Hermione's Insanity
by Snappy Sapphy

A/N: Alright, this is my first time actually replying to a challenge, so it's pretty odd, but yeah...

Once was a witch driving a pink car,
but one day it did not go far,
She stopped by a boy who would jump on one foot,
So she asked "Please, just stay put!"
On he jumped and whistled a song,
It was called 'Dixie' and was very long,
In his arms was a bee hive,
While attempting the hand Jive,
The young witch asked "What is your name?"
and this boy refused to be tame.
So the witch got out for a look,
Realizing she lost her book,
Then flew in a softball,
and she had a great fall,
Down flew her watch of diamonds not fake,
and to her dismay her watch did break.
The boy looked to her jumping around,
and noticed he wasn't making a sound,
He thought that he needed gualafem,
The witch then yelled out, "Ani rotzah lechem!"
Finally The boy now spoke,
And now the witch seemed woke,
It was all just a dream,
Or so it does seem,
Hermione was the witch
and this is a glitch
she's no need to drive,
But does Ron carry a hive?
And jump on one foot?
or does he stay put?
Knowing him she couldn't be sure,
but her strage dreams really needed a cure.

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