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Home Page - Last updated: June 27, 2008

Michael & Judy

Welcome To Our Web Site!

Summer is here! We've owned both our vehicles for over a year now and we're liking both cars. There is life after a mini-van but only once you get rid of it! I've updated the pictures as well so feel free to take a look!

We just put in our garden recently and everything seems to be growing quite well. I can't wait to see how everything turns out. Lots of fertilizer = lots of stuff to eat!

On the education front, Judy is now about to begin her fourth year of Nursing at Western and is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I'd like to concentrate on Java and actually COBOL in the near future which may require more night school.

If you're curious about our vehicles, feel free to click on the picture of either of them. I use these pages to keep track of the maintenance that's been performed on them.

Judy and I are both on facebook as well. Please feel free to check us out! Please make sure that you try out the links on the links page and check out some of the sites that my coworkers have! So long for now!

Grand Am G6

Same old, same old Section follows:

You have found the location of the web pages belonging to Michael and Judy Gilliland. The only reason I put this site together was to play around with HTML but I'm hoping people will find some interesting info here too. This web site was initially created in December of 2004 and has slowly evolved since then.

Judy and I were married on March 23, 2002 at the South Nissouri Presbyterian Church in Thorndale, Ontario. Currently we still live in the metropolis of Thorndale.

These pages are always under construction. I'm one of those continuous improvement people. Mark this page as a favourite and come back any time.