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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Alice Edith Letts wed 1906 to Jno Wm Colman
Ann Letts wed 1870 to Henry White
Eliza Letts wed c1862 to James Harvey
Emily Louisa Letts wed 1896 to Jno Thos Wilson
George Letts came to SA by 1845 with Hannah Eliza Frost
George James Letts wed 1875 to Emily Greaves
George Richard Letts wed 1909 to Lottie Louisa Brereton
Lillian Helen Letts wed 1900 to Jno Freemantle
Jane Lever came c1854 with James Armistead
Louisa Leversha wed 1869 to James Phillip Nicholas
William Leversha wed 1870 to Kate Bassett
Annie Levre wed 1882 to James Armour Anderson
Emma Lewin wed 1894 to Alfred Otto Dadswell
Francis Henry Lewin wed 1878 to Margaret Johnstone
Angelina Lewis came c1856 with George Philip Hayter
Barbara Lewis wed 1885 to Frederick William Graham
Caleb Lewis wed 1853 to Mary McLennan
Caleb Nicholas Lewis wed 1885 to Agnes Dart
Charles Lewis came c1860 with Ellen Dunn
Charles Lewis wed 1888 to Sarah Bath
Charles Frederick Lewis wed 1894 to Rhoda Elizabeth Lane
Charles Melbourne Lewis wed 1882 to Hannah Elizabeth Goad
Clara Lewis wed 1870 to Edward Silke
David Nicholas Lewis wed 1910 to Priscilla Coad
EdwardLewis wed 1882 to Annie Maria Krause
Edward Lewis wed 1868 to Letitia Beynon
Edward John Lewis wed 1881 to Margaret Pigdon
Flora Lewis came c1840 via NSW with George Kinchington
George Richard Lewis wed 1873 to Ann Hassett
Joseph Thomas Lewis wed 1881 to Elizabeth Ellen Pigdon
Martha Lewis wed 1871 to Isaac Maynard
Mary Ann Lewis wed 1852 to Benjamin Pollard
Mary Ann Lewis wed 1873 to Maurice Joseph Morton
Mary Jane Lewis wed c1876 to Robert Allen
Mary Jane Lewis wed c1876 to Robert Allen
Robert Lewis wed 1888 to Elizabeth Ann Pilcher
Thomas Lewis wed 1857 to Louisa Gallienne
William Lewis came c1854 with Martha Moore
William Henry Lewis wed 1869 to Anna Grierson
Anne Lewis came 1852 on the Marco Polo with Robert Band
Caleb Lewtas wed 1886 to Julia Peacock
James Lewtas came 1857 with Mary Ann Calvert
Silas Lewton/ Lewtas wed 1880 to Elizabeth Ann Tout
Mary Jane Sexton /Lexton wed 1883 to Charles Camfield
Catherine Leyden wed 1870 to Henry Catchpole
Elizabeth Leyland wed 1862 to George Lister
Naomi Leyshon came Nov 1857 on the Guy Mannering with Evan Rees
Joshua Liddell came c1862 with Ann Parker
Joshua Coulson Liddell wed 1894 to Adelaide Beaupeurt
Ann Liddiard came 1854 on the Marlborough with Revd Mr Henry Liddiard
Ann Esther Liddiard wed 1887 to Henry Thomas Liddiard
Catherine Elizabeth Liddiard wed 1859 to Hibbert Newton
Charles Harrison Liddiard came 1854 on the Marco Polo with Elizabeth Jane Bunce
Charles James Liddiard wed 1884 to Melinda Grose
Elizabeth Jane Liddiard wed 1874 to Matthew William Henry Kelly
Henry Thomas Liddiard wed 1887 to Ann Esther Liddiard
John Liddiard wed 1855 to Jane Morrison nee Higgins
John Liddiard wed 1856 to Ann Male
Louisa Liddiard wed 1887 to Uriah Fellows Robbins
Revd Mr Henry Liddiard came 1854 on the Marlborough with Ann Liddiard
Susan Louisa Liddiard wed 1860 to John Vigars Harvey Newton
Archibald Liddle wed c1863 to Charlotte Lawrance
Elizabeth Liddle wed 1868 to John Thomas Commons
Ellen Liddle wed 1881 to William Lainson
James Liddle came 1854 on the Bloomer with Helen Drummond
James Stewart Liddle wed 1884 to Rose Anne Honeyman
Joseph Liddle wed 1866 to Mary Calvert
Joseph Watson Liddle wed 1894 to Adelaide St Pierre Beaupeurt
Margaret Liddle wed 1879 to James William Battiscombe
Margaret Parker Liddle wed 1890 to John Davidson
Bridget Liddy came c1864 with Richard Tresidder
Margaret Lady/Liddy wed 1870 to John Kennedy
Louisa Dorathea Libeck/Liebeck came 1849 to Melbourne on the Emmy with Johann Gottlieb Arndt
Sarah Lightfoot wed 1852 to John Jones
Betty (Betsy) Brown Lilburne wed 1910 to Arthur Edward Jolly
Thomas Lilburne wed 1862 to Mary Gavin/Garvine
Betsy Hannah Lilley wed 1865 to James Thomson
David Roderick Lilley wed 1885 to Ellen Lavina Aldrich
Eliza Jane Lilley wed 1872 to Thomas Hutton
Emma Maria Lilley wed 1875 to John Pope
Lucy Lilly/ Lilley wed 1866 to George McNish
Luke Lilley came 1852 on the Priam with Cordelia Davis
Mary Lilley wed 1874 to Stephen Wise
William Lilley wed 1865 to Jane Heffernan
Isabelle Jane Lillie wed 1896 to Henry Kohn
John Lillie wed 1859 to Margaret Clarke
Emily Jane Lillingston wed 1873 to William Sneddon
George Steer Lillingston wed 1874 to Mary Huddy
Daniel Henry Lillingstone wed 1874 to Mary Jane Robinson
Daniel Henry Lillingstone wed c1881 to Eliza Lavinia Bassett
Victoria Maud Lillingstone wed 1895 to Walter Frederick Ramage
Charlotte Eliza Limbert wed 1883 to Fred Auburn Bleechmore
Emily Limbrick wed 1883 to George Stratton
Richard Limbrick came c1855 with Eleanor Wall
William Joseph Limbrick wed 1894 to Susan Adelaide Rava
Elizabeth Lindan wed 1862 to William Henry Kewley
Jane Linden wed 1884 to John Edward Williams
Johanna Josephia Louisa Hinde/Linde/ Linder wed 1879 to Henry Wagglen

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