Author No Eechi
by Allex

[outside it was raining cats and dogs....literally. Ron hadn't ment to cast that spell..but some how it happened all on it's own. Unfortually, Ron was having a bad reaction to the cats and dogs. His eyes were foaming at the lid, and his eye really, _really_ itched. He picked up the phone]

Ron: [reaching for the dail but something comes out of the phone]

Xelloss:[^.^]  Hello good sir!

Ron: [o.O] erm..I haven't even dailed...

Xelloss: *going on like he's heard nothing* I'm hear to ask you....would you like out new and untested "Make-your-eye-stop-being-an-annoying-itchy-thing" product.

Ron: [ano....].....who are you?

Xelloss: [using his phrase] sore wa himitsu desu

Ron:[o.O] much...

Xelloss: Order now and you get purple underpants! ....and you get a card saying that your the 2nd greatest lover in the world!

Ron: [thinking about this card] would you know I was that good?

Xelloss: [winkwink, even though on the phone...] I could come over and see

Ron: Ew.....just...send me some of this stuff...

Xelloss: [;-;] don't you LOVE me Ron!?


Xelloss: [wail!!!]

Ron:...erm...sorry miss?

Xelloss: [xelloss smirk] Mister

Ron: [o.O!!!] eeeeck [hangs up phone!!!]

Xelloss: [>)] that was fun...ha.......ha....haha...BWHAHAHAHAH!

[Ron thinks 'hell with it' and rubs his eyes on a pillow, and...TAAADAAAAAAH, it's cured. *^^* I love being an author..*coughcough* Anyways, Ron goes to sleep, and magically, the card '2nd greatest lover' appears in his hand. Unfortually, Ron isn't the brightest person in the world (as I, the cute little author, pointed other before in different stories) and feel asleep in Harry's bed. Harry came into his room, saw the foam from Ron's eye on his pillow, and the card in Rons hand. Harry's first thought was "Ron, WHAT did you DO in my bed?!" then Harry laughed, and went into his bed and snuggled beside the sleeping Ron]

Author's note: Author no eechi n.n;;; .....iie....Author like yaoi...n.n hai hai!

(translation: Preverted just likes male/male coupling.. yes yes!)

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