wife and I are planning a trip to Australia in December to visit some of the areas where the Rands family lived.

Richard Rands from near San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

From on Fri, 25 Jul 2003

I have just encountered your wonderful website on the Israel Edward Rands family. My lineage is through Israel's brother, Joseph, who accompanied him to Australia. I noted at the end of your family information the correspondence from Richard Rands of San Francisco. CA, USA. He too is descended from Joseph, and I have much of the same information (in some cases misinformation) as he does.

Thank you for posting your research on the Rands family. Until reading it I was not aware that Israel and his wife had immigrated to South Africa.

Northern California USA

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