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The Michael Mahonen Lounge was begun as a Yahoo! Club on October 15, 1999.
What began as a small fan club, for our favourite actor, has swelled into a club of more than 150 members, with Kitty at the helm.

The Lounge serves as the Officially UN-official Fan Club for Canadian Actor, Michael Mahonen, who is currently best known for his portrayal of 'Gus Pike' on the television series, "Road to Avonlea".

It is a place where you can sit back, relax and talk about anything that comes to mind. We've all worked hard to give Mickey the kind of club that does him justice. We have many different pictures for you to view plus a variety of links to Mickey web pages. So come on in and let the fun begin!!

There is always room for more ... invite your friends to come and find out what the MM world is all about!

The Michael Mahonen Lounge, now at Yahoo! Groups.

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