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26TH April  1795 Isabel DEANS  5/8
10th May 1795 M YORKSTONE given by A Company 1/-/-
3 June 1795 Christian WILSON  child
6 June 1795 Mary COMB  child
7 June 1795 Alex COMB  child
8 june 1795 Sir James SUTTON's child 1810
may 23rd mortcloth to WILSON  6/8
June 3rd     "            Mary GULLAN 6/8
July 29th    "           Henry MILNE 6/8
July 29th    "          Robt CAISS child 3/4
Aug 5th     "          DRYSDALE wife 6/8
Aug 19th   "          Margt SNIELL 6/8
Aug 19th   "        Geo MASON'S wife 6/8
Sep 2nd    "        Mrs BUCKLE 6/8
Sep 5th  from Mr TROTTER at the General of Adm Minchi 5/5/-
Sep 9th to Mortcloth Adm MINCHIES 6/8
Oct 28th     "      Mr YOUNGS son  6/8
Oct 28th    "      Wm FORRESTS child
Nov 11th    "     Miss CRAIG 6/8
Nov 11th   "     Matth COMB'S child 3/4
Nov 25th   "    Alexr NICOL 6/8
Dec 2nd    "    Col POLTERS  6/8
Dec 16th  "     Wm WALKERS child 3/4
Dec 30th  "     Chas MAR'S child 3/4 

Jan 27th To Mortcloth Fees Thos FORTUNE/s Child 3/4.
Feb 3rd         "         Alexr DOUGLASS son 6/8
Feb 10th       "         H. SINCLAIR's child 3/4
Feb 17th       "        Dr OLIVER's child 6/8
Mar 17th      "        Jas LYAL 6/8
Apr 7th        "        Mrs McKAY 6/8
Apr 7th        "       Mrs BRIDGES 6/8
Apr 7th        "       H. HAMILTON's child 3/4
Apr 21st      "       Thos WALKER's child 3/4
May 5th      "        Ja?och GRIEVE 6/8
May 5th      "       Jas GRIEVE's child 3/4
Jan 18th      "      Robert HANAN's wife funeral 7/-
Jan 18th      "      Wm BURNET's wife funeral 7/-
Feb 7th       "      Mark HALDANE's child 3/6
Feb 7th       "      Richd WHITECROSS 7/-
Mar 3rd     "       James OGLIVIES 7/-
Mar 14th    "      Alexr ROBERTSONS wife 7/-
Mar 22nd   "      Robt TROTTER's 7/-
May 3rd    "       Alexr WATT's 7/-
May 31st   "      Margt HAY's 7/-
Jun 5th     "      Thomas MOUESS ?   7/-
Jun 17th   "       Mrs MILLERS 7/-
Jun 17th    "     James DUNBAR's wife's funeral 7/-
Jul 2nd      "     Wm MANDEASSN's ?  7/-
Sep 19th   "      Christian DICKSON's 7/-
Sep 19th   "      Jno ORMISTONS child 3/6
Sep 19th   "      Walter REID's 7/-
Oct 3rd    "       Widow HERKES 7/-
nOV 7th   "       Alexr ROBERTSON's Child 3/6
Nov 21st  "       Mr ROBERTSON
's child 3/6  
1824: : TO MORTCLOTH FEES. Name   cost
Nov 21st  Mr ROBERTSON's child 3/6
Dec 6th    Mrs ARCHIBALD 7/-
Dec12th   Alexr HARDY 7/-
Dec 26th  Alexr COMB's wife 7/-
Jan 9th     Mrs NISBETS 7/-
Jan 16th   Alexr WATT 7/-
Jan 16th   George TROTTER 7/-
Jan 23rd   Mrs SMITH 7/-
Jan 23rd   Mrs WATT 7/-
Jan 30th   Mr GRAY 7/-
Feb 6th    James MANDERSON 7/-
Feb 6th    Naomi SMITH 7/-
Sep 23rd  John BATHGATE's daughter 4/6
Sep 23rd  Cath MACK 4/6
Sep 23rd  Alexr CRAIG child
Sep 23rd  John GALBRAITH's child 4/6
Sep 23rd  Peter WHITE child 4/6
Sep 23rd  John GARDALE's child 4/6
Oct 28th  R CLIPHAINS wife 7/-
Nov 18th  Archd REID 7/-
Nov 18th  John SIVES 7/-
Nov 30th  Widow MURRAY 7/-
Jan 13th  John TURNER, Robert BERTRAM 14/-
Jan 13th  John GREGORY's wife 7/-
Jan 27th  Peter WHITECROSS wife 7/-
Feb 10th  John GREGORY 's child 2/-
Feb 10th  R. STAPS child 2/-
Feb 10th  Grizel BROWN's child 2/-
Feb 24th  John COMB's child 2/-
Mar 10th  James SCOTT 7/-
Apr 13th  Chris WAIT, Geo COALSTONE, Ann GREY
Apr 27th  Janet ROSS, Jas BUCKLE,John WATT 17/6
May 4th   Helen EWART 7/-
Aug 10th  Peter DOBIE, John MacKAY 14/-
Sep 15th  Catherine Helen d/o Thoams YOUNG died the 13th inst aged 22mths & was this day interred in the churchyard here (Cholera Morbus)
Oct 1st Ninian DICKSON seaman died the 29th Sep aged 43yrs & was this day interred into the churchyard here.
Oct 4th Robert s/o Charles GRANT died the 2nd inst aged 1yr & was this day interred in the churchyard here (Croupe)
Oct 5th Wm DICKSON & C GRANTS child 9/-
Oct 6th Euphemia DONALDSON & Th YOUNG's child 9/-
Oct 9th Alexander COMB fisherman died the 7th inst aged 77yrs & was this day interred in the churchyard here.
Oct 10th George BLACK died the 7th inst aged 67yrs & was this day interred in the churchyard here.
Oct 12th Alexr COMB , Geo BLACK & Horace  CORBERT 1/1/-
Nov 3rd Horace CORBET esquire died the 29th Oct aged__ & was this day interred in the churchyard here
Nov 8th Helen CAIRNS wife of Adam WALKER died the 5th inst aged 45 yrs & was this day interred in the churchyard here.
Nov 9th Helen CAIRNS 7/-
Nov 13th George RENNIE esq Tenant in Earlcraig died the 7th inst aged 29yrs & was this day interred in the churchyard next to the Kirk.
Nov 15th Adam s/o William THOMSON died the 13th inst aged 6 yrs & Robert another son died the 14th inst aged 2yrs & were both this day interred in the churchyard here (Croup)
Dec 21st William THOMSON's children 3/6
Dec 15th Margaret WHITSON wife of James HARDY died the 23 inst aged 63 yrs & was this day interred in the churchyard here
Dec 28th Margt WHITSON & Al McCRACKEN 14/-
Dec 28th Alexander McCRACKEN died the 25th aged 67yrs & was this day interred in the churchyard here.