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by Dragonessa Smith

A/N: 16-year old Snape signs up for a summer trip to a small Spanish magical community, where more than just magic is in the air.  With an unlikely roommate, rebellious house elves, and a special little bird, Snape may wind up getting more than he bargained for.  My first *Posted* METMA Challenge Entry!  Woo-hoo!

"Welcome to Xellava." The guide announced.  "I'm Mandy Metma.  You must be-" She consulted a list on her clipboard.  "Severus Snape.  You're the first off the plane, so we'll just wait here for the others, alrighty?"

Severus didn't say anything.  People who were that cheerful at 5:00 in the morning should be gathered up and shipped off to a deserted island, he thought.  He yawned and looked around for a place to sit.

"Welcome to Xellava." Metma Mandy or whatever her name was, announced to another one of the 10 or so Hogwarts students who had decided to take the trip, whether they wanted the experience or just didn't want to stay home over the summer.  "I'm Mandy Metma.  You must be-"

Snape didn't see who it was; he was about to fall asleep in the uncomfortable plastic chair when he heard an all too familiar voice finish the question.

"Black.  Sirius Black."

Snape's eyes snapped open.  Standing in front of him was one-fourth of "The Marauders" as they called themselves.  Severus's lip curled involuntarily.  He couldn't stand any of them, but especially Black.

Speak of the devil...Black had looked up just then and spotted him.  His jaw dropped faster than London Bridge.  To Snape's utter disgust, he grinned, picked up his bag, and started heading over.

"Well, if it isn't old Sevvie." Sirius grinned, dropping his things in the seat next to him and plopping down on a chair.

"I can't believe you have the gall to talk to me, let alone sit near me, after what you did last full moon." Severus hissed, keeping his eyes locked straight ahead.

"Oh come on!" Sirius snapped, "It wasn't that bad.  James saved you, didn't he?"

"And that's supposed to make me like you better?" Snape snapped.  "And besides, why are you even talking to me?  Where's Pretty-boy Potter, Wolfie, and The Baby?"

"McGonagall wasn't about to let us all go to the same place.  And besides, you're the only person I know here."

"What, you don't know the girls?  Or are they just not talking to you because you cheated on all of them?"

Sirius frowned.  Before Snape could react, he had pulled his wand out and muttered a spell.

"Hack!  Cough-Cough!  Augh!" Snape went off into a violent coughing fit.  His eyes watered and his face turned red as though he had just eaten something spicy.

Sirius took the spell off and said "I always break up with a girl before dating another.  That's common decency."

Snape was about to tell him where he could shove his ‘common decency,' when someone laid a hand on his shoulder.

He looked up and saw a very pretty girl looking down at him.  Scratch that, pretty wasn't a strong enough word.  Breath-takingly beautiful was more like it.

"Tienes constipado?" She said.  Snape decided then and there that he had never heard a more harmonious voice.

"No, he just looks like that cause his pants are too tight." Sirius butted in, patting Snape on the shoulder.  Snape slapped his hand away, blushing furiously.  The girl giggled.

"No, I was asking if you have a cold." She explained.  "I'm Rosalia Martinez.  Who are you?"

"Severus Snape." Snape said, glaring at Sirius.  "And no, I don't have a cold."

"I'm Sirius Black."  He extended a hand, and Rosalia shook it.  "We're from Hogwarts, here for the ‘Celebrating Magical Diversity' trip."

"Oh cool!" Rosalia said, grinning.  "Then I'll be seeing you guys a lot.  I'm Mandy's assistant."

Snape grinned too.  So did Sirius.

After Rosalia walked away, Snape turned to Sirius.  "Don't even think about it."

"Think about what?" Sirius asked innocently.

"You know what I mean.  I saw her first, and besides, if she has any taste at all, she won't like you anyway." Snape glanced down ever so slightly at Sirius's battered old suitcase.

"Hey, just because you have a bunch of money doesn't mean you have what it takes to make her like you." Sirius snapped.  "You also need good looks, which you definitely lack."

"Is that so?" Snape sneered.  "Wanna bet?"

Sirius grinned.  "You're on.  If, by the end of this trip, Rosalia likes you more than me, I'll get up in front of the whole school, first day of 7th year, and..."

"And confess your undying love for Filch!" Snape jumped in.

"And if she likes me more, you have to do the same."



They shook hands.


"Welcome to Casa Metma!" Mandy announced.  "The top two floors are reserved for you guys.  You'll each have your own room, and the first floor is the Kitchen, the Ballroom-"

"The Conservatory, the Billiard room, the Hall..." Sirius called out.

"Ri-I-ight...anyway, you'll all-"

A door behind them flew open.  A short woman with dark brown hair, wearing an apron, ran out.

"Senora Metma!" The woman screamed.  "The house elves are revolting!"

"Now really, Lora, that's not very nice." Mandy chided.  "They may not wear clothes, but-"

"No, no, no!" Lora cried.  "The house-elves are on strike!  They've taken over the top floor!"

Mandy angrily turned to Rosalia.  "Has your sister, Hermionsita, been talking to them again?"

Rosalia sighed.  "I'll talk to her.  What are we going to do for now?"

Mandy looked around.  "Okay, would you guys be willing to share a room for now?"

There was a general grumbling of agreement.

"Okay!  Rosa, help me put them into pairs."

    *A few hours later*

"I call left bed!" Sirius called out, jumping onto the bed as soon as they entered the room.

"Go ahead, I don't really care." Snape rolled his eyes.  "What're the odds we'd end up together?"

"Approximately 1 in 5.  5 million that is." Sirius looked up at Snape.  "Those are your chances of getting Rosalia."

"If those are my chances, I shudder to think what yours are.  I don't think they have a name for a number that big." Snape smirked.

"Touche.  So what are you gonna do for the rest of the day?  There's a Welcome Fiesta in a few."

"No thanks, I think I'm going to look around some of the shops for something for Rosalia." As soon as he said, Snape knew he had made a mistake.

"Hang on a minute, I'll join you." Sirius smiled cheekily as he bent down to grab his shoes.  When he looked up again, it was to an empty room.


The rest of the summer passed quickly, both Sirius and Snape buying Rosalia presents, taking her out to fancy restaurants, and flirting up a storm.  By the end of the summer, they were both very broke, and Rosalia apparently liked them both equally.  Finally, on the last day of the trip...

Snape was alone in their room, styling his hair.  Sirius had already gone downstairs for the ‘Adios Fiesta,' looking okay, but not very fancy.  Snape wanted to look extra special when Sirius found out he would be in love with the groundskeeper next year.

He heard a rustle of paper behind him.  He turned and saw a little black bird sitting on the windowsill, holding a small piece of paper in it's beak.

"Why hello there.  What have you got?" The bird dropped the paper in the room and flew away.

Snape had been in unusually high spirits, but when he picked up the paper and read it, that all came crashing down.

"Darling Rosalia...this summer...best I ever had...love you more than anything...one thing to ask you...WILL YOU MARRY ME?" Snape screamed.  He dropped the paper as though it were a Howler.  "That dirty rotten Gryffindor-in-the-grass!  He's going to propose to Rosalia to win the bet!  Well, I'll show him!"

Snape rushed out of the room.

On a tree branch just outside the window, a little bird was laughing it's head off.


As Snape burst into the dining room, the first thing he saw was Sirius on one knee in front of Rosalia.

"NO!" He dove at Sirius, knocking him down.  As a stunned Sirius tried to catch his breath, Snape got down on one knee, grabbed Rosalia's hand, and recited Sirius's whole proposal.

Rosalia looked a little scared.  She backed away from Snape, who was still kneeling, trying to calm down.

"Hey, why'd you interrupt Sirius's Shakespeare recitation?" Someone from the crowd called out.

Snape whipped his head towards Sirius, who was laughing his head off.

Suddenly everything clicked.

"You-you..." Snape was at a loss for words.

Sirius finally managed to sit up and gasp "I can't believe you fell for it!  Now there's no way she'll like you more!  You lost the bet!"

"A bet?" Rosalia said suddenly, looking very angry.  "You guys bet on who I'd like more? You're both sick!  Well how's this for losing: I hate you both!" And with that, she stormed out of the room.

Sirius and Snape looked at each other, shell-shocked.

"Hey Sirius." Snape said, looking around at all the other witches and wizards who were glaring at them.

"Yeah Snape?" Sirius said, slowly getting up.

"Let's forget about the bet, okay?" Snape said, getting up too.

"Yeah, okay." Sirius backed up slowly as the crowd started to close in around them.  "Snape?"


"Wanna bolt now?"


And so they ran far into the night, never mentioning that summer again.

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