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I believe in equality for everyone, except reporters and photographers. -- Gandhi

New Years 2001 - New Years 2001

Container Garden Again - More of my container garden, at home and at work, just after getting the new plants home.

Laundry - A photogenic laundry pile?

Cats, Birds - A few miscellanous photographs taken around the time of Dinah's visit.

Dinah - Dinah visits! We go to the Arboretum.

Yard - After Dinah's visit I went searching for Spring around my yard.

Spring 2001 - As usual I recorded what caught my eye in the spring, growing in my own backyard. It was a soft day in March before my Portland trip.

Cats 2001 - Two random shots of Crystal and Sudee, March 2001 before the Portland trip.

Oregon Hike 2001 - These photos are from my hike out to the Oregon Coast, March 24, 2001.

Container Garden 2001 - My container garden after the Oregon Coast trip, including the last view of my Las Colinas office, and the nettle!

Spring 2001 Again - After my Oregon trip, more things discovered in my own back yard.

Sudee and Crystal - Cat portraits and antics around the time of the Beltane party.

Container Garden - The container garden around the time of the Beltane party, with fungus and nettles.

Beltane 2001 - Five photographs from the Beltane party, April 28, 2001.

Mystery Of the Slug - How they got in was a mystery... until now.

Ally McTail Moves In - I met and adopted a new cat on May 14, 2001. Craziness ensued.

Retreat - I hosted a campfire retreat in my back yard on May 19, 2001. These are pictures of the campfire which remind me of the spiritual moment.

The Nettle - Harvesting the amazing nettle which grew in my container garden. It's called "It Came From Chicago".

Return Of The Slug! - Crystal is amazed.

Dad 2001 - June 9-10 I visited Dad in Shreveport where he is managing a contract project.

Hamlet - June 10 I attended Fort Worth's Shakespeare in the Park performance of Hamlet, with Anita and many friends from NTCOF. A great show and a great time! NOTE more photos to come!

Shreveport - July 14-15, 2001. Visit to Shreveport.

Ally 2 - Ally before The Tempest.

The Tempest - July 28, 2001. Shakespeare Festival of Dallas presented The Tempest. We came, we saw, we ate.

Squirrel - Preceding Santa Barbara. A squirrel visits my front porch for a drink.

Santa Barbara - August 4-6, 2001. Anita, Ian, Rowan, and I travel to Santa Barbara to see Michelle, GŁnther, Aidan, and friends.

Perseids - August 11, 2001. Went out star gazing with Mary Anne and company. Her first meteors! Images are not of meteors, which won't stand still to be photographed.

Dinner Party - Couple of photos from the dinner party.

Las Vegas - August 24-27, 2001. Visited Cirith in Las Vegas.

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