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    The Quiz Bee is conducted with the hope of achieving the following:
    1. To promote excellence in science, math and information technology among the students.
    2. To serve as a venue for awareness in development in the field of science and technology.

    1. Each participating team shall be composed of a maximum of three members and one faculty coach.
    2. Only currently enrolled undergraduate secondary students are allowed to be team members. They must present their validated ID cards or registration forms upon registration.
    3. Each team must assign a member to be the Team Captain and only the Team Captain or the faculty coach may act as a spokesperson for the team during the contest proper.

  1. The following topics shall be the scope of the Quiz Bowl.
    • Mathematics covering Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry and Statistics
    • Science covering Physics, Biology and General Chemistry
    • Trivia Questions covering I.T., current events and general knowledge

  2. The following question types must be given:
    • Multiple Choice Type (MC), with a credit of 1 point, 2 points, 3 points, where the team must write the
    • letter corresponding to the best answer to the question, unless otherwise stated.
    • Identification Type (ID), with a credit of 2 points, 4 points, 6 points, where the team must write down the required answer to the question always in CAPITALIZED form, unless otherwise stated.
    • Problem Type (PR), with a credit of 3 points, 6 points, 9 points, where the team must write down the answer to the question accurate up to two decimal places together with the appropriate unit, unless otherwise stated.
    • In addition, each question shall be given a time limit for the teams to submit their answers.

  3. A total of 30 questions shall be given in the Quiz Bowl, divided into three rounds of 10 questions each, with two intermission points.

  1. An official quizmaster will read the Type, Credit Points, Time Limit, and will give the signal for the teams to click on the Question. The question shall be read twice. Timing will begin only after the second reading of the question.
  2. Teams must write their answer on provided sheets and must submit their answer before the end of the time limit. Otherwise, they shall be considered as having no answer to the question.
  3. The use of calculators shall be allowed only for problem questions. All calculators shall be prechecked by the organizers prior to use. Programmable calculators shall be allowed only if it is free of stored programs and library function menu.
  4. After the time limit, the answers of each team shall be projected on the screen and the correct answer shall be read by the quizmaster for the information of the teams and the audience. Each submitted answer should be checked by the board of judges. The board will declare the teams, which got the correct answer.
  5. Any protest or inquiry from the teams regarding the answer must be made prior to the reading of the next question; otherwise the Board of Judges will entertain no more protests or inquiries pertaining to the said question.
  6. The decision of the Board of Judges on any protest or inquiry shall be considered final and not subject to appeal.
  7. A round is completed after 10 questions are finished. A short intermission follows where teams may field in their substitutes.
  8. The official scorer shall announce a running total of team scores at the end of the first and second rounds.
  9. The Quiz Bowl organizers reserve the right to eject any participant or member of the audience who they believe is detrimental to the orderly conduct of the contest.

    1. Cash prizes, Medals and Certificates of Achievements and Recognition will be awarded for the top three winning teams respectively. 2. Certificate of Participation will be given to all teams.

    A registration fee of Php300 will be collected from each team.

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