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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Alfred Pilcher wed 1897 to Jane Peatling
Elizabeth Ann Pilcher wed 1888 to Robert Lewis
Emma Pilcher wed 1888 to Walter Nathaniel Valentine
George Pilcher wed 1888 to Annie Julia Mudge
Helen Matilda Pilcher wed 1899 to Walter Jeffery
Selina Pilcher wed 1893 to Molesworth Jeffery
Stephen Pilcher wed 1858 to Mary Jane Rowe
Thomas Joseph Stephen Pilcher wed 1920 to Alice Eleanor Kezia Farrar
William Thomas Pilcher wed 1888 to Jane Kellow
Louisa Pile came c1853 with Frederick William Ullithorne
William James Pile wed 1874 to Martha Heazlewood
Annie Pilkington wed 1893 to Joshua Dyson Farrar
William Pilkington came 1855 with Mary Moore
Annie (Annice) Maude Pilley wed 1912 to Chas Horie Kernot
Edith Maud Pilley wed 1891 to Geo Hy Newman
Flor Louisa Pilley wed 1896 to Earnest Jno Bayley
George Pilley came 1859 with Louisa Ruck
George Hinton Pilley wed 1888 to Annice (Annie Maud) Wolstenholme
Herbert Leslie Pilley wed 1896 to Sarah Edith Turner
Josiah Hinton Pilley came 1856 on the Sultana with Ellen Thornton
Mabel Somerset Pilley wed 1907 to Samuel (Edwd Byrne) Grimwood
Walter Reginald Pilley wed 1907 to Ruby Persia Southey
William Pilley came 1857 on the Blackwall with Sarah Wesley
David John Pilmer wed 1912 to Emily Best
John Pilmer wed 1887 to Elizabeth Parish
John Pimblett wed 1881 to Sarah Turner Blackburn
Mary Ann Pimblett wed 1876 to Thomas Tuddenhem
Michael Pimblett wed 1888 to Mary Ann Edward
William Chapman Pimblett came c1854 via Adelaide with Jane Purcell
William Chapman Pimblett wed 1876 to Mary Hill Roberts
Benjamin Pinches wed 1889 to Ellen Proud
John Pinniger wed 1856 to Charlotte Biggins
Thomas Henry Pinniger wed 1887 to Harriet Pryor
Annie Officer Piper wed 1885 to Francis Baker Irons
David Piper joined 1860 via the Marco Polo by Mary Forrest
David Piper wed 1884 to Betsy Eliza Flora Greening
George Piper wed 1891 to Eliza Greening
John Thomas Piper wed 1865 to Emma Grace Ching
John Thomas Arthur Piper wed 1894 to Florence Victoria Auld
Robt Forrest Piper wed 1892 to Ellen Mahoney
Thomas Henry Piper wed 1910 to Meriam Therese (Miriam Mercy) McDowell
William Piper wed 1873 to Janet Golightly
Arthur Pirani wed 1885 to Marjorie Buchanan
Edgar Pirani wed 1886 to Celia Helen Elizth Bell
Edward Pirani wed 1881 to Emma Lydia Harvey
Flor Abigail Pirani wed 1911 to Francis Ernt Overall
Frederick Ivy Pirani wed 1881 to Marian Rennick
James Charles Pirani came 1866 in St Kilda with Abigail Davis
Samuel Gabriel Pirani wed c1885 to Sara Susan Frankel
Josiah Pitcher wed c1861 to Margaret Britter
Mary Ann Pitcher wed 1883 to William George Hellyer
Robert Pitcher came c1856 with Ann Ragin/Regan
Robert Pitcher wed 1881 to Elizabeth Connor
Edith Elizth Pitefar wed 1890 to William Henry Mckean
Elizabeth Pithie came 1853 on the General List with Jonathan Mitchell Irvine
Edith Pitman wed 1857 to James Madder
Maria Elizabeth Petschke Pitschke came c1860 with Daniel Menzel
Alexander John Pittock wed 1884 to Fanny Young Blacklock
Benjamin Walter Pittock wed 1872 to Eliza Ewin
David Ebenezer Pittock wed 1883 to Susannah Saunders
Elizabeth Ann Pittock wed 1872 to SamuelStone
Ernest Frederick Pittock wed 1916 to Emma Eva Worthy
Jonathan Pittock came 1853 on the Confidiance with Ann Finch
Jonathan Edward Pittock wed c1871 to Emma Margaret Dickins
Sarah Oceania Pittock wed 1873 to Albert Scholes
Ann Pitts wed 1871 to John Jennings
Annie Maria Pitts wed c1890 to Thomas Jennings
Eliza Pitts wed 1886 to Isaac Jennings
Eliza Jennings nee Pitts wed 1893 to James Joseph Mallett
William Pitts wed 1865 to Mary Ann Boardman
Catherine Pitty wed 1858 to Robert Barbour
Annie Roger Plain wed 1880 to Alexander Southar/Sutt Young
Archibald Henry Plain wed 1887 to Lydia Greenslade
Henrietta Elizabeth Plain wed 1887 to John Durran
John Plain came c1855 with Elizabeth Aitken
John Plain wed 1877 to Mary Jane Bell Stevenson
Philip Charles Plaisted wed 1867 to Alice Catherine Waller
Philip Walter Plaisted wed 1902 to Minnie Theresa Britnell
ames Plant wed 1861 to Caroline Toll
Anne Plant wed 1872 to Alfred Deane
Caroline Plant wed 1893 to Wm Hay Reddie
Ellen Plant wed 1889 to Charles Daniel Smith
George Plant wed 1891 to Louisa Wagner
Grace Plant wed 1895 to Jacob Webb
Joseph Plant wed 1860 at Geelong to Elizabeth Ann Read
Joseph John Plant wed 1894 to Jane Bryan
llen Plant wed 1889 to Charles Daniel Smith
Maria Plant wed 1857 to William Field
Olive Plant wed 1866 to John Sandey Challis
Olive Plant wed 1866 to Saunders John/John Sandey) Challis
Richard Plant wed 1863 to Salome Elizabeth Wiltshire
Richard George Plant wed 1895 to Alice Bennett
Salome Ann Plant wed 1887 to Henry Trigg
Sarah Plant wed 1856 to Charles Christian
William Henry Plant wed 1891 to Margt Croft
William James Plant wed 1896 to Estella Moore
William Wiltshire Plant wed 1886 to Sarah Ann Trigg
Louisa Pleydell came c1871 with Alfred Painter
James Henderson Plowman wed 1887 to Margaret Merrin Gates
Jeanie Mcneil Plowman wed 1873 to Josephus Marshall Rylah
Katherine Manson Plowman wed 1882 to James Grainger Rundle
Robert Plowman came c1857 with Maria Henderson
Catherine Plows wed 1851 to Frederick Dent

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