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All pictures on this site are taken by myself (two were taken by my dad - thanks, dad!). Some are a bit older, some are not of great quality. The purpose of this site is more kind of an archive for myself than anything else, and I do not intend to have a "complete" collection. As an airline fan I keep track of my own flights, but only recently in more detail. Some of the pictures are not so common; either because they are aircraft that are not in use anymore (BAC 1-11, Trident, Comet...), or because the respective airline does not exist anymore, changed their colour scheme, etc... For commercial use of any picture, please ask for permission first. If you have any questions or comments, I am happy to hear from you: e-mail me



Pictures... aircraft type airline (includes my flights and boarding passes)
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A list of my flights (you need Acrobat Reader for this. Acrobat is free to dowload here)
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