Mi Casita Mexican & American Restaurant
The Front Window to Mi Casita Restuarant
The South Wall of Ma Casita, Holtville.
The North Wall of MaCasita, Holtville.
MaCasita Counter with Alex and Danielle preparing for the day, and the Lunch & Dinnner rush.
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Here is a map of the city of Holtville, we are located just off the main square (park)
Our Menu
Soup & salad
525 Pine Avenue
Holtville, CA 92250
(760) 356-2386
If you are going to Glamis, the dunes, or "the River" be sure to stop by and get that authentic mexican food.
Also don't forget to treat that special someone! <B
We're located just off the park at the Mian Square (City Hall & Chamber of Commerce)I115&Pine
525 Pine Ave.
(760) 356-2386
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Danielle taking another order for group of diners. Get yours seats early as we fill up early!
Danielle taking another order for a new
group of diners. Table fill up fast!
Here sits another family getting their order placed, kids items and highchairs available.
When it gets busy every has to take the
orders. See how "family friendly" we are.
Juan & Gabriella are now having to cook up a storm to fill the orders.
Gabby and Juan have to cook up a storm to keep up with the orders.
Another Grandma, pa, and grandson wait while someone gets take-out after work.
To the left we have another Grandpa, Grandma and Grandson waiting as a take-out order is picked up after work. (760)-356-2386
call yours in now!
Well the place is getting full up again. And those complimentary chips are going fast 8^')
You can see how the place fills
up fast and often.
Call ------>
to see how busy it is or have
order ready when you arrive.
  Virginia and her family have been in business for over 18 years now (15 for the          catering portion). Remember their shop in El Centro before they moved here 4 years      ago? The whole family works at the restaurant. You regularly see the kids studying        while mom and/or pop are cooking, working the counter, taking orders, or ring up the   checks.
   During the lunch hour Mi Casita gets busy as the High School kids come in for      something quick. Virgina and her children treat everyone like family.