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I didn't plan on becoming a mousery. All I wanted to do was keep a cute little pied mouse, with big ears, from becoming snake food! By the time I found out that my friend wasn't going to feed him to her husband's snake, it was tooooooo late! By then, I already had several more & I was hooked!! Please excuse the pictures; we're not photographers & don't have any fancy equipment, but we had lots of fun trying. Special thanks to my husband for all his help with the pictures. Mice are pretty intelligent. For example, "Minnie Mouse" wasn't tame when I got her. Altho, she would put her front paws into my hand, she wouldn't let me pick her up. I used to pick her up by the tail. Neither of us liked that. So,  when moving her to the holding box, she would get into her bed & stay, while I put it into the holding box, then she would come out & I'd put her exercise wheel in. When I was ready to put her back into her home box, after changing it, she would get on her wheel & stay there while I lifted it over & into her home box. Then she would get off it. She knew & understood this routine. I believe if someone wanted to & had the time & patience, they could train these mice to do tricks & all kinds of things. Meet our country mice & read their stories:
Hi, I'm "M&M". I'm a satin, chocolate. I like for my mom to pet me & scratch my ears. And I hold very still while she does it. I'm addicted to Cherrios & mom said it would break my heart if I didn't get one every day!
One of my favorite snacks is raw carrots. Mice don't see too well & that should be good for my eyes! Anyway, she went & got me a friend. Meet "Punkin".
Hi, I'm "Punkin" I'm a satin red. "M&M" thinks I am a fox. We got hitched & had some babies. While I was pregnant & nursing, mom gave me plain Purina Cat Chow, mynah bird pellets, & roasted soy nuts for extra protein.
I don't get that stuff anymore, but she'll give me a piece of whole oat cereal or maybe a couple of pieces of Kashi cereal, the kind that is only puffed whole grains with no salt or sugar.  Now, for the rest of the story. Meet "Pixie".
Hi, I'm "Pixie". I'm a satin, cream, longhair. "Goldie" was my grandmother. This is how mom took care of her when she got sick. Not long after mom got her, she got really sick with a bad cold & wouldn't eat much & stayed in her bed a lot. You know, the "rest, keep warm, drink liquids" bit.
She put a reflector lamp with a 25W bulb next to her box & used a cover on the rim of the lamp & up over the top, back & sides to keep the heat in. And she put vitamin C, multi-vitamins & collodial silver in her water. Collodial silver is a natural anti-biotic. It kills bacteria & viruses, but not the good gut flora! And she prayed for her, because if God cares for the sparrows, He cares for little mice, too! All that made her well! Now, meet "Ralph".
Hi, I'm "Ralph".. I'm a satin, red, pied longhair. I'm a real sweetie &. I'm pretty mellow & laid back, but I still like to run in my exercise wheel, at night. If my wheel creaks, mom oils it. I just love for mom to pick me up & talk "baby-talk" to me! Only Pop didn't have to cut my nose off in this picture!
                Now meet my brother, "Tippy"
Hi, I'm "Tippy". I'm "Ralph's" brother, only I'm a satin shorthaired pied. My box is next to the phone & every time mom comes my way, I think she has to open my box & take me out, so I get all up there where she can see me & guess what? She takes me out & gives me a kiss! I like that.
I like nuts & get a small piece in my food, at night. Sometimes it's a piece of raw pecan, walnut, almond, or filbert (hazelnut), or a piece of roasted peanut, pistachio, cashew or macadamia nut, unsalted, of course! We mice need a little salt, but too much isn't good for us. Now, meet "Starglow".
Hi, I'm "Starglow". I'm a satin, cream shorthair. I like seeds & mom adds a little bit to my regular food, like sesame, poppy, alfalfa or broccoli. She gets the organic or sprouting kind from a mail order supplier.
Mom scratches me under my neck & I like that!  Today, she made me a toy out of bird rings & hung it from the top of my box. I climbed all the way up it. I was going to see if I could find a way out, but no such luck! Well, here's "Fondu".
Hi, I'm "Fondu". I'm a satin, red, longhaired pied.  I was really a young baby when she got me, but she thought I was so pretty!
When she first got me, I hid in my bed, but now I get on her hand & lick it! They had me on pine litter, but mom keeps me on  aspen because cedar & pine cause liver & respiratory diseases. Some people don't think pine is bad for us, but it is almost as bad as cedar. Mom got a paper shreader & bought some unprinted newspaper to make us some nesting material for our beds. She rolls & crushes it up, to make it softer. We all like to climb into it & get warm & snuggly. Now meet some of the babies.
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