If I don't Win I Kill
by Allex

A/N: (Allex, after finding out that another person was going for the insanity award, got a tinny bit pissed.)

Allex: (O.O) NO!! NO DAMMIT NO!! THAT’S MY AWARD!!!! (¬¬) who is this fend who dares to go after my award? (she sees that it’s already linked and everything, she guffaws.) Ah, she let’s me read it before I’ve submitted mine, eh? Well…that’s her own mistake. (she clicks the link. She sees the story and scrolls down the page. She continues scrolling. And continues. O.o) Damn…this thing is long…(she sighs) oh well…I’m still gunna steal her idea (XD) Now…how to start…?

(She starts rapidly typing at the keyboard, grinning evilly as she types.)


Random passer-byer: (whistling "Dixie") This fic doesn’t deserve that many stars!

Allex: (throwing a shoe, but ends up stubbing her toe. She jumps around on one foot. ) Yes it does! Now get off the stage yah jackass!

Random dude: (;p’s and walks off)

Allex: (-.-) Where are my actors! I NEED actors! HARRY POTTER actors!

Mandy: (who got dragged into this) erm…you never hired anyone.

Allex: (O.O!) D’oh! I knew I fergot something!

Mandy: (throwing around a softball) yo… it’s not my problem…do you have any bread?  

Allex: (XD) yes I do-- you Jewish person you. (waves it around, still jumping on the foot)

Mandy: (;-;) Ani rotzah lechem….

Allex: (sticks out her tongue) Come Mandy! We must find… ACTORS! (grabs Mandy’s arm and drags her to her pink car, a car she got for sealing makeup (don’t blame her! She needed the money dammit!). She stuffed Mandy into the car, locked the door, and found out she locked herself out. Oh… and she was still jumping on her foot.) Mandy!! Let me in!!!

Mandy: (;p!) No way! There is bread in here! (starts the car up, making it go vroom vroom.) AHAHAHAHAH! (She drives off, the loud radio blasting out the lyric’s of Allex’s favorite punk music. Allex hears and starts to  sings along.)

*AN: ^^ I’ve had the urge to put these in a fic…look! Some rhyme!*

Allex: *jumping to the beat) So much war, so much destruction, lives are wasted for production
So much anger, so much hate, if things don't change the human race will end

Will the 90's be another decade of apathy? Are you just going to
sit by and watch things get worse and worse? NO!

The rich will stop at nothing to control the world and keep their power
They all live like royalty at the expense of you and me

RIGHT NOW in this new world order, RIGHT NOW no one is free
RIGHT NOW Corporations own this world
RIGHT NOW we are victems of thier greed

Buying off the government. Destroying the enviroment.
Making sure there's not enough, so they can keep the prices up.
There's food rotting away in warehouses while people starve to death.
Big business won't give it to these peopel to save their lives.
because they won't make a profit! AAAAAHHHHH!

Every country must obey what these corporations say.
If they choose not to comply, troops will be sent there and they will die.

Are you prepared, do you have what it takes?
To ovelook your selfishness and create a better place.
First we must destroy the system!
If things don't change, the human race will end!

Mandy: (shocked look) I never knew you like punk rock…

Allex: (^^v!) punk rawk baaaaaby! (still jumping on one foot-- then Mandy hears a CRUNCH)

Mandy: (o.O) what was that?

Allex: (still jumping) oh…one of your priceless watches.

Mandy: (O.O) WHAT?

Allex: (^^) I’m gunna end this before I get killed! (writes ‘plot’ on a sheet of paper and sticks it to Mandy’s forehead) There…there’s your plot! Now END!

Mandy: (getting out of the car, a very pissed look on her face, slowly approaching Allex.)

Allex: (o.O!!) I said END!!!

Mandy: (pounces!)


^^ AN: I love being me.

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