The Ultimate HP Talk Show
by An Invisible Tomorrow

Authorís Note: This is, like I said, my response to Mandyís challenge. So, on with the fic!

Annoying announcer voice: And now, welcome to the 862,593,471st episode of The Ultimate Harry Potter Talk Show! Today as host we have-

Me: Do us all a favor and SHUT UP!

Audience: Yaaaaayyyyyyy!!!

AAV: Okies.

Me: That is MY LINE!

AAV: Donít bite my head off.

Me: Just go away. *deletes the announcer* Anyways, today Iím the host as usual, and Mandy is going to be a host too!

Mandy: *smiles and waves at the audience* Hi, everyone! Join METMA!

Audience: *throws sickles at Mandy*

Mandy: *throws badges at the audience*

Me: Okies, enough throwing stuff. Uh-oh, Mandy, where are your antlers?

Mandy: On my head.

Me: *puts on her glasses* Oh yeah, I can see them now. Blasted nonexistent contacts.

Mandy: Anyways, our first guest today is- oh, hang on, thereís three- the Dursleys!

(nothing happens for about a minute)

Me: *snaps fingers and the Dursleys appear out of nowhere* Okies, we have some questions to ask you.

Dudley: *puts his hands over his butt* Are there any w-w-wizards here?

Me: There will be in a minute. Right now your biggest fear should be US! HAHAHA!



Me: Okies, first question: What is your favorite brand of underwear?

Dudley: Anything thatís big enough to fit!

Mandy: This is pathetic. *types something and the Dursleys disappear*

Me: Okay, our next guest is a bunch of purple frogs!

Purple frogs: rrrribbit

Mandy: So, what was your weirdest experience?

Frogs: rrrrribbit

Me: Um, I think you can go now.

Frogs: *hop offstage and sit in the front row*

Mandy: Next is- *looks at a list* Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger.

Harry: Hi.

Ron: Wassup?

Hermione: *turns a page in her book*

Me: Okies, so what have you been doing lately?

Harry: Defeating Dark wizards.

Ron: Helping Harry defeat Dark wizards. And thinking about Hermione.

Hermione: Reading. And thinking about how cute Ron is.

Ron: Really? *kisses Hermione*

Hermione: *french-kisses Ron*

Ron: I can top that.

Me: Okay, you two, I want to keep this PG so bye. *Hermione and Ron disappear to a room in the back*

Mandy: That was- interesting.

Me: *grins evilly* Thank you very much! I did it with my little keyboard.

Mandy: Okies, next we have- Gilderoy Lockhart.

Lockhart: I am a computer monitor.

Me: Okay then, bye now. *makes Lockhart disappear*

Malfoy: *runs on from backstage*

Mandy: Youíre not supposed to be on yet!

Malfoy: I am a chimpanzee! Eat me!

Me: But Iím allergic!

Mandy: This is very pointless. *makes Malfoy disappear* Our last guest is the evil flying car!

EFC: Grrrrrr.

Me: Okies, car, what really gets on your nerves?

EFC: When those stupid kids fly me into trees! Grrrrr!

Mandy: Do you like my antlers?

EFC: No. Iím not supposed to. Iím evil!

Me: Okay then, you can go now.

EFC: Good. *disappears*

Mandy: Okay, folks, thatís the end of this show. See you next time, and remember, join METMA!

Audience: YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY! LONG LIVE METMA! *pin on their badges simultaneously*

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