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I am Private Church of the 2nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry. I have created this page for the purpose of helping people find ancestors in the Civil War.

Due to a great demand by people researching their ancestors I have decided to add tips on how to locate them and people that may be of help.

Some people get confused and do not know where to turn for information on Civil War ancestors or end up hiting brick walls.

Here is some of he information that I think will help you in your search.

  1. Many Civil War ancestors used alias to join for different reasons. Some where to young to join. Some ran away from Pre-arranged marriages. (Don't laugh Franklin Thomas AKA Sarah Emma Edmonds was one of these) Some were wanted by the law. British North Americans (Canadians) were baned by law from joining so many took aliases and possibly many more reasons.

  2. After years of traveling and numerous battles some of the Regiments records became a little confused. An example of this was over 500 soldiers transfered from the 27th Michigan to the 2nd Michigan.

  3. If you walk into any Civil War Cemetary you will find numerous "Unknown" soldiers. In many cases the soldiers were moved to National Cemetaries after the war and many ended up with that title. In our days a simple DNA test could be made and links to familly easier to achieve but that was not the case back then. To try to do it now would be Extremely Expensive.

  4. AWOL (Absent Without Leave) and Dishonable Discharges, as with some cases with the 2nd Michigan, the soldiers never appeared on the Michigan Nominal Roll at the start of the war. i do not know the reason behind this but I guess it was some form of punishment.

If you think you can add more to these please let me know as any information could be of great help.

Below I have added some links that could be helpfull in your search for Civil War Soldiers. If their Web Page is of no help E-Mail them and see what they can do for you.

My favorite links.

1. Mich in the War
2. S.U.V.C.W.
3. M.O.L.L.U.S.

1. Michigan in the Civil War is a page with almost all the information required about Michigan in the Civil War.

2. S.U.V.C.W. (Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War) is an association of descendants of Veterans. They have an amazing list of Graves of Veterans.

3. M.O.L.L.U.S. (Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States) is another group of descendants of Civil War Veterans.

4. G.A.R.
5. ACW Homepage

4. G.A.R. (Grand Army of the Republic) was the forefather of the American Legion formed after the Civil War of Union Veterans.

5. ACW American Civil War Home Page contains many links and information on Veterans.

6. Sons of Confederate Veterans of Tennessee

6. Sons of Confederate Veterans is the Confederate equivalent of the Sons of the Union Veterans.

Below is a Section for Searching for Information. Please visit this section and see if you could be of any help plus other links that might be of interest including graves I found, Regimental Information and a many more section which should be informative and of help.

Canadian Information

Please Click on HERE to get Information on Canadian in the American Civil War.

Information by State

Please Click on HERE to get information on some Canadians in States and Federal Service during the American Civil War including the best pages I found for Regimental Rosters etc.

Michigan Information

Please Click on HERE to get information on Michigan involvement in the Civil War including Regimental Contacts, Hisatories, Web Pages and more.

Other Civil War Information

Soldiers Graves July 14,1999 *Great CW Info Page* Aug.17,1998
*Death by State* Oct.14,1998 1.*CW Regimental Archive* Oct.25,1998
Information on Cemeteries Dec. 16,1998 *ACW Info Archives* Oct.6th,1998
2.ACW Homepage
Jan. 7,1999
3. *USCT, CC & CHA*

  1. CW Regimental Archive is one of the most complete list of Federal Units and Histories I have found so far.
  2. American Civil War Homepage as got a lot of information including a HUGE list of people researching Regiments.
  3. USCT, USCC & USCHA were designation given to most regiments with "Coloured" troups. USCT=United States Coloured Troup, USCC=United States Coloured Cavalry & USCHA United States Coloured Heavy Artillery.

Entertainment & Education

My Favorite Links Oct. 19,1998 People Needing Info. Help Jan. 21,1999
Soldiers Stories & Bio's Mar. 30,2001 Civil War Letters
Jan. 22,1999

Information On This Site

This Site Awards & Reviews Oct. 19,1998 *Our Page CW Clip Art* Aug. 11 1998
About the Web Master Aug.17,1998 Let me Make your Page Aug.17,1998
Special Thank You Oct. 21,1998 This Pages CopyRight Sept.19,1998

If you have any Question, Queries,Suggestions and/or Specific Information on the 2nd Michigan Vol. Infantry please contact me at mich2inf@yahoo.com or mich2inf@lycosmail.com. If by some miracle neither of these work please try JMGIBB@webtv.net. .Thank You.

Your Obedient Servant
Jean-Marc Ladouceur
AKA Private Church
2nd Mich. Vol. Inf.
Company "A"

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You are the to visit the Geneology Page since I created it on December 17th 1998.

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