Mike's Autograph Journal
See my up-to-date news on my sends and received!!
11-27-04: Today I received a Black and White Inscribed Signed Picture from Tony Anselmo. Tony is the Voice of Donald Duck. A great addition to my Disney Collection! **HELP NEEDED** I am in search of British and UK stamps. I will be willing to trade some autographs for them! Please e-mail me if you are interested!

Today I received a Color Inscribed Signed picture of Al Roker. I have heard that he usually sends out black and white pictures, am I a special case?

Nothing in the mail today, but I did meet a couple of local celebrities! Tony Lynn, Alanda Lynn, and Myles Copeland. I'm excited to get to meet these guys! They were doing a food drive for the poor, so I dropped by to donate, and got some autographs in return! Great day!