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This page is dedicated to the 2nd Gen Escort and Probe.

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**Updated**6/28/02 - Recieved and installed Ractive Polished FSTB. BIG improvement in feel and handling of car. It may not be the most expensive FSTB ($34.99 @ Nopi.com), but it does make a noticeable difference. Will be pulling the Plat +4's, and replacing them with NGK V-Power plugs. Probe hesitates at high rpms, and i think it's due to the plugs.....we'll see. Also ordered NGK ignition wires ($80.47 shipped)from Autopartsgiant.com and will see how those help. Other than that, not much else new as it's only been 3 days since last update. Added the ricecop.com Rice Ticket to the page. you will find it here... Rice Ticket , hope you find it amusing.

**Updated**6/25/02 - Recieved and installed shift knob. Much better feel than stock. Just becomes very hot when car is parked for a day in sunlight. Installed Platinum Plus 4 Bosch plugs. Can feel a much better spark. Just installed my Home Depot CAI. Spent about 60 bucks total including the filter. Big power gain/throttle response. FSTB should be here this week. Can't wait.

Now it's time to save $$$ for my lightened flywheel, Stage 3 clutch, headers + full HKS exhaust, stage 4 manifold (might get a millenia mani tho...), and then will have the body touched up and re-painted to factory seafoam green.

While I save for those things to be done this winter, I will be adding my sound system that may consist of 2 Kicker L7's mounted to a free floating plexiglass plate that will replace my hatch cover. I still havent decided if I'm gonna do that or 2 12" Alpine RS's. Hope to push a CLEAN 750-800w when I'm done. Might install a CD/DVD player and pop-up in dash LCD. I dunno...we'll see.

**Updated**6/12/02 - Picked up that Probe yesterday. Wow. So much faster than a 1.9 w/ ATX. Immediately went and threw on an APC muffler with 4" non-res tip. (Louder than the fat slut at your local bar.) Also put in an Interstate battery. Just ordered a Maxspeed polished ball shifter from www.SHMotorsport.com.

**Updated**6/7/02 - Just moved to Rapid Shitty, SD. Prolly gonna halt work on my 93 LX Sedan. I have my eye on a 95 Probe GT 24v Special Edition. It is gorgeous and only has 64K!. Hopefully by next week I will have it, and parts being shipped by the same time.

So take a look thru the site, check out some stuff that catches your eye
(and maybe some stuff that doesn't), and have a good time...ENJOY!!!

P.S. I f anyone recognizes any car that I don't have a name under, please email me the name so I can list it with the car. Thanks!!

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