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Here's a memo from Michael Jahn. It's also from Mike Jahn. Both of 'em have been published everywhere, and both of 'em are me.

I've been in print since my teenage years, when I took a photo of a politician who was three years away from becoming a legend.
I may have begun as a photographer, but soon switched to writing. I've had bylines in lots of newspapers -- hundreds of 'em as a syndicated columnist -- but famously in The New York Times, mostly on the subject of rock and roll and American popular culture. I've also published more than 50 books, mostly mystery and suspense novels, notably The Bill Donovan Mysteries, and won an Edgar Award.

I tried to avoid confusion by writing the newspaper stuff under the byline Mike Jahn and the book stuff mostly under the byline Michael Jahn. Naturally, I only created more confusion. In an attempt to straighten it all out, I bundled my book and rock sites under this umbrella and added Facebook and Myspace pages. And I just (Spring 2009) began an exciting pop culture, political and commentary blog, Mike Jahn

Note to sticklers: I have gone back to using the Mike Jahn byline exclusively. The other guy is retired.

Sundays I plant my butt in an Adirondack chair at my uncle's Loughlin Vineyards in Sayville, N.Y., halfway between Manhattan and the Hamptons. That's my chair. You're right, that was a plug for the man who plies me with chardonnay and tolerates my sitting there writing.

Now available: 'Donovan & Son,'
the 25th anniversary Bill Donovan Novel

Note to movie and TV agents: here comes the elevator pitch. If this isn't feature film and TV series there ain't no such thing.

A famous NYPD homicide detective retires at the peak of his career to find the scientist who could cure the paralysis that confines his beloved 10- year-old son to a wheelchair. Donovan & Son have barely begun their quest when they stumble over a murder to solve.

Email offers to michaeljahn@yahoo.com.

I've also begun taking pictures again, the first time I've done so in the two decades that passed since a Brooklyn College junkie stole my beloved Nikon F. In late 2006 I bought a digital camera for $60 at a pawn shop in West Virginia. It was my way of saying thanks for the local library having a copy of Murder in Coney Island.

Here are links to my two sites. See the first one for the great
Kirkus Reviews review of Donovan & Son.

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