ALR's Ficcy
by Aurora Lynn Rose

To tune of "Camelot" from Monty Python and the Holy Grail:

We are members of METMA
We're on the internet-ma
We are OT
In emails that we get-ma
This makes Mandy upset-ma
For OTness she won't let-ma!

We are members of METMA
And that we won't forget-ma!
Every few nights
We get stuff to write
Segull'll win, that you can bet-ma!
We're Potter mad in METMA
Is Sorceror's Stone out yet-ma?

In fics we're odd and insane
Our deranged thoughts are quite plain
We throw tomatoes
And smoke potatoes
And protect magical articles from pain
We don't have a marionette-ma...
(ALR sings solo) I can't fin-ish this couplet-maaaaaa!!!!!

Okay..... so that was messed... but see, I was thinking of us all doing the dance routine and such, twas amusing if quite absurd..... I had a METMA member proofread it and she said she was scared! Hmmph! Well... I was thinking of the odd rhyme scheme they used in the movie and I think this worked pretty well except perhaps for the last verse... well, I guess I shouldn't ramble, this is just one of those things that you either love or hate. Weeeelll then.... baibai!

~Aurora Lynn Rose, who had ANOTHER grande raspberry mocha chip frappuchino before taking her manditory ballet class and BOY OH BOY was she bouncing off the walls so very gracefully

eeheeheeheeheeheehohohohohohmuahahahaha.... *hackety hack* right yes carry on... o_O

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