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30 May 2002

Big Ol' News For Ya

Regular visitors to this page will know that it hasn't been updated very much for the last couple of years. The fact is that I just haven't had the time to do much in the way of updates. So I've basically turned the keys over to Jamin who offered to run the site. You can find the all-new pages at:

Bookmark that one. I'll keep these pages online as a mirror for the pictures and so on. Heck, it took me years finding them. But for updates you should go to the new address. Jamin will be taking care of all the day-to-day running of the page and you can find him at I'll still be around if you want to say hi. Thanks for all your visits over the last five years.


PS "Clones" was rather good, wasn't it?

1 February 2002

In Leia bikini related news Ludovic has alerted me to a new Leia & Jabba Attakus statue. Looks like a real chain. Respect to mister Jabba.

Lately I got my hands on the Deluxe Leia Barge figure - very cute. She comes with a "whacking stick" plus a "real" ponytail and cloth skirt. But I have a problem with the size of the figure. She's tiny! Put her next to the original 1997 Slave Leia and it's like her little sister. Otherwise she's worth checking out.

I'm really starting to look forward to Attack of the Clones and hopefully it'll be darker and cooler than Episode I. I find myself looking at pictures of the Clonetrooper and Jango Fett and thinking "I'll want to buy those action figures..."

Of course one figure I will be buying is the one known as "Padme Arena". Or "Natalie in White Torn Outfit" to you and me.

Speaking of which...

Bibfortuna809 sent me a link with some good white Padme pics at

17 November 2001

Sorry about the pages vanishing from time to time. Geocities turn off access when it gets too popular.

Here's a photo that at least three people have sent me lately. Forgive me if I don't name you all individually.

Jamin sent me the first clear picture I have seen of the "bikini chick" from Episode I. I can't say I like her feet very much...

I have to admit that I'm looking forward to Episode II, not least because Natalie Portman wears a nice little white number. Have you noticed that bits of it seem to go missing? If anyone has any more "Natalie White" pictures then please let me know!

9 June 2001

Everett sent me this photo of a Leia statue from the Attakus Collection. "This Princess Leia as Jabba's Prisoner statue stands 8 inches tall and is made of cold cast porcelain. Limited edition!"

And the price: only $269.99!!! I've seen one in a UK catalog for about 150.

Thanks to Jamin who sent me a new photo to illustrate the make your own bikini! page.

Here's a "lap dance" cartoon (Mad magazine?) picture of Leia that someone sent me a while back. Sorry for the delay.

21 April 2001

John was at the Magic of Myth show in Houston and has sent a set of video grabs of our favorite metal bikini. (Actually not metal, but never mind.) They could be useful to folk looking to make their own so click here to see them.

As a special bonus here is a brand new Leia bikin photo scan! Click to see 105 KB of Leia.

click for larger picture

March 2001

From Johnkenobi... "I have begun to do 'cards' for LucasArts' Rebellion game, enabling a player with an editor to replace characters. etc. in the game. I thought I'd do my version of a leia one..."

BABY FETT- the website

December 2000

Interesting items on ebay...

Here's some pictures of the latest (and expensive!) Slave Leia goodies to turn up on ebay. Let me know if you find anything else!



Resin Statue!

October 2000

British movie mag Empire has just published the results of a "sexiest movie character ever" poll. Princess Leia was the higest polled female character, but interestingly it was specifically in her Return of the Jedi slave girl persona!

They also singled out Leia choking Jabba with her chain as a "Horny Highlight".

But we already knew that...


Of Interest

Blue Harvest has finally posted the colour images of the "unseen" Leia on the beach photos. You can find them at this link. Thanks to Chris.