The Great Mahakali Write-A-Thalon
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What did you do that weekend?
14-16 May 2004
Dear Participants,

Phew! We're back after the mad run. We're alive and grateful. We pulled it off, so to speak. To the rest of you who missed the gravy train, we'll be back next year.

The three people who crossed the magic mark of 35,000 words in 58 hours - Max Babi, Devi Shakti and Ar.Yngve!! A big round of applause,please.

Following very closely were Sunil R. Nair and William Neven. See the link above for the detailed results of the 58-hour write-a-thalon.

The peer review process is underway, and our mission is to help each deserving manuscript that you wrote see some kind of fruition. We will network with producers and publishers for this, and all your co-operation is essential to make this event a greater success than it already is.

- The Organisers