by Ron Weasley's Cutie

Disclaimer: Don't own the song 'Yesterday', the Beatles' do.
Don't own METMA, Mandy does.
Don't own Harry Potter and co., you know who does.

A/N: It's METMA's official song, to the tune of 'Yesterday! Hee hee hee!

Is the home of all insani-tay!
How we'll love it if you'd join today!
Oh happy day, M-E-T-M-A!

If you're feelin' blue
We'll make you happy 'cause you say you feel like poo!
And did you know that pigeons like to coo?
Oh happy day, M-E-T-M-A!

How those letters makes us so full of glee!
'Specially 'cause they're associated with 'We-sah-ley!'
Oh happy day, M-E-T-M-A!

If you're magi-cal
And you are an article
Being oppressed is def-i-nitely not cool
So never fear,
M-E-T-M-A is here!

You are run by the almighty Man-dah-ay!
She gives us challenges every other week-ie-ay!
Oh happy day, M-E-T-M-A!

When we get home
We always rush to take over the tel-ephones!
Not that we're popular or anything...
We just like to use the internet...

ALL METMA MEMBERS: That didn't rhyme.
ME: I don't care.
ALL METMA MEMBERS: *hum along with the next verse*

If you're an evil dude
Who likes to hurt poor little flying brooms
We're gonna kick your butt to Pizza Hut
So never mess
With the best!

We love you more than our pixy stix!
And yes I know that rhymes with six
*music gets slower*
Oh happy day...

A/N: Well, I liked it. That's all I have to say. Nyah.

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