Untitled Challenge [I love my titles... M.]
by Psychochiklp

A few hours before the Yule Ball began, Ron and Harry were down in the Gryffindor common room playing poker. They were the only ones there, considering how everyone else had gone to the party in the Ravenclaw common room (the Ravenclaw were known for the kegs of beer and the assortment of bongs in every room), which was supposed to be the party of the year. Harry and Ron decided to be nonconformists and figure they would start their own party. Unfortunately, besides the girls that were still upstairs getting dressed, and Neville who was by the fire, knitting (don't ask), they were the only ones that showed up.

"I don't know about the 4 nines, but this ace sure does look high," said Ron, pretty pleased with his hand in 5 stud.

"I'm sorry Ron, you put on a terribly good show, but I have all red," Harry said with a mischievous grin on his face as he put down his hand which consisted of a 3, 6, and 9 of hearts and a 5 and 10 of diamonds. Neville sighed in the corner and shook his head at how pathetic they were.

"You imbecile! Are you actually sighing at how pathetic we are for teaching ourselves poker? You ninny! If you think you could do any better get your lily ass up and bring it on!" Harry screamed as he flipped over a table.

Neville for some odd reason broke out into a song. "Do you really want to hurt me? Do you really want to make me cry? I know how to play poker can't you see? Plus, I would bloody up your eye!"

Harry became very afraid at Neville's lack of singing ability and quickly cowered down. Grabbing his joint from the ashtray nearby he took a quick drag and then retorted, "your just a wuss that's all," in a small incoherent voice.

Finally after four hours had gone by the girls (who reeked of perfume and had on tons of cakey makeup) cascaded down the stairs, half tripping in the high-heels they were wearing with their dress robes. The boys cringed at the horrid looks of their dates, who thought by caking on makeup they looked better. Quickly Ron put a charm on his date, Padma, that took off all her makeup without her knowledge. Harry and Neville, seeing Ron, did the same and the night got off to a good start. Ginny, who was going with Neville, walked up to him (he was sitting in the most comfortable chair) and sat in his lap saying, "There's my big hunk of burning love!"

Neville who was obviously....uh...yeah...sang, "you know it babe!" and then in front of Ron and Harry and their dates started making out.....

Harry, while shielding his eyes said something to the effect of "We know who's gonna score tonight!"

Ron screamed, "Ahhhhhhhh my virgin eyes, my virgin eyes!!!!" as he ran straight out of the room.

Padma, who look bewildered and weirded out (she had planned to score with Ron) said, "Okay, I have a camera. Lets take pictures while Ron... umm... regains his composure." Suddenly the camera leapt out of her arms, started flying around the room and then stopped in front of Neville and Ginny (who were still making out) and started taking some very scary pictures. Parvati, Harry's date, who had finally realized who Ginny was making out with, turned a dark shade of maroon and screamed as loud as she could, "zeh ha peena sheli, zona!" as she went over and bitch slapped Ginny. Ginny got up and all that was heard as Padma and Harry ran out the door were long trails of Hebrew and profanity and the occasional sounds of punches, slappings, and screams/singing (screams from the girls, and the singing from Neville that was singing something that sound oddly like "Jerry, Jerry.")

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