Ode of Peeves'
by American Hermione

I really loved my first day here.
I struck the hearts of all with fear.
I played a prank when I first came-
And Dobby was my victim's name.
I dropped the hair dye carefully.
His skin turned pink. I grinned with glee.
I got detention for that joke,
But Dumbledore's a decent bloke.
He let me off later that day,
And I decided I would stay.
Since then I've plagued the Hogwarts halls
With tricky spells and clever calls.
I stole a first year's diary
And wrote rude words for her to see.
And oh, my spellwork was a beaut!
It once caused Snapey to go mute.
One time I sang a raunchy song
In fluent Spanish all day long.
Ah, yes, this school holds memories-
Of burping duels, of killer bees-
But that is all that I will write.
Estoy cansada. So, goodnight.

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