What is METMA? Well, get with the times, man, don't you know? Okay, fine. *pouts* I'll stop torturing you and tell you. METMA stands for Muggles for Equal Treatment of Magical Articles. Okay, so now you know what it stands for...but what does it mean? Exactly what it stands for! In other words, it is an organization I made up based on getting rights for neglected objects in the Harry Potter books. For example, the flying car, the invisibility coat, ect.

I have a bunch of fics up based on METMA, and this site, of course is based on this rad (oh, how articulate I am...) organization.

By joining METMA, you will be put on a mailing list where you can share METMA related fics and ideas, (plus cute jokes), be sent the "Mandy Challenge", and other random stuff I think up!

Here are the top 10 reasons to join METMA, contributed by Madgirl Insane:

10. Because Mandy is cool.

9. Because it welcomes insane people. If you are like me, you may have been discriminated because of your insanity. *starts bawling uncontrollably* Yes, it's so sad. . . But at METMA, insanity is WELCOMED and ENCOURAGED!!!!

8. Think of all the poor, poor misused items. The mirror in The Leaky Cauldron. . . the invisibilty cloak. . . the MARAUDER'S MAP, for God's Sake! I bet that innocent peice of parchment never wanted to be used for such mischief! POOR THING!

7. You get to make fun of the characters you don't like. If you hate Peter Pettigrew, do a fic about the ropes that Sirius and Remus put around him. Then you can write about his bad BO!

6. You get lots of e-mails from Mandy. You'll have a ton messages, so all your friends will think you're popular! (WE know the truth.)

5. You get a BADGE!

4. I'm in it. *hee hee* Isn't that reason enough?

3. You make new friends. (Does that sound first-grade-ish to anyone else?)

2. It inspires you to finally get a pen name. I mean, you can't post that fic you want to write about the mermaid in the Prefects bathroom without, can you?

1. Have you ever really THOUGHT about the magical items in Harry Potter? Of course not. To you, they're just there. And that is why METMA was started. Because they need to be special too. So many fics about Harry, and he is not NEARLY as cool as Moody's magical eye. Give the little people a chance! Join METMA!

LOL. Couldn't have said it better myself, Madgirl Insane. :)