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Michael Ball

I am calling this "Michael Ball 2000" because that is when I first got to see Michael, 
Live in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England.  AND it is when Michael
"arrived" in the States via PBS and his "Live at the Royal Albert Hall" special and 
special in-house appearances at some local PBS stations in the Eastern United States.
Michael had been on PBS before in "Les Mis 10th Anniversary Concert", "Andrew Lloyd
Webber 50th Birthday Celebration", and "Hey, Mr. Producer, Tribute to Cameron 
MacIntosh".  However, this recent visit to PBS has brought him more attention.

His fan base is growing by leaps and bounds here in the United States. So I hope you
enjoy what I have included in this site.  It will be updated as often as possible so be 
sure to check back and also please sign the Forum.

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