Insert Plot Here!
by Allex

*Molly Weasley steps out into the scene. There are li’l bunnys hoping around, and cute birdies flying through the air being annoying pest singing ‘fla la la la la la’. Yes, birds CAN do that. They just don’t love you so hah! She had a hairy hat on. It was very very hairy. HAIRY you hear me. Almost as hairy as Potter…o.o; get it? ;p Take THAT Mandy! Soon, the bunnies stopped hoping around cutely, and the birdies just dropped out of the air because that’s what happens when you stop flapping your wings. Why? Because I felt like making it that way. A striped black and blue cat came out of the sky and feel on Molly, knocking off her hat. It was chewing gum obnoxiously. It was hairy(>D), it was chewing gum, and it was striped. Molly’s ears were getting cold, so she picked up the hat and did a model poses. She asked the cat something.*

Cat: Lo, ani lo ohevet ha covah sheloh……*chewchewchew*

*and just so she can win something, the author puts a plot into the story*

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