UKC CH After All's Gift to Pride N Joy, CGC, TDI

In June, 2006, Griff came into my life. He was breed by Rick and Mel Gann of After All Aussies in Texas. Mel posted that Griff was in need of a home - his third! This HAD to be a forever home. His first two had not worked out. This had to be fate! My father's nickname was "Griff" and here was this gorgeous dog that really needed me as much as I needed him. Alex was in very poor health (almost 15 years old), and I knew it wouldn't be long before I'd loose him. 

It took about 2 days for Griff to decide that I belonged to him. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect dog.  He is my constant shadow. He had had some obedience training - something I had never done. He'd been here about 3 weeks when I took him for a Canine Good Citizens test which he aced. Next we tried the Therapy Dog test and he aced that , too.  I decided to enroll him in formal obedience school. They told me he would have to start in Beginner 1 and to bring him down for evaluation. He was in that class for maybe 10 minutes when he was promoted to Beginner 2 which had already been going for 6 weeks. He finished the last 3 classes with true Aussie flare. He's now has two legs toward his CD in ASCA with a second and third place.  Go Griff! One more and on to AKC.  I wish I could do agility but poor health just won't allow me to run the course. I'm sure Griff would love it.

Griff showing off his birthday present on his third birthday.

This is the first time I saw Griff. As you can see he loves children.

Griff and I used to belong to a knitting circle. He thoroughly enjoy all the people - one in particular. She was a very tiny little lady about 93 years old. He get so excited when she'd arrive. He'd walk to the door, step aside and wait for her to get in front of him. Then he'd patiently follow her to her seat. Then he put his head in her lap. She adored him. Margaret passed away about a year ago.

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