Hagrid's New Pet
by Anne45

I feel crappy. No wonder, I haven’t written anything in ages… I get all these wonderful ideas in the car, then their gone before I have time to search the glove compartment for a pen and paper… I hope that you get laughs out of this!

“AW!” Tears sprang to the corner of Hagrid’s already watery eyes.

“It’nt she beautiful? Come on Hermione, Harry, Ron. Pet her!” Hagrid was gesturing toward a small black hairy thing. Hermione reached out a trembling hand to tough it. She alone knew what it was.

“Hagrid, she—she won’t bite me, will she?” Asked Harry.

“Never!” Hagrid said fiercely, then turned back to the black hairy thing with watery eyes filled with admiration.

“Hagrid, Doxy’s have very venomous teeth” Said Hermione. (In case you don’t know what a Doxy is, it’s a fairy with two sets of arm and legs, and two sets of razor sharp teeth that are venomous, and thick shiny wings)

“An so wh—OW!” Hagrid yelped. Harriet, his Doxy had just sank two sets of razor sharp teeth into Hagrids hand. Ron ran over to Hagrids cabin and picked up a bowling shoe. He ran over and started hitting Harriet with it.

“STOP! STOP!” Yelled Hagrid. He yanked the shoe out of Ron’s hand and threw it about a mile into the forest.

“Never was no good at bowlin’ anyways…” Hagrid grumbled.

“Ron, go run up and get Professor Flitwick, an’ see if he can put a Happy charm on Harriet” Ron did as he was told and ran off toward the castle. Harriet was buzzing angrily around Hermione’s head. She kept ducking to Hagrid’s side when she bared her minute fangs. Harriet then swooped down on Harry and started kicking him with all four legs, and beating him with four tiny fists. Harry took no real notice, until Harriet snatched his glasses and nestled herself on Hagrid’s shoulder.

“No me molestos!” She snapped Harry.

“Aw! She’s already learning Spanish!” Hagrid bellowed with delight. How charming. A Spanish talking fairy that takes glasses. Harry heard footsteps thudding behind him. He spun around to see Ron and Professor Flitwick running towards them.

“Hello, let’s just put a little happy charm on Harriet” Said Flitwick once he’d gotten his breath back. He pointed his wand at Harriet. This, for some reason, angered her.

“Hosta la Vista, Baby!” She screamed as she dropped Harry’s glasses, and sped off towards Hagrids cabin. Hagrid went in with his pink umbrella. They heard him shout something, and out strode Harriet out of his cabin. She was doing a sort of tap dancing, but since she had four legs, she kept tripping. Hagrid walked next out of his cabin, also tap dancing, and at the same time singing some weird song.

“Come on shake your body baby, do the congo, I know you can’t control your self any longer, feel the rhythm of the music getting stronger, don’t you try to fight it till you hear that congo BEAT!”

Harry and Ron watched dumbstruck, whilst Hermione started laughing.

“Why are you laughing?! He must be mad!” Ron yelled. Professor Flitwick ran back up into the castle, seeking the help of Professor Dumbledore.

“It’s the Congo! Haven’t you ever heard of it?” Hermione laughed. Ron shook his head, but Harry got a vague expression on his face.

“I think I remember Dudley listening to that…” He said. Then he shrugged and forgot about it. Harriet and Hagrid made a strange dancing team, as Harriet had flown up onto his shoulder and danced there, slightly levitated, so she wouldn’t trip. Still her legs got tangled.

 Dumbledore came striding out of the castle at a high speed, with Snape and Flitwick following close behind. Harry, Ron, and Hermione let out an inward groan. Hagrid and Harriet were too busy tap dancing. Dumbledore marched right over to Hagrid, and pointed his wand at him. “DawnsuerFinisto!” He said. Hagrid immediately snapped out of his spell, but Harriet kept dancing out of Dumbledores reach.

“No me molestos!” She snapped for the second time. After a half an hour of fervently trying to catch Harriet, Dumbledore backed away and said—

“Hagrid, it is of no use. She will remain a tap dancing Doxy for the rest of her life, and there’s nothing that you or she can do about it”

“I happy” said Harriet. “I also happy without you, Hagrid. Goodbye. You want to take my dream from me. I’ve always wanted to be a tap dancing Doxy” And with that, she flew away to the forest, and beyond. Hagrid immediately started bawling.

“NOOOOO!” He bellowed. “All my pet’s leave me! Come baaaaaaaaack!” He yelled. A few birds flew off the tree branches of the forest trees.

It was now evening, and Hagrid still hadn’t got Harriet back.

“Hagrid” Dumbledore began, “Go to bed. There is nothing you can do. She will be hundreds of miles away from here by now” Dreary eyed, Hagrid made his way to his cabin, and cried himself to sleep.

A few weeks later Hagrid was walking through the village when he noticed a sign—a sign that bore the name “HARRIET—THE TAP DANCING DOXY”. Hagrid was overjoyed. Harriet had at last, found her place in the spotlight.

 Disclaimer: Roses are red, Violets are blue, I own but only one thing here, so please don’t sue! I own the spell that Dumbly-dorr cast on Hagrid. J.K. Rowling owns all the characters, including the Doxy, and if you want information on her, I suggest that you read up on Magical Beasts and where to find them (M.B.A.W.T.F.T) Has anyone noticed that Dumbledores writing is totally different on the back cover of M.B.A.W.T.F.T. than it is in Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone? I just think that’s strange… Anyway, Mandy, I hope this one doesn’t take as long as the last one!

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