Star-Trek: The Lost Episode

Star-Trek: The Lost Episode

This Star-Trek episode has never been released and is not available to the general public. It is presented here with AVI video clips for your entertainment. A high speed internet connection is recommended to view these videos since they are relatively large. Click on the image to see the video, or click here to return.

Introduction by Gene Roddenberry (493KBytes).

The training session. Pay special attention to the instructions. (460KBytes)

We're beaming up from Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. (882KBytes)

Yankovic sings Star Wars 28K  56K  100K  300K
Kelly Watches The Stars 28K  56K  100K  300K
MSN Search for Planets 28K  56K  100K           

On the bridge. Lookout! (615KBytes)

The Klingons are looking for Captain Kirk. (1215KBytes)

But do they get a surprise. (533KBytes)

Let's party! (597KBytes)

Oops, time to go. (320KBytes)

The Klingons are still there? (706KBytes)

Ahead, warp factor 1. (634KBytes)

Alpha Quadrant Webring

The VHS production was made at Universal Studios in Orlanda, FL. An ATI All-in-Wonder Pro PC card was used to create the AVI files, which were processed using the Personal AVI Editor software. Still images were captured using c:\windows\mplayer.exe, and edited with paint.exe.

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