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Max, Bertil and me in Sweden
Australian Pioneer Families

Families featured

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Samuel Uebergang 1795 - 1887 #2250 aged 92 son of Anna Rosina Kitz and Samuel Uebergang, died at Horsham
5. Maria Ernestine Ubergang 1874 - 1911 #439 aged 37 died with her twins, wed 1906 #4436 to Heinrich Ernst Huf 1871 #16631
1. Johanna Carolina Uebergang 13, c1850 wed 1861 #1028 to Johann Burger, 14 Children

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Donald Urquhart 40 came May 1853 on the Wacousta 5. Victoria Urquhart born at Badenoch wed 1867 #51 to Charles Richards and lived at Branxholme, Merino, Digby, Edenhope, 12 Children


5. Harry Ustick 1883 #21911R wed 1908 #2561 to Ann Trickey 1887 #7912

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