Thoughts and suppositions.

Thoughts and suppositions

I know that many of you won't be able to accept this.
But you must remember, this is not just anyone we are dealing with,
This is God!
I believe that God gets to experience the life of every living thing within all of infinity
that has ever existed, or will ever exist.
And this is why God created the universe!!!

The more of your free will that you are willing to surrender to God,
God will reveal to you more of the knowledge,
and wisdom contained within
the Infinite Spirit of God!

Any kind of fascism should never ever be tolerated, whether it be political,
racial, spiritual, theological, economic, technological, religious,
or any kind of any way that will force humanity to bring
great harm to humanity. Or any kind of any idea that will force
humanity to turn upon itself ! ! !

I've been the tempest rising, and I've been the dieing amber.
I've cried along with mothers crying over graves.
And I've held their babies in my arms.
I've been a son, and I've been a father.
I am a boy, and I am a man.
And yet then still there is no other,
Than the Spirit of God within the heart of all that I am.

God does not belong to a religion.
We belong to God!!!

God is infinite, and so you are in the midst of God. You must be, for if God is infinite, everything is in the midst of God. You can start from wherever you are, and in any direction, travel at maximum velocity, for ever, and ever, and ever, and stop. And then travel, in any direction, at maximum velocity, for ever, and ever, and ever, and stop. And you will find that you are still in the center of the Universe!!!

How then, can we think to refer to God as He, or She, Him or Her? When God is Infinite, God is everything. Humankind seems to draw on the assumption that God is somehow like unto man. I find this whole idea ludicrous, for even the entire sum of humankind, is nothing more than a speck of dust compared to God!!!

Spend your time upon the Earth in search of pure revenge.
And vengeance soon will follow you unto the very end.
Spend your time upon the Earth in search of Gods pure love.
And you will find the love of God.
You will be one with Infinite Love.

As we manage to traverse through our life.
And try to absorb as much of Gods knowledge as we can.
For all knowledge is the knowledge of God.
Try to maintain a sense of naive innocence.
Remember to maintain your humility.
For no matter how much of Gods knowledge you have acquired.
There will be
an infinity of knowledge
of which
you are unaware!!!

Do not force Gods hand.
For Gods hand will be force!!!

We are passing through a time.
A horrible time.
A time when atrocity
is reciprocated
with even more atrocity!
We have seen immorality
become amorality.
Until now.
When morality
has become
little more than a question.

O.K. Lets make a new rule. Let's call it rule number one. You should never be happy to see the taking of another human life. For, even if the person had committed such a terrible act, or acts as to warrant such a punishment, the act, or acts that this person has committed, must assuredly point to a more serious problem within all of us!

Here's another rule. Lets call it rule number two. You should never experience pleasure or gain from the suffering of another. Not just people, but anything that is capable of suffering.

Within each and every one of us is the Source of the energy that powers that which is life itself. This Source would be like unto a battery, with the exception that this battery never runs out of power. It is infinite. It is the one thing within us that is a direct part of God! Everything that is added over it, over the course of time, is then ultimately, what we have become. That spark of energy that is our Source is infinite. That part that is accumulated over it, is not.

There are far too many people alive in the world today, wishing they had never been born! Thinking, they'd be better off dead! And until we put an end to this, we will never see an end to terrorism, or any of the other horrible consequences that come from hopelessness, and despair!!!

Of all of the things that are sacred to God, I do believe that life would be at the top. Of all of the things that are sacred to man, I do believe that life would be at the bottom.

Why is it then, that everything held sacred by man, is that which was created by man? When the most sacred thing to God is LIFE !!! That very same thing that man seems to hold without  respect, and even with contempt !!! How then can humankind expect anything more from God then the same contempt that man has shown towards that which God holds most sacred ?

It is not terrorism.
It is not the hydrogen bomb.
It is not the U.S. military might.
It is not even hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes, or volcanoes.
It is the human ego
that is the greatest destructive force
on the face of the Earth!!!

That which was created by man,
is that which is most revered by man.
That which was created by God,
is that which is most revered by God.

If the God that you believe in,
can only be found within the pages of a book.
Then you believe in a fictitious god
that was created in the image of man!!!

Live for your soul,
not for your body.
Think with your spirit,
not with your mind.

Of all of the things
that we need to acquire from God.
The one thing that we need most,
is Gods ability to show unconditional love.

It has occurred to me, that we as a people, have forgotten what is really important in life. God gave us the ability to have fun, and to be happy. Why do you think God gave us this ability? Because He wants us all to be happy!!! There is one goal that we all need to aspire to, and that is to see that everyone around us is happy. I am even willing to take on physical pain in order to achieve this result. For if we all, each and every last one of us, were to make it our never-ending, and everlasting goal, to see to it, that everyone around us was happy, what a wonderful world we would have! And this is, what I believe, God has in  mind !!!

I refuse to blindly follow the paths of those long gone.
Just so I can proudly sing the old ancestral songs.
I'd rather turn, blaze my own trail, and fight the jungle, the muck, and the mud.
Then walk along another mile of a trail lined with destitution,
and paved with suffering, bodies, and blood!!!.

Beware those mortal fools
that place material gain
above all else.

For their goals and aims are not inline
with the goals and aims of God.
They care not for your love, your life, or your soul.
Only the profit your life can provide ! ! !

And if your life can provide no profit,
then your life has no value ! ! !

Human EGO and GREED
are the two greatest enemies
of all of humanity ! ! !

I am unique.
There is not another within all of infinity exactly like me.
this makes me exactly the same
as everything within all of infinity!!!

Gods Children


Michael R. Roth