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Dhakshinamoorthy - Guru(the yogi Sivan)
The practice of yoga is pre-vedhic and goes back to the period of hindus valley civilization. The ancient mystics unravelled the depth of the human consciousness and discovered the treasure of enormous energy hidden in it. The yoga system is a practical philosophy advocating physical perfection being a pre-requisite for mental perfection which is the basis for the spiritual progress and salvation. The tadition usually credits Siddhar Patanjali (his previous birth was Adhiseshan), a native of Chidhambaram to be the founder of the yoga system.

Dhakshinamoorthy - Guru(the yogi Sivan)

The lord shivan sitting under the "kallalamaram"(Banyan tree)with "Chinmudra"(a pose in fingers). Lord shivan in this yogic form is called Dhakshinamoorthy(means the god of south). Dhakshinamoorthy gives a yoga lessions with the help of "Mudra" to saiva saints. The god of Dhakshinamoorthy gives a wisdom and healthy to their divotees. Many Students visit a Dakshinamoorthy temple and light two ghee lamps,and offer jasmine flowers or yellow flowers to the Lord.In order to ward off the ill-effects of Guru, devotees may wear the stone pushparaagam or topaz. Offering of 'Chana' (konda kadalai) is also considered beneficial, especially on Thursdays.

(Guru) Dakshinamoorthy places to visit:
1. Tiruvali Dhaayam Near Padi.
2. Govindam Padi near Kancheepuram.
3. Thakolam Near Arakonam
4. Ilambayam Kottor Dakshinamoorthy with 'Chinmudra' (40kms from Poonamallee)
5. Alangudi
6. Then Thittai near Thanjavur
7. Tiruchendur

The god of Dhakshinamorthy was worshipped in the four types of idols in all the sivan temples in southside outer wall of the "garbagraham"
1.Dhakshinamoorthy - Many temples specially in Aalangudi Dhakshinamoorthy - Thirukkurukkai temple
3.Veena Dhakshinamoorthy - Thippoonthuruthy
4.Boga Dhakshinamoorthy - Suruttapalli

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