YMCA Red2Med

Michael G. Ormerod

Red to Med 2008

Cycling from Redhill to the Mediterranean with Redhill & Reigate YMCA via Portsmouth, Caen and Montpellier.

Panic! My bike was locked and I had lost my keys! Everyone joined in the search until Ian, the local YMCA Chief Executive, smashed my bike lock. Five minutes later, I put on my cycling shoes to find the keys jammed in the toe!

I was on a campsite at Chaumont on the banks of the River Loire. Three days earlier, we had set out from Redhill to catch the overnight ferry from Portsmouth. After getting what  sleep we could, we set out from Ouistreham on the first leg to Montpellier.

I had planned our route to avoid major roads and big towns keeping to back roads and passing through small villages. We averaged 100 km (63 miles) a day, travelling slightly further on the flatter sections and a little less through the hills.

The second group of riders ready to leave

If you want to know the detailed route, click here

By Pegasus Bridge near Caen